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Magical Drop V

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Title Screen

Magical Drop V

Developer: Golgoth Studio
Publisher: UTV Ignition Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 15, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Magical Drop V is the sixth game in the Magical Drop series of puzzle games, and the first one released after Data East went bust.

The game suffered heavily at release, plagued by severe bugs and unfinished cutscenes among other things. Even though the devs hurried to fix the issues with several patches, the damage was already done, with the game's price dropping from $14.99 to $9.99 and again to $0.99. The last update was on July 30, 2013, after which the developer abandoned the game with multiple unfixed bugs.

Not quite the revival fans hoped for, to say the least.

Toki Leftovers

To do:
Re-rip and add missing frames.
MDV Toki (17).PNG

Some remnants of the Toki remake that was in the works by Golgoth are present in data.textures. Announced in 2009, greenlit in 2013, and considered vaporware until eventually releasing in 2018.

Some frames of animation for Toki:


Unused Graphics


The game uses animated logos, so these still versions, along with the picture of the Golgoth mascot, go unused.

Xbox Live Arcade

The game was supposed to be released on XBLA and PSN, but both were cancelled. The XBLA logo still remains, though.


Early MushMan Attack Pattern

An early version of MushMan's attack pattern is present.

Unused Used
MDV_MushMan_Unused.PNG MDV_MushMan_Used.PNG

Beta and Master Labels

Rather self-explanatory: labels to identify the beta and master versions of the game.

Placeholder Graphic

A placeholder graphic. Not much else to say.


Revisional Differences

To do:
Patch notes for subsequent updates, plus cleanup.

Patch 1 (November 16, 2012)


  • Desyncing issues (causing balls display bugs) [WIP]
  • Fix Queue and Type of Match played [WIP]
  • Add new setting for lobby creation "Private Slot" [FIXED]
  • Add new setting for lobby creation "Kick Player"
  • Match Online Stats [FIXED]


  • Menu localisation grammar [FIXED]
  • Character ending Garbled Text [FIXED]
  • Garbled Text in story mode [WIP]
  • Leaderboards Garbled Text [WIP]


  • IA Improvement [TALK ON FORUMS]
  • Ghostlop Balance Character [TALK ON FORUMS]
  • Character Patterns & Attack Balance [TALK ON FORUMS]
  • Rank review in MD mode versus [FIXED]
  • Japanese hard crash on launch [FIXED]


  • Fix sound volume for other than Stereo [FIXED]


  • Frame rate limiter,120 htz screen problem [WIP]
  • random crashes story mode [FIXED]
  • Dual Monitor Crash Fix [FIXED]
  • random Steam overlay Alt*tabbed crash [FIXED]
  • Hard Crash due Firewall [FIXED]
  • King of the Hill Pop up settings [FIXED]
  • Hard Crash due to no sounds device [FiXED]


  • Full Custom button {FIXED]
  • Auto enable Pad [FIXED]
  • Arcade Stick Support [FIXED]
  • Not ximput pad support

Patch 5 (December 22, 2012)

With this update, the game's size increased from 450 MB to 850 MB.


  • Online Ranking Match available
  • Online Battle Points system available in ranking match (win/lose points and increase your rank starting from E)
  • Online new search settings available by "Region or skill"
  • Online Menu settings described in hud
  • Online Menu "Online Players Available" number display
  • Online Lobby now displays Player Rank
  • Loading display Versus Opponent (card,Steam ID,BP)
  • Leaderboards : New Leaderboards Battle Points
  • Leaderboards : Fixed entries number by leaderboards


  • Full Gameplay reviewed including when holding direction
  • GRID Balls Freeze issues, and some others mechanics.
  • All Magical Drop Character Attack Pattern Modified (new shields)
  • Full review of Drop table Pattern in all mode
  • 2 different Drop Table available in match settings Random and Same


  • Ghostlop can now spawn ball by pressing Y (answer to QUOTA balance against MD)
  • Ghostlop Attack lines changed


  • KOTH mode, match duration increase to 3,6,9 minutes
  • KOTH mode, rounds are now available per match


  • Story added Dynamic Path, let Fate decide your next opponent, select a card in the deck and fight!
  • Story cosmetic: improve on Character Art during Dialog
  • Story cosmetic: all character ending pictures are now full screen
  • Story cosmetic: new intro to suit with character ending style
  • Story cosmetic: review Stage number display Art
  • Story: there are now 2 distinct paths, one for MD characters with Fortune as the Final Boss and no GL Characters. The Ghostlop Patch now has Mushman as the Final Boss
  • Story mode new different Drop table pattern by stage group (1to4 , 4to8, 8to12)
  • A.I bubble issue Fixed
  • A.I First difficulty review (10 differents levels by difficulty),
  • A.I In Story mode: if you lose, A.I scales back 2 difficulty levels maximum


  • Localization and text : some characters dialogues are modified
  • Localization and Text : Removed inappropriate expression (lol etc..)
  • Localization and Text : Japanese text glitch fixed
  • Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in Spanish
  • Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in German
  • Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in Italian
  • Localization and Text : Grammar fixed in English


  • Black screen issue fixed
  • Steam Cloud issue fixed
  • Hard Crash Random Fixed
  • Hard Crash after very long play session fixed