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Notes:Paper Mario

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This page contains notes for the game Paper Mario.

Item/Badge List

Japan US Europe
Badges 8110F602 ???? 8110F442 ???? 8110DF42 ????
Normal Items 8110F616 ???? 8110F456 ???? 8110DF56 ????
Key Items 8110F502 ???? 8110F342 ???? 8110DE42 ????

Below is the list of items in Paper Mario. These can be activated using one of the GameShark codes in the table above, along with the item/badge's ID number (which will replace the ????). The correct region is required for the code to work, however, the correct type of code isn't, meaning badges can be inserted as items and vice-versa, up to a certain extent.

Any item/badge gets added once you pause the game, however normal items can also get added when pressing C-Left. Badges are added permanently and will get "linked" with badges of the same ID number, provided if the code is used multiple times. Items and Key Items are added temporarily and will disappear once you load another item/key item using the same code.

Some unknown items need to be investigated further.


0000 Nothing
0001 Jump
0002 Spin Jump
0003 Tornado Jump
0004 Hammer
0005 Super Hammer
0006 Ultra Hammer

Key Items

0007 Lucky Star
0008 Map (unused)
0009 Big Map (unused)
000A First-Degree Card
000B Second-Degree Card
000C Third-Degree Card
000D Fourth-Degree Card
000E Diploma
000F Ultra Stone
0010 Fortress Key
0011 Ruins Key
0012 Pulse Stone
0013 Castle Key (Tubba Blubba's Castle)
0014 Palace Key
0015 Lunar Stone
0016 Pyramid Stone
0017 Diamond Stone
0018 Golden Jar (unused)
0019 Kooper's Shell
001A Castle Key (Bowser's Castle)
001B Forest Pass (unused)
001C Weight
001D Boo's Portrait
001E Crystal Berry
001F Mystical Key
0020 Storeroom Key
0021 Toy Train
0022 Record
0023 Frying Pan
0024 Dictionary
0025 Mystery Note
0026 Suspicious Note (unused)
0027 Crystal Ball
0028 Screwdriver (unused)
0029 Cookbook
002A Jade Raven
002B Magical Seed
002C Magical Seed
002D Magical Seed
002E Magical Seed
002F Toad Doll (unused)
0030 Calculator
0031 Bucket
0032 Scarf
0033 Red Key
0034 Blue Key
0035 Letter to Tenba (unused)
0036 Letter (to Merlon)
0037 Letter (to Goompa)
0038 Letter (to Mort T.)
0039 Letter (to Russ T.)
003A Letter (to Mayor Penguin)
003B Letter (to Merlow)
003C Letter (to Fice T.)
003D Letter (to the traveling Nomadimouse)
003E Letter (to Minh T.)
003F Letter to Yukiguni (unused)
0040 Letter (to Goompapa)
0041 Letter (to Igor in Boo's Shop)
0042 Letter to Rajio (unused)
0043 Letter to Lyricist (unused)
0044 Letter to Traveler 2 (unused)
0045 Letter (to Franky in Boo's Shop)
0046 Letter (to Muss T.)
0047 Letter (to Koover)
0048 Letter (to Fishmael)
0049 Letter (to Koover)
004A Letter (to Mr. E. in Dry Dry Outpost)
004B Letter (to Miss T.)
004C Letter (to Little Mouser in Dry Dry Outpost)
004D Letter to Boo 3 (unused)
004E Letter (to Dane T.)
004F Letter (to Red Yoshi Kid)
0050 Letter (to Dane T.)
0051 Letter (to Frost T.)
0052 Letter (to Goompapa)
0053 Artifact
0054 Letter (to Kolorado)
0055 Letter to Tenba (unused)
0056 Dolly
0057 Water Stone
0058 Magical Bean
0059 Fertile Soil
005A Miracle Water
005B Volcano Vase
005C Tape
005D Sugar (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
005E Salt (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
005F Egg (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0060 Cream (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0061 Strawberry (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0062 Butter (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0063 Cleanser (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0064 Water (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0065 Flour (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0066 Milk (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0067 Lyrics
0068 Melody
0069 Mailbag
006A Castle Key (Princess Peach's Castle)
006B Odd Key
006C Star Stone
006D Sneaky Parasol (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
006E Koopa Legends
006F Autograph (Luigi's)
0070 Empty Wallet
0071 Autograph (Merluvlee's)
0072 Koopa Koot's shell
0073 Old Photo
0074 Glasses
0075 Photograph
0076 Package
0077 Red Jar
0078 Castle Key (Princess Peach's Castle) (used in the Princess Peach scenes)
0079 Warehouse Key
007A Prison Key
007B Silver Credit
007C Gold Credit
007D Prison Key
007E Prison Key
007F Prison Key

There are a few items that are used in the Princess Peach scenes, although only the Sneaky Parasol is an actual Key Item. The rest of the items are part of the cooking scene after Chapter 4, along with the unknown items at 015E.

Normal Items

0080 Fire Flower
0081 Snowman Doll
0082 Thunder Rage
0083 Shooting Star
0084 Thunder Bolt
0085 Pebble
0086 Dusty Hammer
0087 Insecticide Grass (unused)
0088 Stone Cap
0089 Tasty Tonic
008A Mushroom
008B Volt Shroom
008C Super Shroom
008D Dried Shroom
008E Ultra Shroom
008F Sleepy Sheep
0090 POW Block
0091 Hustle Drink (unused)
0092 Stop Watch
0093 Whacka's Bump
0094 Apple
0095 Life Shroom
0096 Mystery?
0097 Repel Gel
0098 Fright Jar
0099 Please Come Back (unused)
009A Dizzy Dial
009B Super Soda
009C Lemon
009D Lime
009E Blue Berry
009F Red Berry
00A0 Yellow Berry
00A1 Bubble Berry
00A2 Jammin' Jelly
00A3 Maple Syrup
00A4 Honey Syrup
00A5 Goomnut
00A6 Koopa Leaf
00A7 Dried Pasta
00A8 Dried Fruit
00A9 Strange Leaf
00AA Cake Mix
00AB Egg
00AC Coconut
00AD Melon
00AE Stinky Herb
00AF Iced Potato
00B0 Spicy Soup
00B1 Apple Pie
00B2 Honey Ultra
00B3 Maple Ultra
00B4 Jelly Ultra
00B5 Koopasta
00B6 Fried Shroom
00B7 Shroom Cake
00B8 Shroom Steak
00B9 Hot Shroom
00BA Sweet Shroom
00BB Yummy Meal
00BC Healthy Juice
00BD Bland Meal
00BE Deluxe Feast
00BF Special Shake
00C0 Big Cookie
00C1 Cake
00C2 Mistake
00C3 Koopa Tea
00C4 Honey Super
00C5 Maple Super
00C6 Jelly Super
00C7 Spaghetti
00C8 Egg Missile
00C9 Fried Egg
00CA Honey Shroom
00CB Honey Candy
00CC Electro Pop
00CD Fire Pop
00CE Lime Candy
00CF Coco Pop
00D0 Lemon Candy
00D1 Jelly Pop
00D2 Strange Cake
00D3 Kooky Cookie
00D4 Frozen Fries
00D5 Potato Salad
00D6 Nutty Cake
00D7 Maple Shroom
00D8 Boiled Egg
00D9 Yoshi Cookie
00DA Jelly Shroom
00DB Jelly Shroom (unused)
00DC Jelly Shroom (unused)
00DD Jelly Shroom (unused)
00DE Jelly Shroom (unused)
00DF Jelly Shroom (unused)


00E0 Spin Smash
00E1 Multibounce
00E2 Power Plus
00E3 Dodge Master
00E4 Power Bounce
00E5 Spike Shield
00E6 First Attack
00E7 HP Plus
00E8 Quake Hammer
00E9 Double Dip
00EA Mysteerious Scroll (unused)
00EB Sleep Stomp
00EC Fire Shield
00ED Quick Change
00EE D-Down Pound
00EF Dizzy Stomp
00F0 Hammer Charge 0 (unused)
00F1 Pretty Lucky
00F2 Feeling Fine
00F3 Attack FX A
00F4 All Or Nothing
00F5 HP Drain
00F6 Jump Charge 0 (unused)
00F7 Slow Go
00F8 FP Plus
00F9 Mega Rush
00FA Ice Power
00FB Defend Plus
00FC Pay-Off
00FD Money Money
00FE Chill Out
00FF Happy Heart
0100 Zap Tap
0101 Anger's Power (unused)
0102 Right On! (unused)
0103 Runaway Pay
0104 Refund
0105 Flower Saver
0106 Triple Dip
0107 Hammer Throw
0108 Mega Quake
0109 Smash Charge
010A Jump Charge
010B S. Smash Chg.
010C S. Jump Chg.
010D Power Rush
010E Perfect Step (unused)
010F Perfect Strike (unused)
0110 Happy Happy Heart (unused)
0111 Last Stand
0112 Close Call
0113 P-Up, D-Down
0114 Lucky Day
0115 Super Get (unused)
0116 P-Down, D-Up
0117 Power Quake
0118 Multibounce (unused)
0119 Total Economizing (unused)
011A Heart Finder
011B Flower Finder
011C Spin Attack
011D Dizzy Attack
011E I Spy
011F Speedy Spin
0120 Bump Attack
0121 Power Jump
0122 Bagon Jump (unused)
0123 Mega Jump
0124 Power Smash
0125 Bagon Strike (unused)
0126 Mega Smash
0127 Power Smash
0128 Power Smash
0129 Deep Focus
012A Super Focus (unused)
012B Shrink Smash (unused)
012C Shell Crack (unused)
012D Kaiden (unused)
012E D-Down Jump
012F Shrink Stomp
0130 Damage Dodge
0131 Earthquake Jump (unused)
0132 Deep Focus
0133 Deep Focus
0134 HP Plus
0135 FP Plus
0136 Happy Heart
0137 Happy Heart (unused)
0138 Flower Saver
0139 Flower Saver (unused)
013A Damage Dodge
013B Damage Dodge (unused)
013C Power Plus
013D Power Plus (unused)
013E Defend Plus (unused)
013F Defend Plus (unused)
0140 Happy Flower
0141 Happy Flower
0142 Happy Flower (unused)
0143 Group Focus
0144 Peekaboo
0145 Attack FX D
0146 Attack FX B
0147 Attack FX E
0148 Attack FX C
0149 Attack FX F
014A HP Plus
014B HP Plus (unused)
014C HP Plus (unused)
014D FP Plus
014E FP Plus (unused)
014F FP Plus (unused)
0150 Healthy Healthy (unused)
0151 Attack FX F (unused)
0152 Attack FX F (unused)
0153 Attack FX F (unused)
0154 Attack FX F (unused)


0155 Default Menu Icon (no name)
0156 Heart Icon (Recovery Heart, Japanese name)
0157 Coins (name from the Japanese version)
0158 Heart Container (name from the Japanese version) (unused?)
0159 Star Points (name from the Japanese version)
015A Dropped Heart Icon (Full Recovery Heart, Japanese name)
015B Dropped Flower Icon (Recovery Flower, Japanese name)
015C Star Piece (named in all versions)
015D Null - Present Icon
015E Cake Icon
015F Unfinished Cake Icon
0160 Cake Baker Icon
0161 Half-Full Cake Icon
0162 Cake Bowl Icon
0163 Cake Bowl Icon
0164 Cake Icon
0165 Cake w/ Strawberry Icon
0166 Hammer (unused?)
0167 Super Hammer (unused?)
0168 Ultra Hammer (unused?)
0169 Boots (unused?)
016A Super Boots (unused?)
016B Ultra Boots (unused?)
016C Fire Flower (probably just a glitch)

After this point, the game crashes.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


To do:
There are a few more variants that I can't seem to find.
Is song 4D unused? Video.

The code 802488BB 00?? (for the American version of the game) will change the music played at the Toad Town central plaza area to the one chosen in the list below and 802488BF 00?? will change the variation of the song used. By default, it is set to 00. If there isn't any data for the currently selected variant, it'll play the default one.

The song only changes while loading the room, not while in it. It doesn't seem to work in any other areas currently.

You'll see most songs have something weird like "(unused variant at byte 01)". I noticed a pattern in most songs, but not all of them. These songs have an unused variant at 01, which doesn't loop. It also might have some other differences like starting mid-song, skipping parts of the song, etc.

00 Toad Town (unused variant at byte 01)
01 Goomba Village
	00 (normal)
	01 Sped up, No Intro, Loops differently (unused)
02 Normal Battle
	00 (normal, no intro)
	01 First Strike
	02 Enemy First Strike
	03 Enemy First Strike, Intro Only
03 Mini-Boss Battle
04 Jr. Troopa's Fight
05 Final Battle Theme 2
	00 (normal)
	01 Intro Only
	02 No Intro (unused?)
06 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
07 Goomba King's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
08 Koopa Bros. Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
09 Bowser???'s Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
0A Tutankoopa's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
0B Tubba Blubba's Fight
0C General Guy's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
0D Lava Piranha's Fight
	00 Phase 1
	01 Phase 2
	02 Phase 1, doesn't loop, sounds different
0E Huff N. Puff's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
0F King Crystal's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
10 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
11 Pleasant Path
12 Koopa Village - Fuzzy Assault (unused variant at byte 01)
13 Koopa's Village (unused variant at byte 01)
14 Koopa Bros. Fortress
	00 (normal)
	01 With intro (when Mario first arrives there)
	02 Different intro
15 Dry Dry Outpost
	00 (normal)
	01 No Intro
16 Mt. Rugged
	00 (normal)
	01 Japanese version
17 Dry Dry Desert
	00 (normal)
	24 Dry Dry Desert (except not?)
	43 Oasis (except not?)
18 Dry Dry Ruins (unused variant at byte 01)
19 Dry Dry Ruins - Room before Tutankoopa (unused variant at byte 01)
1A Forever Forest (unused variant at byte 01)
1B Boo's Mansion
	00 (normal)
	01 With intro (when Mario first arrives there)
	02 Battle Intro? (unused?)
1C Bow's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
1D Gusty Gulch
1E Tubba Blubba's Castle
1F Tubba Blubba's Angry (unused variant at byte 01)
20 Shy Guy's Toy Box
21 Toy Train Travel
22 Big Lantern Ghost's Theme
23 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
24 Jade Jungle (unused variant at byte 01)
25 Raphael the Raven's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
26 Lavalava Island
	00 (normal, with intro)
	01 Yoshi's Village
	02 Yoshi's Village + Intro
27 Yoshi's Village (panic) (unused variant at byte 01)
28 Raphael the Raven's Theme
	00 (normal)
	01 With intro (when Mario first arrives there)
	02 No intro
29 Mt. Lavalava
	00 (normal)
	01 Intro only
	02 No intro
2A Volcano Eruption (unused variant at byte 01)
2B Star Way
	00 Going up (first time)
	01 Going up
	02 Going down
	03 Pathway
2C Dojo Master's Fight (unused variant at byte 01)
2D Koopa Radio: Beach Tunes
2E Koopa Radio: Chanterelle's Song (obtained after doing her sidequest)
2F Koopa Radio: Golden Oldies (SMW Ending Remix)
30 Flower Fields (cloudy) (unused variant at byte 01)
31 Flower Fields (sunny) (unused variant at byte 01)
32 Cloudy Climb
33 Puff Puff Machine (unused variant at byte 01)
34 Sad Sun's Tower (unused variant at byte 01)
35 Happy Sun's Tower (unused variant at byte 01)
36 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
37 Crystal Palace (unused variant at byte 01)
38 Shiver City
39 Murder at Shiver City (unused variant at byte 01)
3A Snow Road
3B Over Shiver Mountain
3C Starborn Valley
3D Merlar's Theme
3E Intro Cutscene - Mario's House
3F Peach's Party
40 Chapter End (unused variant at byte 01)
41 Chapter Beginning
	00 (normal)
	01 Super Mario Bros Remix
	02 Intro only
42 Equipment Upgrade
43 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
44 Boo's Record Player
45 Tutankoopa's Warnings 1
46 Kammy Koopa's Theme
47 Jr. Troopa's Theme
	00 (normal)
	01 +Echo
	02 Crashes the game (note 03 doesn't crash the game)
48 Bill Blaster's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
49 Petunia Under Attack (unused variant at byte 01)
4A Toad Town (Shy Guy Attack) (unused variant at byte 01)
4B Toad Town Sewers
	00 (normal)
	01 Icy Version
4C Whale's Problem (unused variant at byte 01)
4D Forever Forest Warning (Only Before Chapter 3)
4E All Baby Yoshis found
4F Unused Title Screen Jingle (unused)
50 Goomba King's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
51 Koopa Bros.'s Defeat
52 Koopa Bros.'s Theme
	00 Koopa Bros. Theme
	01 With intro
53 Tutankoopa's Warnings 2
54 Tutankoopa's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
55 Tubba Blubba's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
56 General Guy's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
57 Lavalava Piranha's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
58 Huff N. Puff's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
59 Crystal King's Theme
5A Blooper's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
5B Mid-Boss Theme
5C Monstar's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
5D Club 64 (unused variant at byte 01)
5E Unused Intro Sequence (unused)
5F Bowser's Castle is exploding (unused variant at byte 01)
60 Star Haven (unused variant at byte 01)
61 Shooting Star Summit
62 Starship Journey (to Bowser's Castle)
	00 (normal)
	01 Without Intro
	02 Intro only
63 Star Sanctuary
	00 (normal)
	01 With Intro
	02 Intro only
64 Bowser's Castle
	00 (normal, with intro)
	01 Inside, with intro
	02 Different Intro
65 Bowser's Castle Cave (unused variant at byte 01)
66 Bowser's Theme
	00 (normal)
	01 No echo, sounds weird (unused?)
	02 Sped up, starts mid-song
67 Final Battle Theme 1
	00 (normal)
	01 No echo, no intro (unused?)
68 Peach's Wish (unused variant at byte 01)
69 File Select
6A Title Screen (unused variant at byte 01)
6B Peach's Castle Takeover
	00 (normal)
	01 Different song (unused)
	02 Begins mid-song
6C Mario falls from Bowser's Castle
6D Peach's Arrival
	00 Intro Only
	01 (normal)
	02 Different instruments (unused?)
6E The End
	00 (normal)
	01 Starts sped up, then turns into a different theme altogether (unused)
6F Star Rod Recovered
70 Twink's Theme
	00 (normal)
	01 Farewell Twink
	02 +Echo (unused?)
71 Peach's Mashing
72 Gourmet Guy's Happiness
73 Peach's Letter
	00 (normal)
	01 Hope on the Balcony
	02 Silence
74 Peach's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
75 Sneaking Peach (unused variant at byte 01)
76 Peach returned to her Bedroom
77 Quiz Show Intro
	00 (normal)
	01 Question
	02 Quiz Show End
	03 Silence
78 Star Spirit's Theme
	00 When Mario was unconscious
	01 (normal)
	02 (same as above)
	03 Silence
79 Murder in Shiver City
	00 Murder Discovered
	01 (normal)
	02 (same as above)
7A Solved Shiver City's "Murder" (unused variant at byte 01)
7B Beanstalk
	00 (normal)
	01 Without intro (unused?)
	02 Intro only (unused?)
7C Merlee's Magic
	00 (normal)
	01 Merlon's Magic
	02 Merluvlee's Magic
7D Lakiliester's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
7E Goomba Bros. Defeat
	00 (normal)
	01 With Bowser Intro
	02 Loops once
7F Sun's Back
80 Train Travel (unused variant at byte 01)
81 Whale Trip (unused variant at byte 01)
82 New Partner (swapped with music 96 in the JP version)
83 Dry Dry Ruins rises up (unused variant at byte 01)
84 Heart Hill - Pleasant Path
85 Fuzzy's Game
86 Moustafa's Theme (unused variant at byte 01)
87 Game Over
88 Mario's Rest
89 Flower's Theme
	00 Petunia's Theme
	01 Posie's Theme
	02 Lily's Theme
	03 Rosie's Theme
8A Flower Door appears
8B Victory
8C Chanterelle's Song
	00 Short Version
	01 Full Version
8D Boo's Game (unused variant at byte 01)
8E Victory and level up
8F Blank (copies Goomba Village)
90 Parade 1
91 Parade 2 (unused variant at byte 01)
92 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
93 Blank (copies Goomba Village)
94 Mario's House
95 Intro Screen
	00 Before Bowser's Attack (has an unseen part)
	01 Bowser's Attack
	02 After Bowser's Attack
	03 Peach's Castle in a bubble (Ending)
96 New Partner (JP version, blank address in the US version)
	00 (normal)
	01 +Echo (unused?)
	02 Starts mid-song (unused?)
97-9F Blank (copies Goomba Village)
A0-AF Nothing
(Original Discovery: Luigi1er)



To do:
Figure out if the 12x12 font is used in the Japanese version, and if it is, see if it assigns any glyphs differently
To do:
Check the empty space in the International set, in case it really does assign those four missing glyphs

This game has a lot of text. Here's how it's encoded.

Visible Characters

Japanese set 1: kana
-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -A -B -C -D -E -F

The characters at A4, A5, and A6 are intended to be combined into one long dash.

Japanese set 2: Latin
-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -A -B -C -D -E -F
Japanese set 3: kanji
-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -A -B -C -D -E -F
0- 西
4- 使
6- ×
Japanese set 4: icons
-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
0- (A) (B) (Start) (C▲) (C▼) (C◄) (C►) (Z) (L) (R)
International set
-0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -A -B -C -D -E -F
0- ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . /
1- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ?
2- @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
3- P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ ¥ ] ^ _
4- a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
5- p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~ º
6- À Á Â Ä Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï Ñ Ò Ó
7- Ô Ö Ù Ú Û Ü ß à á â ä ç è é ê ë
8- ì í î ï ñ ò ó ô ö ù ú û ü ¡ ¿ ª
9- × (A) (B) (L) (R) (Z) (C▲) (C▼) (C◄)
A- (C►) (Start)

Control Characters

This only includes control characters present in the main script. The remaining text may use different or additional control characters.

F0: line break
F1: wait for button press
F2 xx: delay
F3: switch to set 1 (not used in North America version)
F4: switch to set 2 (not used in international versions)
F5: switch to set 3 (not used in international versions)
F6: switch to set 4 (not used in international versions)
F7: space
F8: long space? (not used in international versions)
F9: short space? (not used in international versions)
FB: scroll (automatic amount)
FC xx: text box style
FD: end of text
FF xx: command
FC 01: speech bubble (which variation?)
FC 02: speech bubble (which variation?)
FC 03: speech bubble (which variation?)
FC 04: speech bubble (tattle)
FC 05 xx xx xx xx: Menu box
FC 06: narration box (which variation?)
FC 07: signboard
FC 08 xx: Toad Town direction post
FC 09 xx: unknown, unused? (present in text that was removed during localization)
FC 0A: "You got Kooper's Shell!" (is this really used?)
FC 0B: unknown, unused? (present in text that was removed during localization)
FC 0C xx xx xx xx: Super Block
FC 0D: narration box (which variation?)
FC 0E: chapter end
FF 04: trigger something outside text rendering
FF 05 xx: change text color
FF 07: unknown
FF 08: unknown
FF 09: display text immediately instead of progressively
FF 0A: display text progressively instead of immediately
FF 0B xx: unknown, only used in Japanese version
FF 0C xx: scroll (manual amount)
FF 0D xx xx: change font size
FF 0E: return font size to normal
FF 0F xx xx: change text speed
FF 10 xx xx: unknown
FF 11 xx: unknown
FF 12 xx: unknown
FF 13 xx: unknown
FF 14 xx: unknown
FF 15 xx: unknown
FF 16 xx xx xx: unknown
FF 17 xx xx: display item icon (see above list of items)
FF 18 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx: display large graphic?
FF 1A xx xx xx: unknown
FF 1B xx xx: unknown
FF 1C xx: unknown
FF 1E xx: unknown, corresponds to each option in a menu?
FF 1F xx: unknown, indicates total number of menu options?
FF 20 xx: unknown, indicates which option is selected by the B button?
FF 21 xx: unknown, corresponds to each option in a menu?
FF 22: unknown
FF 23: unknown
FF 24: save text color
FF 25: restore text color (saved by FF 24)
FF 26 xx: start text effect
FF 27 xx: end text effect
FF 28 xx: insert string
FF 29 xx: unknown
FF 2B: unknown
FF 2C xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx: unknown, unused
FF 2E xx: unknown
FF 2F xx: unknown