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Notes:EarthBound Beginnings

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This page contains notes for the game EarthBound Beginnings.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Item IDs

The information below is an expanded version of the table found on the Mother item ID page of a Japanese website called Hakuda2. The table has been updated to include the item names found in Beginnings.

(Source: 詩衣雫月 - Original Table & Notes, West - Earth Bound Item IDs, GlitterBerri - Translation)
# JP Name Translation EN Name Use Notes
01 でかぶくろ Big Bag Big Bag Able to fit 30 magic herbs. The Big Bag is the first item in the list. But, if that means it was the first item created, why does it come before the Magic Herb?
02 テレホンカード Telephone Card Phone Card Allows you to make 50 phone calls. The first time I played, I managed to beat the game without knowing this existed.
03 パンくず Breadcrumbs Crumbs Allows you to return to the place you used the Bread item. A useful item for glitching. Don't try it at home, kids.
04 [Blank] Repel Ring 04~09 are empty. In the remake, 04 is used for the Amulet Ring, while 06 is used for the Memory Chip.
* まよけのゆびわ Amulet Ring Repel Ring Prevents weak enemies from being encountered. This item is exclusive to the remake. いわゆる「トヘロス」や「むしよけスプレー」。
05 [Blank] ButterKnife
06 [Blank] ButterKnife
* メモリーチップ Memory Chip Warps to EVE's place. This item is exclusive to the remake. You can obtain it after EVE is destroyed.
07 [Blank] ButterKnife
08 [Blank] ButterKnife
09 [Blank] ButterKnife
0A ナイフ Knife ButterKnife Teddy's weapons. The knife was deleted from Teddy's graphics in the overseas version.
0B サバイバルナイフ Survival Knife Surv.Knife Let's be sure to use this knife for its intended purpose. Like peeling fruit...
0C アシガルソード Foot Soldier Sword Sword Foot soldier: the lowest rank of samurai.
0E ショックガン Shock Gun Stun Gun Lloyd's weapons. Apparently a weapon that shocks your opponents, stunning them.
0F エアガン Air Gun Air Gun ロイドはエアガンよりも、グッズのビームの方がよく使うかも
10 ボロのバット Worn Bat Plastic Bat Ken's weapons. Is it a bat that looks like it could break at any time? Who wore it out anyway? Was it Dad?
11 ふつうのバット Ordinary Bat Wooden Bat If they say this bat is completely ordinary, that actually means it's extremely unique.
12 いいバット Good Bat AluminumBat Even though there's a Good Bat, there's no Bad Bat.
13 さいこうのバット Supreme Bat Hank's Bat If they call it supreme, you should be able to hit a home run if you swing it.
14 フライパン Frying Pan Frying Pan Ana's weapons. Let's be sure to use this frying pan for cooking.
15 いいフライパン Good Frying Pan NonstickPan This frying pan's superior quality gives us all the more reason to use it for cooking.
16 とびきりのフライパン Superior Frying Pan IronSkillet Let's be sure to use this superior frying pan to cook up some superior dishes.
17 スリングショット Slingshot Slingshot Weapons everyone can equip. A slingshot can also be called Pachinko. It also seems to wield considerable power in the real world.
18 ブーメラン Boomerang Boomerang A slingshot and a boomerang? I feel like I've used these items in some other game...
19 さっちゅうスプレー Insecticide Spray Insecticide Defeats insect enemies in one shot. Real bug spray doesn't kill insects outside of the type they're marketed for, so watch out. Spiders can't be killed with cockroach spray.
1A スーパースプレー Super Spray Super Spray
1B ノミとシラミ Flea Bag Greatly reduces enemy OF and DF. We owe a thank you to this item for enabling so many exploits. Strangely effective against robots, too.
1C あいのことば Words of Love WordsO'Love Says I love you. (Useless) No matter how many times you say it to enemies, they never understand your feelings.
1D のろいのことば Cursed Words Swear Words Says I hate you. (Useless) A useless item, really only good for using up turns.
1E ねばねばマシン Sticky Machine StkyMachine Paralyzes all enemies. This is the only invention item you can actually use, and it appears before the others in the list. Perhaps the other, useless inventions were created later on.
1F やみのライト Shadow Light Flashdark Blinds all enemies. This item's existence is contradictory at the outset.
20 いしのもと StoneOrigin Used by enemies. Petrifies the target. 敵専用なので入手できない。攻撃対象を選択して使うことになる。敵一体に使えて、売ることはできない。
21 どくばり Stinger PoisnNeedle Used by enemies. Poisons the target.
22 かえんほうしゃき Flamethrower Fl Thrower Damages all enemies. Handle with care! Lloyd's primary weapon in the endgame.
23 ボム Bomb Bomb A popular weapon that also appears in MOTHER 2.
24 スーパーボム Super Bomb Super Bomb Eradicates your enemies, but also damages your allies. The side-effect of friendly fire was removed in MOTHER 2.
25 レーザービーム Laser Beam Laser Beam Damages all enemies. This item can be equipped by Jeff in MOTHER 2.
26 デスビーム Death Beam Plasma Beam
27 ITEM39 ITEM39 Rope Unused item. Can't be used. Maybe they wanted to add an effect later... If so, they probably would have changed the name. 27 is 39 in decimal notation. If it were used, it might have been an in-battle item.
28 ロープ Rope Rope Binds all enemies and slows them down. Can also bind ghosts and insects. Everyone's got nimble fingers.
29 [Blank] Peace Coin 29~2C are empty. If there were more battle items, perhaps this is where they would have gone.
2A [Blank] Peace Coin
2B [Blank] Peace Coin
2C [Blank] Peace Coin
2D やすらぎのコイン Coin of Silence Peace Coin Armor everyone can equip. This protective item also appears in MOTHER 2.
2E まもりのコイン Coin of Protection ProtectCoin Nice that you can use a coin for armor.
2F まふうじのコイン Magic-Sealing Coin Magic Coin Be careful not to carelessly stash it in your wallet and never remember to use it.
30 ようせいのうでわ Fairy Bracelet Brass Ring In MOTHER 2, it's placed fairly high among the Bracelet items.
31 てんしのうでわ Angel Bracelet Silver Ring Also appears in MOTHER 2. It's not for sale and is obtainable towards the end of the story.
32 めがみのうでわ Goddess Bracelet Gold Ring The strongest ring in both MOTHER 1 and 2.
33 しずくのペンダント Tear Pendant H2o Pendant These pendants also appear in MOTHER 2. In 2, there's also a Dark Pendant, but the Dark Light has disappeared, probably due to the existence of PK Flash. The Sea Pendant is the strongest in 1, while the Star Pendant is the strongest in 2.
34 ほのおのペンダント Flame Pendant FirePendant
35 だいちのペンダント Earth Pendant EarthPendnt
36 うみのペンダント Sea Pendant Sea Pendant
37 [Blank] OrangeJuice 37~3B are empty. If there were more equippable items, perhaps this is where they would have gone.
38 [Blank] OrangeJuice
39 [Blank] OrangeJuice
3A [Blank] OrangeJuice
3B [Blank] OrangeJuice
3C オレンジジュース Orange Juice OrangeJuice Heals HP. I feel like there's something a bit off about walking around with this item.
3D フライドポテト Fried Potato FrenchFries Take care to avoid eating too many of these.
3E マジックハーブ Magic Herb Magic Herb The Magic Herb item appears quite far down in the list from the Big Bag.
3F ハンバーガー Hamburger Hamburger Take special care to avoid eating too many of these.
40 スポーツドリンク Sports Drink SportsDrink Pocari Sweat, maybe, or Aquarius.
41 きずぐすり Potion LifeUpCream Although it's a pretty low-level recovery item in Pokemon, in MOTHER it will fully heal you.
42 ぜんそくスプレー Inhaler AsthmaSpray Stops asthma attacks. An excellent spray that immediately stops asthma attacks.
43 どくけし Antidote Antidote Cures poison status. This is a major item in Pokémon, but it's not exactly the star of the show in MOTHER.
44 うがいぐすり Mouthwash Mouthwash Cures cold status. It's extremely hard to cure a cold just by gargling, so in 2 it was replaced with Cold Medicine.
45 いちごとうふ Strawberry Tofu Berry Tofu Heals 15 HP. The amount of HP recovered is low for something so expensive. In 2, it appears as a key item.
46 ITEM70 ITEM70 Bread Unset item. Can't be used. An unset item. It was probably meant to be a recovery good.
47 パン Bread Bread Heals HP. Turns into Bread Crumbs when used. Exploits aside, this item is also useful in the regular game.
48 エンジェルシード Angel Seed Noble Seed Removes the Wicked Seed's curse. 空気アイテム。
49 サイパワーストーン PSI Power Stone PSI Stone Recovers PP. Breaks after too many uses. The only way to recover PP on the field.
4A [Blank] MagicRibbon 4A is empty. Perhaps this would have been used if there were another PP-replenishing item, or a parameter UP item for Ken?
4B ふしぎなリボン Mysterious Ribbon MagicRibbon Raises Ana's force. A consumable item that can't be equipped. ...which means...
4C ふしぎなキャンディ Mysterious Candy Magic Candy Raises Lloyd's fight. Also appears in MOTHER 2 as an item that can be used for glitching.
4D ITEM77 ITEM77 QuickCapsul Unset item. Can't be used. ここにもある。空白と違って何かするつもりだったんじゃと思っている。
4E スピードカプセル Speed Capsule QuickCapsul Increases your speed. Make sure to take capsule-type medicines with plenty of water.
4F ウィズダムカプセル Wisdom Capsule Wisdom Caps Increases your wisdom. Don't even think about opening the capsule and extracting the drugs contained within.
50 フィジカルカプセル Physical Capsule PhysicalCap Increases your physical. Don't drink medicine that's been dissolved in water.
51 フォースカプセル Force Capsule ForceCapsul Increases your force. Better not let Lloyd take this.
52 ファイトカプセル Fight Capsule FightCapsul Increases your fight. What on earth is in this, anyway?
53 [Blank] BasementKey 53 and 54 are empty. If there were more capsule items, perhaps this is where they would have gone. A level up capsule, maybe?
54 [Blank] BasementKey
55 ちかしつのカギ Basement Key BasementKey A key to the house basement. Time for the key items.
56 どうぶつえんのカギ Zoo Key Zoo Key A key to the Creampuff Zoo. You can't progress without it, as is typical for a key item.
57 ゆうれいやしきのカギ Haunted House Key Ghost Key A key to the haunted house. It was a haunted house built for Rosemary's elder sister...
58 そうそふのにっき Great Grandpa's Diary GGF's Diary A key to Magicant. What is "the god's tail" anyway...?
59 つうこうきょかしょう Pass Pass A key to the Duncan Factory. An item for causing heartbreak.
5A ライブのチケット Live Ticket Ticket A key to the Live House. Hope you don't buy this from the old guy who's scalping tickets.
5F カナリアのこども Canary Chick CanaryChick Lola the singer's child. How'd it get lost, anyway?
60 ITEM96 ITEM96 BottlRocket Unset item. Can't be used. Perhaps this item was removed, or simply left unfinished by the developers.
61 ペンシルロケット Pencil Rocket BottlRocket Battle and event item. Naturally, this item exists in the real world, too.
62 ぼうし Hat Hat Event item. Don't call the lady wearing the hat cute.
63 いれば False Teeth Dentures ほへほん へほ おはひ ほうは いへんほは あふ。There's a similar event in the Pokémon games.
64 チケットのはんけん Ticket Stub Ticket Stub Collect 10 to ride the tank. Who issues tickets in the middle of the desert...?
65 ICチップ IC Chip IC-chip Cut item. There's no way to acquire this. It seems like this item was intended to be one of Eve's components.
66 きぼうのオカリナ Ocarina of Hope Ocarina Play melodies you've learned. In other words, the Sound Stone, but you don't need it to beat the game.
67 ITEM103 ITEM103 FranklnBdge Unset item. Can't be used. Perhaps this was intended to be a key item.
68 フランクリンバッヂ Franklin Badge FranklnBdge Bounces back PK Beam γ. An extremely useful item. In 2, it bounces back Thunder instead.
69 ゆうじょうのゆびわ Friendship Ring FrndshpRing Useless item. Seriously, who needs this?
6A ITEM106 ITEM106 Onyx Hook Useless item. Can't be used. Perhaps this was going to be an item that you could obtain in Magicant?
6B めのうのつりばり Agate Fish Hook Onyx Hook Warp to Magicant. Use it when all hope seems lost to avoid being wiped out for the time being.
6C さいしゅうへいき Ultimate Weapon Last Weapon Useless item. It won't solve anything, even if you cut the power.
6D ものさし Ruler Ruler For some reason, this item is seen again in MOTHER 2.
6E キャッシュカード Cash Card Cash Card Allows you to withdraw cash. Theoretically, you could beat the game without using this item, but it's more or less required.
6F あかいくさ Red Grass Red Weed Magic Herbにできる。 Since you get the Big Bag in Magicant, this item tends to be rarely used.
70 ふしぎなメガホン Mysterious Megaphone Bullhorn Used in battle. What do you communicate with it that's so persuasive, anyway?
71 ちず Map Map Allows you to view the map. It sounds like this item was removed in the remake, as you can view the map anytime.
72 [Blank] Debug 72~7D are empty. This marks the end of the normal items, so the remaining entries are probably just unused space.
73 [Blank] Debug
74 [Blank] Debug
75 [Blank] Debug
76 [Blank] Debug
77 [Blank] Debug
78 [Blank] Debug
79 [Blank] Debug
7A [Blank] Debug
7B [Blank] Debug
7C [Blank] Debug
7D [Blank] Debug
7E [Blank] Debug
7F ざひょう Coordinates Debug A debug item? A variety of things happen when you use it. Mostly, it just freezes the game.
80 マイホーム My Home MyHome Starting from here are items named after towns. These are probably the options when using Telportation. You can't use these items, equip them, or sell them. Which makes sense...
81 マザーズデイ Mother's Day Podunk
82 サンクスギビング Thanksgiving Merrysville
83 レインディア Reindeer Reindeer
84 ハロウィーン Halloween Spookane
85 スノーマン Snowman Snowman
86 イースター Easter Youngtown
87 バレンタイン Valentines Ellay
88 [Blank] 88~8F are empty. Possibly just unused space.
89 [Blank]
8A [Blank]
8B [Blank]
8C [Blank]
8D [Blank]
8E [Blank]
8F [Blank]
90 レインディア Reindeer Reindeer Starting here are items named Reindeer, Halloween, Snowman, and three named Santa Claus. These are probably the names of the train stations. They can be used, but not equipped. Some of them can't be thrown away, but others can.
91 ハロウィーン Halloween Spookane
92 スノーマン Snowman Snowman
93 サンタクロース Santa Claus Union
94 サンタクロース Santa Claus Union
95 サンタクロース Santa Claus Union
96 ハロウィーン Halloween Spookane
97 スノーマン Snowman Snowman
98 レインディア Raindeer Reindeer
99 スノーマン Snowman Snowman
9A レインディア Raindeer Reindeer
9B ハロウィーン Halloween Spookane
9C Aコース A Course FlightplanA Items used for the Advent Desert sightseeing flight, and items used for the Game Assistant girl in Halloween.
9D Bコース B Course FlightplanB
9E Cコース C Course FlightplanC
9F ヒント1 Hint 1 Hint 1
A0 ヒント2 Hint 2 Hint 2
A1 ヒント3 Hint 3 Hint 3
A2 どくけし Antidote Real Rocket There are four Antidote items here. ...But they don't do anything when used, so you can hardly call them Antidotes at all!
A3 どくけし Antidote Real Rocket
A4 どくけし Antidote Real Rocket
A5 どくけし Antidote Real Rocket
A6 ロケット(ほんもの) Rocket (Real One) Real Rocket Useless invention. アイテムというかただの項目。こんな下の方にあるってことは、かなりあとに作られた項目なのか・・・?
A7 タイムマシン Time Machine TimeMachine
A8 [Blank] A8~B7 are empty. The empty, unused entries continue on for a bit.
A9 [Blank]
AA [Blank]
AB [Blank]
AC [Blank]
AD [Blank]
AE [Blank]
AF [Blank]
B0 [Blank]
B1 [Blank]
B2 [Blank]
B3 [Blank]
B4 [Blank]
B5 [Blank]
B6 [Blank]
B7 [Blank]
B8 (???) [???] [???] This item's name changes depending on your position. It might be called M, or H, for example.
B9 [Blank] B9~C0 are empty. There's nothing displayed in the item column, either, so you can't select these with your cursor.
BA [Blank]
BB [Blank]
BC [Blank]
BD [Blank]
BE [Blank] x
BF [Blank] x
C0 [Blank]
C1 テレパシー Telepathy Telepathy Starting here are PSI items. You learn Telepathy first, then Teleportation some time later.
C2 テレポーテーション Teleportation Teleport
C3 [Blank] LifeUp α C3~C7 are empty. Given where these PSI powers are placed, they might have been special powers like Telepathy.
C4 [Blank] LifeUp α
C5 [Blank] LifeUp α
C6 [Blank] LifeUp α
C7 [Blank] LifeUp α
C8 ライフアップα Life Up α LifeUp α The five different kinds of Life Up. Perhaps Life Up was one of the first PSI powers made.
C9 ライフアップβ Life Up β LifeUp β
CA ライフアップγ Life Up γ LifeUp γ
CB ライフアップπ Life Up π LifeUp π
CC ライフアップΩ Life Up Ω LifeUp Ω
CD [Blank] Healing α CD~CF are empty. Might have been left blank because they couldn't think of anything better than the Life Up that fully recovers all party members.
CE [Blank] Healing α
CF [Blank] Healing α
D0 ヒーリングα Healing α Healing α After those blanks, we have Healing items. It was good of them to name it Super Healing instead of Healing Ω。
D1 ヒーリングβ Healing β Healing β
D2 ヒーリングγ Healing γ Healing γ
D3 ヒーリングπ Healing π Healing π
D4 スーパーヒーリング Super Healing SuprHealing
D5 サイコシールドα Psycho Shield α PSIShield α そしてずらりと最後まで続く、PSIたち。ちゃんと並んでいるようで、空白はありません。作ってからデータとして入れていったのかも。・・・と、思ったのですがよくみると「さいみんじゅつ」が二つある。(DAとE7)ポケモンでも「ポイントアップ」が二つあって、片方は使えませんが似たような現象です。恐らくどっちかがニセモノの「さいみんじゅつ」なのでしょう・・・。MOTHER2では全体にも効く「さいみんじゅつΩ」がありますが、もしかしたら2種類の「さいみんじゅつ」を作る予定があったのかもしれません。で、見た感じ没になったPSIもないようです。ちょっと楽しみにしていたんですが、ないようです。並び順からして、最後に作られたPSIはPKサンダーだったのかも。
D6 サイコシールドβ Psycho Shield β PSIShield β
D7 パワーシールド Power Shield PowerShield
D8 ブレインショック Brain Shock Brainshock
D9 ブレインサイクロン Brain Cyclone BrainCyclon
DA さいみんじゅつ Hypnosis Hypnosis
DB パラライシス Paralysis Paralysis
DC ダークネス Darkness Darkness
DD サイマグネット PSI Magnet PSI-Magnet
DE シールドオフ Shield Off Shield-Off
DF サイコブロック Psycho Block PSI-Block
E0 オフェンスアップ Offense Up OffenseUp
E1 ディフェンスアップα Defense Up α DefenseUp α
E2 ディフェンスアップβ Defense Up β DefenseUp β
E3 クイックアップ Quick Up QuickUp
E4 ディフェンスダウンα Defense Down α Def.Down α
E5 ディフェンスダウンβ Defense Down β Def.Down β
E6 じげんスリップ Dimension Slip 4th-D Slip
E7 さいみんじゅつ Hypnosis Hypnosis
E8 PKフリーズα PK Freeze α PK Freeze α
E9 PKフリーズβ PK Freeze β PK Freeze β
EA PKフリーズγ PK Freeze γ PK Freeze γ
EB PKフリーズΩ PK Freeze Ω PK Freeze Ω
EC PKファイアーα PK Fire α PK Fire α
ED PKファイアーβ PK Fire β PK Fire β
EE PKファイアーγ PK Fire γ PK Fire γ
EF PKファイアーΩ PK Fire Ω PK Fire Ω
F0 PKビームα PK Beam α PK Beam α
F1 PKビームβ PK Beam β PK Beam β
F2 PKビームγ PK Beam γ PK Beam γ
F3 PKビームΩ PK Beam Ω PK Beam Ω
F4 PKサンダーα PK Thunder α PK Thunder α
F5 PKサンダーβ PK Thunder β PK Thunder β
F6 PKサンダーγ PK Thunder γ PK Thunder γ
F7 [Blank] Faintd F7~FF are empty. グッズ以外のものもたくさんあってその考察がほとんどになってしまいました。
F8 [Blank] Faintd
F9 [Blank] Faintd
FA [Blank] Faintd
FB [Blank] Faintd
FC [Blank] Faintd
FD [Blank] Faintd
FE [Blank] Faintd
FF [Blank] Faintd