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NFL Fever 2003

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Title Screen

NFL Fever 2003

Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox
Released in US: August 5, 2002
Released in EU: November 1, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Leftover UI Option

At 0x059794 in default.xbe is text for an inaccessible UI option from a debug build of the game.


Leftover Build Date

Additionally, the executable has a leftover build date at 0x1163C, though it does not match up with the actual build date of the xbe.

SCOTTBRIDEV Fri Jun 28 12:05:01 2002

Developer Notes

The file credits.txt has some hidden developer notes at the beginning.

# This file contains the data for the scrolling credits screen.
# How it works:
# Lines that start with a # are comments and will be ignored.
# Blank lines will also be ignored -- to have a blank line in the credit scroll,
# make a line containing a single space.
# Lines beginning with an @ are directives. The following directives
# are available:
# @align [left|right|center] : specify alignment of the scrolling text
# @font  [fontname]          : specify the font of the text. Valid values are:
#                                body, title, button, debug, quartz, body_small,
#                                help, script_title, bignums, online, bigtext
#                                Omit fontname for default
# @linespace [#]             : specify the number of pixels between lines, or
#                              omit for default 
# All other lines are scrolling text. A backslash (\) is used for formatting.
# The following formatting tags are available:
# \b  : toggle boldface
# \i  : toggle italics
# \n  : normal (boldface + italics off)
# \s  : toggle drop shadow (default = on)
# \c  : color (follow with 8 hex digits describing the color as AARRGGBB, or
#       00000000 to revert to default color)
# \\  : backslash (use if you actually want a backslash character)
# Directives and formatting tags are case-insensitive.
(Source: Ferrox)