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Neorude 2

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Title Screen

Neorude 2

Developer: Tecnosoft
Publisher: Tecnosoft
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 20, 1997

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

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Debug Menu

Neorude 2 Debug.png

Use the following code to display a debug menu.

80011BCC 0001
Text Translation Notes
プログラム Program Doesn't work.
(実験マップ) (Maze Training)
(永田実験場) (Nagata Test Site)
(野見山道場) (Nomiyama School)
(広瀬アパート1F) (Hirose Apart 1F)
(ゆみみな世界) (Yumimi World)
(きびだんご試食会) (Kibidango Tasting)
(むうびい) (Movie)
(えっくすえー) (XA)
本番 Product
シーン Scene
パラメータ Parameter Set parameter for program.
ぱらめぇた Parameter Set parameter for program.
BGM Sound test
作戦開始 Mission Start Start the program.
(Source: Original TCRF research)