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My Friend Pedro: Blood.Bullets.Bananas

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Title Screen

My Friend Pedro: Blood.Bullets.Bananas

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released in US: June 20, 2019

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My Friend Pedro: Blood.Bullets.Bananas is a spiritual sequel to the Adobe Flash game MFP: My Friend Pedro. The game still contains a lot of content that was scrapped during early production.

Webgame Player

The game originally had the developer as the main protagonist, but changed later. The model files are scattered across many levels.

MFPBBB webcharacter1.png


Instead of the mobsters during Old Town chapter the enemies used to be the thugs from the web game, but they were changed later. Their model files are still present in the game.


Originally, the player could be unarmed and had animations for punching. These animation files still exist.


The player could utilize 3 extra weapons named:

Shock Rifle
Turret Gun

With a modified Assembly-UnityScript.dll one can make the game give the weapons to the player, still fully functional.

Turret Gun: Deflects incoming bullets, and has a very powerful close-ranged blast that can gib enemies.
Shock Rifle: Electrocutes enemies dealing damage over time, when held right click the weapon will send an energy ball which can be used to send electric beams.
Crossbow: Sends an explosive bolt that can attach to objects, can be exploded with the right click.