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Apu, if it'll make you feel any better, I've learned that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead! -- Homer comforts Apu, "Homer and Apu"


stuff todo:

  • Dungeon Keeper (tons of stuff)
  • Super R-Type(allegedly an unused song)
  • Starflight (GEN, most text stuff from the DOS version remains for some reason)
  • bunch of shit i've completely forgotten about
  • Zelda 1 has some extensive commercial footage and weird manual shit. for the most part. There's still stuff missing from the site page, though.
  • Prerelease: FFVII I will help out on, don't have my discs handy though
  • Prerelease: LttP - I thought this page was made but apparently not.
  • Prerelease and whatever else: Mother 3
  • I wrote up a description of all the changed techs in the Chrono Trigger proto years ago and need to add it eventually.
  • Other Square games as well:
    • Final_Fantasy_Adventure has translation prototype stuff in the manual.
    • FFIV also has translation prototype stuff in the manual.
    • Final_Fantasy:_Mystic_Quest has some screenshots in a barely-translated phase, showing the game was produced in Japanese first(obviously).
    • Final_Fantasy_Legend_II has a few translation prototype shots in the manual. There were also some more in some old issues of GamePro etc.
    • Final_Fantasy_Legend_III has a few translation prototype shots where the Talon is called the "Eonis"
  • Other assorted games:
    • T&C Surf Design (various unused graphics)
    • T&C2 (various unused graphics)
    • Earthworm Jim 2 (NES pirate; unused levels)
    • Swords and Serpents (unused HUD graphics, Unused items)
    • Wolverine (NES) (unused graphics)
    • 7th Saga (SNES) ((more) regional differences)
    • Pirates! (NES) (unused city)
    • Xexyz (NES) (regional differences)
    • Robocop (NES) (there is a proto; also regional differences)
    • City Connection (NES) (regional differences)
    • Duke3D Build texture name notes + commented out shit
    • Doom Protos (level pics etc needs expansion)
    • Mega_Man_X has some prototype screenshots with a really really early intro stage.

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User:West/DDS2 shit

User:West/Bugs:Lufia_II:_Rise_of_the_Sinistrals User:West/Notes:EarthBound