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Namida no Soukoban Special

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Title Screen

Namida no Soukoban Special

Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: ASCII
Platform: Famicom Disk System
Released in JP: July 30, 1986

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

In the world of warehouse management, there are crates that need to be pushed, and workers that need to push those crates. This is but one tale of many. This is Namida no Soukoban Special. The game's title translates to The Soukoban Special of Tears.

Hidden Credits & Special Bonus

To display a brief set of credits, enter the following code on Controller II (Where a "hold" is pressed for at least 12 frames, and a "tap" is pressed for less than 12 frames) on the pause screen:
A Button (Hold), A Button (Tap) x2, A Button (Hold), A Button (Tap) x2, A Button (Hold), A Button (Tap) x2.

After that credits appear, enter the following code (SOS in Morse code) on Controller II to get 50 of each item:
A Button (Tap) x3, A Button (Hold) x3, A Button (Tap) x3.

Note that if the second code is messed up, the first code will have to be reentered before the player can try again.

H.N is Hiroto Nakamura and K.S is Katsuhiko Sadamoto.

(Source: Bi-Weekly Famitsu - No.9, October 17th, 1986)