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Master Fighter VI'

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Title Screen

Master Fighter VI'

Developer: Hummer Team
Publisher: Yoko Soft
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1993

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A huge update to Hummer Team's Street Fighter II NES port...that also took graphics from every other NES port of Street Fighter II.

Leftover Stolen Graphics

Hummer Team took quite a bit from Super Fighter III but apparently they stole a little more than they needed too...

MasterFighterVI' MBisonTiles.PNG

MasterFighterVI' VegaSagatEndings.PNG

Graphics for M.Bison's, Vega's and Sagat's endings. It's unlikely that these were planned to be used because none of the other Super Fighter III endings exist in the ROM.

MasterFighterVI' RyuKenPortraits.PNG

Ryu's and Ken's portraits still exist here.

MasterFighterVI' Font.PNG

This lowercase font that was never used in Super Fighter III still remains here. This font did pop up again in Hummer Team's Mortal Kombat II and was still unused.

MasterFighterVI' SuperFighterIIITitle.PNG

Even Super Fighter III's title is still in the ROM!

Hummer Team also decided to take E.Honda's stage from Cony's Street Fighter II Pro as well and even that came up with some leftovers:

MasterFighterVI' ConyLifebars.PNG

The lifebars and text from Street Fighter II Pro remain in this game.