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Neo Bomberman/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Neo Bomberman.

Neo Bomberman is notorious among fans for being an absolute goldmine of unused graphics; many of which are related to scrapped concepts. The presence of some of these suggests that the game was rushed to release.

(Source: Ragey & Plasma Captain)
Graphics Description
An early set of tiles for the game, including Bomberman.
A strange drawing of Bomberman. It looks like an early version of the high score screen graphic.
An animated bomb.
An early logo for the game. It's notably missing the "Neo" part of the title. A proper palette hasn't been found yet, if it still exists at all.
Very early sprites for Bomberman using a different art style from the final.
Early battle icons. Atomic and Cat Bomber have two different sets of icons, each with two different eye designs (this will be a running theme throughout this sub-page). Hayate Bomber (the one with the Japanese character on his head) is missing his headband and has normal eyes.

The most interesting thing however is the presence of a samurai (internally known as "Samurai Bomber") and Pretty Bomber! Early pre-release materials frequently mention Pretty and other sprites for her exist proving that she was meant to be playable at one point.
A scrapped character known internally as "Samurai Bomber". Only eight frames of animation exist for him; the rest were likely overwritten by Kotetsu's sprites.
It's Louie/Rooi! It was originally supposed to be one of the rideable creatures, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons. There are a couple of palettes for it but none are in the iconic green so Ragey created this one.
The artists must've had a lot of trouble deciding what Cat Bomber should look like as several different designs exist in the game. The first one is the only one that fits her standard palette; the others use a custom palette made by Ragey.
Another early title graphic. This one looks like it was prerendered unlike every other graphic, both used and unused. A proper palette hasn't been found, if it still exists.
Blank Bomber Wins!
A placeholder for the battle win animation.
An earlier design for the creepy world 3 boss (top). The final design is shown below for comparison.
That's a big lever...
Unused menu graphics. The first one has Bomberman operating a lever and the second has a Louie and some paint.
Various designs for the egg. The first one resembles the eggs in Bomberman '94.
A couple of different designs for the bomb kick arrows.
An unused enemy! It has an attack animation.
Neo Bomberman was originally set to use the "Hudson Group" logo used in Super Bomberman 3 & Super Bomberman 4. The final game opts to use their standard logo instead.
It's Pretty Bomber! These sprites are used in the game's unused ending but the fact that the head and body are separate sprites prove that Pretty was meant to be playable.
NeoBG1.gifNeoBG2.gifNeoBG3.gif World 2's background was supposed to be animated but in the final game, it isn't. This is weird, as World 1's background was animated.
A 1up! Coding exists for this item.
It seems that the game would've told the player about character abilities in the Battle Game. The final game neglects to do this.
Two unused Japanese fonts.
The gingerbread man enemy has sprites for being eaten losing its limbs. Ouch. These were probably meant to be damage animations.
This duck enemy has three unused animations. The first is an unfinished version of its standing animation while the latter two are alternate running animations with wide, open eyes.
Atomic Bomber's battle icon, sans pupils.
Nightmare Fuel...
An early (and creepy!) design for Atomic Bomber. Judging by the size, it might have been used for a cutscene.
Unused black arrows.
An unused animation of a bomber cheering. Perhaps this was meant for a crowd of bombers?
Some character names written in Japanese.
An alternate palette for the tentacle enemy.
Apparently the game was supposed to tell you when to start playing.
Various point values. For some reason, these aren't used despite being an arcade game.