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Mother 3/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Mother 3.

To do:
Many graphics still need to be ripped and posted.
  • Check this (alt archive).
  • There are many unused background graphics here.
    • On the background graphics that are on this page, are there any way to re-rip them with the proper palette?
  • Try ripping as many unused graphics as you can find from Jeffman's Mother 3 Funland software or the Mother 3 sprite editor.


Duster Magic.gif
Character Sprites
A dazzling gallery of backgrounds, with added effects included.

Unused Battle Sprites

Mother3 Straw back.png Mother3 CactusWolf back.png Mother3 Forlorn back.png Mother3 Surprise back.png Almost Mecha-Lion Back.png Mother3 MechaGorillaBack.png Master Eddy Back.png Mother3 Firefly Back.png
Since they cannot be approached from behind, many bosses and mini-bosses have unused back sprites. They include the Strawberry Slime, the Cactus Wolf, the Forlorn Junk Heap, the Surprise Box, the Almost Mecha-Lion, the Steel Mechorilla, Master Eddy, and the Firefly.

Mother3 MaskedMan Back.png
The Masked Man also has a "back sprite" during the first fight with him, which shows him unmasked. It's similar to the one where he reveals his true identity, but still holding his arm cannon. It's notable that he doesn't hold a sword. It's most likely that this was the original sprite used for when he removes his mask.

The Fierce Pork Trooper has a "back sprite" that's just his front sprite flipped. This only exists for his second battle.

M3 Alkaline Man.gif Mother3 Alkaline Manbattle.PNGM3 AlkalineMan Back.png
This enemy, Alkaline Man, is an extremely interesting and original palette swap of Battery Man. He is sadly unused, and thus we never get to see his wonderful sprites.

An unused mini-boss called the Tiny Forest. According to unused Battle Memory text, it was meant to be fought in the Mole Cricket Hole.

An unused bear sprite with some honey on his claws and teeth. In the game, an item named Honey Shower allows you to summon bees to hit enemies, but sometimes the narration says that a bear showed up instead; no bears actually appear graphically, though. This bear is associated to enemy 00, an enemy that can't be fought without messing with one of the game's registers while loading an enemy battle.

A palette swap of a Navy SQUEAL. This Pigmask is associated to enemy 100, an enemy that can't be fought because of how the RAM handles enemies. (MAX value FF) This can be seen by using this branch of Jeffman's Funland. This is also the last enemy with a sprite.

(Jeff's Graphic Dump: http://mother3.fobby.net/blog/)

Similarly to how Miracle Fassad's back sprite is the one for New Fassad, New Fassad's back sprite is the one used for Miracle Fassad. Unlike Miracle Fassad, New Fassad's back sprite is never seen. It won't be shown since it's identical to Miracle Fassad's front sprite.

All of the Porky-bots have a "back sprite" that is just a copy of their front sprite. The only reason this is notable is because all the enemies with no back sprite (not counting the ones with unused back sprites seen above) don't have copies of their front sprite, but no back sprite at all.

Unused Background Graphics

Your life is now complete.
In Chapter 8, in the toilet dungeon, there is an inaccessible room which contains an unanimated toilet overflowing. The animation of it overflowing is loaded with the other room graphics.

An alternate sign for the Sheriff's Office exists, with more compact letters and a star.

M3hotelandsaloon.png M3thomassign.png
Unused signs exist for the Yado Inn and Thomas's Bazaar with the name "Hotel & Saloon" and "General Store". For the "Hotel & Saloon", it's possible that the graphic could've been used somewhere in Chapter 3 as Tazmily Village starting to get modernized in Chapter 4. The Yado sign was probably meant to be displayed on the right side of the building, while the Bazaar sign "General Store" seems to be a leftover from the N64 version, where it was called "Thomas' General Store".

A sign that says "JUNGLE DOME" and has a bunch of arrows pointing up. It was possibly displayed right before the party entered the Hippo Launcher floor in the Empire Porky Building.

Luke Skyrunner? Tonda Gossa! Oops, wrong game M3largetaxi.png Not every person lives in one.
Larger, custom sprites exist for the Sky Runner, the Runaway Five tour bus, a taxi, and the Yellow Submarine in the Hall of Memories. In the final game, their sprites are directly taken from EarthBound.

A very jagged rock that wouldn't look out-of-place in an area such as Drago Plateau or the location of the final Needle.

A statue of Buddha.

A Pork Skin Rug?
A pig version of a bear skin rug.

Some text saying "MONSTER CHECK".

Some sort of pedestal. Possibly for holding a needle?

M3 Graphic unknown.png
These are certainly graphics for something. They resemble the illustrated concept art for the game.

M3 miscgraphics.png
Miscellaneous unused graphics, including some numbers, the letter "F", and an unused "END" graphic.

M3 misctiles.png
More miscellaneous graphics, including a cardboard box, and what appears to be a pillow?

M3 BushPeople.png
What appears to be a pile of papers, or a bush. People appear to be hiding inside of it.

M3 PorkCompany.png
Unused graphics for a "Pork Company".

Other Graphics

Mother3 unusedsprite five.png
This is loaded while the game is showing Nowhere Islands in the intro. However, it's covered up by the body of water surrounding the islands, making it invisible unless the player uses an emulator's tile viewer. It says 仮, which means "temporary".

A low-quality picture of the Ostrich Burgers Historic Summit Inn Cafe on Route 66. It's possible that it was simply inserted into the game to test how the game displayed graphics. It seems to closely resemble the Dur-T Cafe found during the Highway section of Chapter 5.

These unused graphics are actually more remnants of the lost coupon mechanic!

A giant grey pig attached to a ship; likely an early Pigmask zeppelin. This would probably explain the "waste products" the party will find occasionally around Pigmask-occupied locations. Interestingly, the game's art director posted a concept art of an early Pork Tank that is similar to this without the body; just the head.

M3 MedHeli.gifM3 TinyHeli.gif
Smaller size variations for the crashing Pork Heli used in the ending sequence.

aww yeahM3earlypigmaskfix.png
A weird yellow Pigmask. Interestingly, the "foot" of the left sprite is actually a fix for the Pigmask's left eyebrow, which uses the same bottom pixels as the right eyebrow. The right sprite shows what the Pigmask should look like with the eyebrow fix added. Yellow Pigmasks, outside of a mask Boney wears during the Chimera Lab sequence and the unused Navy SQUEAL palette swap above, do not exist in the final.

Mother 3 Kanji Name.png
This game has an entire small kanji font for displaying names, but there is no way to input kanji, so it goes unused.

Credits Images

Six ending images go unused. The fourth image is optional and not the correct solution for that scene.

(Source: Jeffman)