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Lucius II

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Title Screen

Lucius II

Developer: Shiver Games
Publisher: Shiver Games
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Released internationally: February 13, 2015

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Lucius, the son of the devil, is back to wreak havoc (and Unity itself), this time with less linear gameplay and a more sandbox-y approach.

Unused Sounds

The game has several placeholder text-to-speech audio clips of McGuffin's narrating dialogues for each level.

Chapter01_level01_exit audio

Chapter02_level04_start audio

Chapter02_level04_mission04_outro audio

Chapter02_level05_exit audio

Chapter02_level05_outro_to_be_continued audio

Some more files exist for the same purpose, but they've been wiped clean:

  • Chapter01_level01_start audio
  • Chapter01_level02_start audio
  • Chapter01_level03_start audio
  • Chapter01_level04_start audio
  • Chapter01_level05_start audio
  • Chapter02_level01_start audio
  • Chapter02_level02_start audio
  • Chapter02_level03_start audio
  • Chapter02_level04_start audio
  • Chapter02_level05_start audio