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Notes:Pikmin 2

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This page contains notes for the game Pikmin 2.

Early English text in a Japanese copy

To get the early English text to show up in-game on the Japanese version, use this code:

044EE490 8049C37C
044EE4AC 8049C3B0
044979B4 656E6700

{EspyoT} 09:58, 8 May 2016 (EDT)

ISO map

Tired of navigating through the maze that is the Pikmin 2 ISO every time you want to check something? I know I was, so I decided to write a small map, so I can know where to find what. To use this, press Ctrl+F, search for a keyword (suppose you want the models for the Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard areas, you search for "Piklopedia", or "area"), and hopefully, you'll find it here, and know what folder and file you must visit. Some notes:

  • I only go as deep as I need to to disambiguate. So if a folder only contains a file, I'll explain what the content is on the folder, instead of typing a new level for the file inside and explaining there. This means that you shouldn't use this to know which content corresponds to a certain file, as the files may be missing. You're actually meant to do the opposite: find what file corresponds to a certain content.
  • Wildcards in names are in the form of asterisks.

This is mostly complete, though a couple of things might be missing. Please add anything else you know. {EspyoT} 12:35, 11 June 2014 (EDT)

Item Content
📂 AudioRes Audio: music, instruments and sound effects.
   📂 Banks Sound effect and instrument files. Just read this list.
   📄 BgmList.txt List of songs used in the game.
   📄 Conductor.arc Some .cnd files about the songs in the game.
   📄 Key.arc .bas files that supposedly link the enemy's actions to the corresponding sound effects. There's also an enemy.prj file.
   📄 PSound.aaf Unknown.
   📄 PSound.asn Unknown.
   📂 Seqs MIDI music.
   📂 Stream Non-MIDI music.
📂 banner Presumably the game banners, on the GameCube menu, for each language.
📂 enemy Enemy data.
   📂 common Pebble models?
   📂 data Enemy and plant models and animations.
   📄 enemyResList.txt List with enemy resource file paths.
   📂 parm Enemy settings (collisions, animations, ultra-bitter petrification models, misc.).
📄 gameConfig.ini Game settings.
   📂 memoryCard Save file stuff, with banner.dat (big banner on the memory card screen on the GameCuube menu) and an icon.dat (icon on the same screen).
📂 message Fonts (.bfn) and strings for each language.
📂 new_screen Menu resources.
📄 opening.bnr Game banner.
📄 pikmin2UP.MAP Unknown.
📂 thp Pre-rendered videos.
📄 timeStamp*.txt Build dates. File names are still a bit unclear.
📂 user
   📂 Abe
      📂 cave Lighting settings.
      📂 item Minor settings for some objects (clog, bridge, geyser, plant, rock, treasure).
      📂 map Area settings, test map and Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard areas included (routes, lighting, ...).
      📂 Pellet Treasure models and some configuration files.
         📂 *
            📄 carcass_config.txt Enemy corpse settings (plus leader carrying).
            📄 item_config.txt Exploration Kit + The Key settings.
            📄 item_texts.szs More Exploration Kit + The Key settings (collisions and animations).
            📄 Treasure settings Treasure settings
            📄 otakara_texts.szs More treasure settings (collisions and animations)
      📂 piki Pikmin settings.
      📄 stages.txt Area listing.
      📂 time Day time settings.
      📂 vs 2-Player Battle stage settings (list of cave units for every pattern).
   📂 Ebisawa
      📂 card_e_reader e-Reader stuff? (.dwn format).
      📂 effect Visual effects? (.jpc format).
      📂 testdata Test stuff?
         📂 _2D Old menus?
      📂 title Title screens
   📂 Kando
      📄 aiConstants.txt Some constants (gravity, spray berries needed, debt, camera angle (FOV?)).
      📂 bridge Bridge models.
      📂 develop Some development tool resources?
      📂 effect Visual effects? Contains Onion beam animations.
      📂 map Area models and route/hitbox settings, including Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard, as well as water and the cave vrboxes (backgrounds).
      📄 mizu.bti Unknown texture.
      📂 objects Model and animation for some objects (clog, bridge, holes, gates, nectar, geyser, mold, Pikmin head, spiderworts, "rock", Ujadani, nectar weed).
      📂 onyon Onion model and animations.
      📂 piki Model and animations for the cursor, Pikmin and leaders
      📂 pod* Research Pod model and animations.
      📂 resulttex Old Treasure Hoard icons.
      📂 texCaster Unknown texture inside an .szs.
      📂 ufo* Ship model and animations.
      📂 vstex 2-Player Battle Roulette icons and other minor HUD textures.
      📂 zukan Some settings for the test level.
   📂 Koono Space mail stuff.
   📂 Matoba
      📂 challenge Challenge mode level settings, both used and unused.
      📂 resulttex Treasure Hoard icons.
   📂 Mukki
      📂 mapunits Map (cave) units.
         📂 arc Models.
         📂 caveinfo Cave settings files.
         📂 units Unit settings files.
      📂 movie In-game cutscenes.
   📂 Nishimura
      📂 Camera Camera settings?
      📂 Rumble Rumble settings.
      📂 Shadow Shadow settings.
   📂 Totaka Music settings.
   📂 Wakai Some text files related to music?
   📂 Yamashita
      📂 arc Boot screens.
      📂 enemytex Piklopedia icons.
      📂 zukan Some settings for the Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard areas.
📄 *gameConfig.ini Alternate game configuration files.

Sound list

The sound effects in Pikmin 2 are in /AudioRes/Banks/wScene_*.aw. 0 contains almost all sound effects in the game, while the other files are just instruments (except for one file, which I'll note at the end of the list). Because these sound effects are only identifiable by number, and are unnamed, I went ahead and named the ones I knew. The list was in a text file, and I can't be assed to convert it into a nice wiki format. Some sounds are unused, so add those to the wiki when you're sure they're unused! Finally, the tool used to obtain the sounds was wwdumpsnd. {EspyoT} 11:49, 6 October 2013 (EDT)


If you want to extract the sounds, follow these easy steps (for Windows):

You'll need Dolphin (or any other program that can extract files from inside GameCube ISOs).
You'll need an ISO of Pikmin 2. Any region works, as far as I know. Heck, I think even the New Play Control! versions work.
  • 1) Download wwdumpsnd from this site.
  • 2) Extract it to some place you'll remember.
    • To extract it, you can probably right click it and choose extract, the instructions should be straightforward.
    • If you can't extract it, get a tool for it, like 7-Zip.
    • Try placing the decompressed wwdumpsnd inside a folder in your main drive (when you open My Computer, check which drive has the Windows folder, the user settings folder, etc.; that's the "main" drive).
    • You should end up with a .c file and a .exe file; you can ignore the former, as that's just a text file with the program's source code.
  • 3) Extract the /AudioRes/Banks/ folder from inside the Pikmin 2 ISO and place it in the same folder as the extracted wwdumpsnd.
    • If you're using Dolphin, set it up so that it can recognize Pikmin 2, then right click the game on the list, select properties, go to the last tab (filesystem), expand the AudioRes folder, right click the Banks folder inside, and choose extract folder.
  • 4) Likewise, extract /AudioRes/PSound.aaf and place it on the same folder as wwdumpsnd.
    • With Dolphin, you do the same, except this time, you right-click the .aaf file and choose extract file, instead of extract folder.
    • At this point, make sure that the wwdumpsnd folder contains a) the wwdumpsnd executable, b) the .aw files and c) the .aaf file, all within the same folder, and nothing inside sub-folders. If the .aw files are inside a subfolder, take them out and place them exactly on the same folder as the program and .aaf file.
  • 5) Rename the PSound.aaf file into "JaiInit.aaf" (no quotes).
    • Be careful, because you might confuse an uppercase I with a lowercase L. It's meant to represent "JAI-init", not "JAIL-nit".
  • 6) Open the command prompt, which should be on the Start Menu, accessories.
    • On Windows 8, you might be able to open Start and begin typing "command prompt", and you should get the result fairly quickly.
    • If you can, try opening it as administrator, just to be extra sure that the operation works. You might be able to do this by right-clicking the command prompt's icon and choosing to open as as administrator.
  • 7) On the command prompt, navigate to where the wwdumpsnd folder is.
    • Use "cd <folder path>" for this (no quotes; the "<folder path>" bit represents the path to your wwdumpsnd folder). To get the path, go to where the folder is, check on the top of the window, and you should find something like "C:\wwdumpsnd" or "C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\wwdumpsnd".
  • 8) Now, just type "wwdumpsnd.exe" (no quotes). This should start the process. Wait a few minutes, and you should have all sounds ready on the wwdumpsnd folder somewhere.

More help if you need it: my talk page. {EspyoT} 10:35, 29 July 2014 (EDT)


″ means ditto. Anything with a question mark is something I'm not entirely sure of, or I don't know where it's used.


000 Metallic arm moving?
001 Crunchy thud?
002 That sound used in beach-like music, with the Jamaican guy going "Oh!" or whatever
003 Clown horn?
004 Timpani
005 Timpani?
006 Woodpecker?
007 Bongo
008 Dwarf Bulborb screaming
009 Bulborb chomping?
00a Dwarf Bulborb being squashed
00b Dwarf Bulborb dying
00c Dwarf Bulborb biting
00d Dwarf Bulborb shaking off Pikmin
00e Some loud stomp?
00f ?
010 Water Dumple growling?
011 Someone slurping?
012 Atomic explosion?
013 Alien buzz?
014 Rock crash?
015 Splash/bite?
016 Something emerging from the water?
017 Splash?
018 Wollywog falling down
019 Wollywog jumping up
01a Creature burping?
01b Loud crunches?
01c Turbulence?
01d Snagret digging into the ground
01e Snagret going down for a bite
01f Snagret stomping
020 Rocks crashing?
021 Fire crackling?
022 Loud stomp?
023 Puffy Blowhog inhaling
024 Cannon Beetle oinking
025 Emperor Bulblax growling just before sticking out its tongue
026 Wet bop?
027 Growl?
028 Snagret stomping, slightly shorter than 01f
029 Wet something?
02a Some burp or fart?
02b Some punch?
02c A distant explosion?
02d A curtain being pulled fast?
02e A drum
02f A creature growling?
030 Something springing?
031 Something springing?
032 Something big falling?
033 Slap?
034 Wet scissors?
035 Bells?
036 Click?
037 Honeywisp
038 Honeywisp being hit
039 Blob dropping
03a Bulborb chomping
03b Some creature growling?
03c Something Spotty Bulbear?
03d A crunch?
03e Bulborb snoring
03f Bulborb walking?
040 Stomp?
041 Smaller stomp?
042 Puffy Blowhog deflation?
043 ″
044 Stomp?
045 Puffy Blowhog flapping its "wings"
046 Wind?
047 Slap?
048 Distant explosion?
049 Water Dumple dying
04a Water Dumple dying
04b Water Dumple splashing?
04c Some bird?
04d Splash
04e Candypop Bud closing its petals
04f Candypop Bud withering / burrowed flower Pikmin reverting into a leaf
050 Water Dumple something?
051 Candypop Bud expelling a seed
052 Onion expelling something?
053 Something elastic?
054 Insect?
055 Splash?
056 Snitchbug?
057 Something wet?
058 Snoring?
059 Clap?
05a Land Blowhog shaking Pikmin off
05b Land Blowhog oinking
05c Something wet?
05d Sheargrubs eating a bridge
05e Sheargrubs dying
05f Stones scratching?
060 Water bubbles?
061 Pikmin becoming idle
062 Pikmin carrying
063 Pikmin going "Wee!"?
064 Pikmin quizzing
065 Pikmin sighing longly
066 Pikmin attacking
067 Onion expelling a seed, used in the first cutscene
068 Pikmin shaking off water
069 Pikmin going "Ah!"?
06a Pikmin being alerted?
06b Pikmin sighing angrily?
06c Pikmin caught in jaws
06d Pikmin giving last breath?
06e Pikmin crying, then making 2 sounds, then sighing?
06f Pikmin sadly singing?
070 Pikmin sucking up nectar
071 Pikmin crying while falling into an abyss
072 Pikmin sighing
073 Pikmin dying
074 Pikmin carrying
075 Pikmin seed turning into a sprout
076 Pikmin being plucked
077 ″
078 ″
079 ″
07a ″
07b ″
07c ″
07d ″
07e ″
07f Pikmin picking something up?
080 Pikmin something?
081 ″
082 Theremin?
083 Pikmin going "Shoo!"?
084 Pikmin being thrown
085 Pikmin being held
086 Pikmin going "Hah."
087 Something popping?
088 Pikmin dying by drowning
089 Pikmin something?
08a Pikmin pushing hard on something?
08b Pikmin going "Wha-ke-ke-ke"?
08c Pikmin spitting and going "Yaa!"
08d Pikmin going "Ya!" by attacking
08e Pikmin flowering/budding up (part of it, check 093)
08f Pikmin seed turning into a sprout, after some delay (075 might be the one that's used)
090 Pikmin something?
091 ″
092 ″
093 Pikmin flowering/budding up (08e sounds like it's only part of this)
094 Pikmin going "Waa!"
095 Pikmin going "Woah!" (used in Pikmin for finding bomb-rocks, unused in Pikmin 2?)
096 Someone speaking Japanese in low quality
097 ″
098 ″
099 ″
09a ″
09b ″
09c ″
09d ″
09e ″
09f ″
0a0 ″
0a1 ″ ("Ok!")
0a2 ″ ("Yes!")
0a3 Pikmin being called
0a4 Pikmin crying twice?
0a5 Door slamming?
0a6 Wollywog dying?
0a7 Some trampoline sound?
0a8 Some punch?
0a9 Wollywog croaking
0aa Some insect?
0ab Slow explosion?
0ac Pikpik carrot/Pikmin being thrown
0ad Pellet Posy dropping its pellet
0ae Onion/Ship (Pod) sucking something up
0af Captain punch
0b0 Olimar whistling (has more at the end)
0b1 Loud bell, cuts off before it totally fades out
0b2 Slow explosion?
0b3 Camera mode toggle
0b4 Bell, cuts off before it totally fades out
0b5 Menu being opened
0b6 Antenna Bettle related?
0b7 Thud?
0b8 "Denied" sound played when you try to take out a Pikmin from an Onion, with 100 already on the field
0b9 Pikmin seed burrowing itself
0ba Half-day bells (or quarter-day?)
0bb A drum?
0bc ″
0bd ″
0be Very slow explosion?
0bf Distant explosion?
0c0 Some instrument?
0c1 Some drum?
0c2 Menu being closed
0c3 A small buzz?
0c4 Bomb-rock explosion?
0c5 Leaf being crumbled?
0c6 Water splash
0c7 ″
0c8 ″
0c9 A thud?
0ca ″
0cb Something menu-y?
0cc Pikmin being plucked
0cd Captain pulling on a burrowed Pikmin
0ce Captain punching the air?
0cf Truck horn?
0d0 Loud twinkle?
0d1 Bomb-rock cracking open
0d2 ″
0d3 Leaves rustling
0d4 ″
0d5 A wodden block being splashed?
0d6 Choosing +1/-1 Pikmin from an Onion menu
0d7 Steps?
0d8 Steps on wood
0d9 Steps on grass
0da ″
0db ″
0dc Step on stone
0dd ″
0de ″
0df ″
0e0 Step on sand
0e1 Step on sand
0e2 Step on dirt?
0e3 ″
0e4 ″
0e5 ″
0e6 Step on wood?
0e7 ″
0e8 ″
0e9 ″
0ea ?
0eb ?
0ec Part of Olimar's whistle, maybe the looping part
0ed Higher-pitched horn, maybe part of the President's whistle, just like the previous sound
0ee Lower-pitched horn, see previous
0ef Trumpet?
0f0 Thud?
0f1 Loud trumpet?
0f2 Higer-pitched loud trumpet?
0f3 Even higher-pitched loud trumpet?
0f4 Cymbal crash (sounds boss theme-y)
0f5 Drum (sounds boss theme-y)
0f6 Organ thing, sounds like it belongs on the Titan Dweevil theme
0f7 ″ but higher-pitched
0f8 Drum
0f9 Trumpet
0fa ″ but lower-pitched
0fb ″ but higher-pitched
0fc ″ but lower-pitched
0fd ″ but higher-pitched
0fe Distant trumpet
0ff ″ but lower-pitched
100 Horn?
101 Strings
102 ″
103 ″
104 ″
105 Electronic noises?
106 ″
107 Background noises
108 ″
109 ″
10a Birds chirping
10b ″
10c ″
10d ″
10e ″
10f ″
110 ″
111 ″
112 ″
113 ″
114 Ultra-bitter spray
115 Petrified creature breaking free
116 Petrification
117 Dismiss background?
118 Part of Louie's whistle?
119 Whistle background?
11a Louie whistling
11b President whistling
11c Something choking underwater?
11d Snitchbug?
11e Waves?
11f Hermit Crawmad attacking
120 Seashore?
121 Cloaking Burrow-nit?
122 Swallowing?
123 Insect?
124 Gattling Groink shot falling?
125 Insect?
126 Splash?
127 Horses running?
128 Splashes?
129 Creature dying?
12a A thud?
12b An insect?
12c A splash?
12d Slurping?
12e Some enemy dying?
12f Gattling Groink walking
130 Distant clap?
131 ″
132 Spring?
133 Springy insect?
134 Pig?
135 ″
136 ″
137 ″
138 An enemy dying? (Forgot which)
139 Creepy chime
13a Robot beeping?
13b Duck quacking?
13c Insect?
13d Ranging Bloyster in trance?
13e Ultra-spicy spray
13f Horn?
140 Wet death?
141 Ranging Bloyster mooing
142 Something emerging from the mud?
143 Ranging Bloyster dying
144 Something emerging from the mud?
145 Some enemy?
146 Ranging Bloyster grunting
147 Ranging Bloyster making noises?
148 Ranging Bloyster mooing
149 Ranging Bloyster's trance noises
14a Seashore?
14b ″
14c Wind?
14d ″
14e Pikmin singing?
14f ″
150 Pikmin singing a note of Ai no Uta
151 ″
152 ″
153 ″
154 ″
155 ″
156 ″
157 ″
158 ″
159 ″
15a Pikmin singing a note of Ai no Uta (incomplete?)
15b ″
15c ″
15d ″
15e ″
15f ″
160 Beep?
161 Ship talking?
162 Flute?
163 Ship talking?
164 Beep?
165 ″
166 Loud beep?
167 Bell?
168 Buzz?
169 Insect doing something high-frequency?
16a ″
16b Steel Drum?
16c Cricket?
16d Twinkle?
16e Missile lock on?
16f Selecting something?
170 Wet wood block?
171 Twinkle?
172 ″
173 Insect buzzing?
174 ″
175 Bloop?
176 ″
177 Pikmin hitting on rubble?
178 ″
179 Springy buzzing insect?
17a ″
17b Insect doing something bubble-related?
17c ″
17d Drop of water?
17e ″
17f ″
180 Insect buzzing?
181 ″
182 ″
183 ″
184 ″
185 Bell insect thing?
186 Horse stepping?
187 ″
188 Rock being hit?
189 Buzz-saw?
18a Snitchbug?
18b Louie captain switch ("Louie!")
18c Louie surprised while idle
18d Louie being hurt?
18e Louie something?
18f Louie sighing
190 Louie grunting
191 ″
192 ″
193 Louie checking his equipment ("Orima?")
194 ″
195 ″ ("O--")
196 Louie going "Oh!"
197 Louie going "Hmm?"
198 ″
199 Louie grunting
19a Louie yawning-ish
19b Louie something?
19c ″
19d Creature in the background?
19e ″
19f ″
1a0 Very short beep?
1a1 Very high-frequency buzz?
1a2 High-frequency loud buzz?
1a3 Some wild bird buzz?
1a4 Olimar captain switch ("Olimar!")
1a5 Olimar surprised while idle
1a6 Olimar going "Ow!", (unused? Doesn't sound like the normal hurting sound)
1a7 Olimar gasping?
1a8 Olimar sighing, used after yawning while idling
1a9 Olimar surprised while idle, really close to 1a5
1aa Olimar shortly grunting, maybe used when walking
1ab ″
1ac ″
1ad ″
1ae Olimar saying what sounds like "Sa-Sa-Sake?", might be unused?
1af Olimar saying "Sa-Sa-Sa.", also unused, maybe?
1b0 Olimar gasping
1b1 Olimar going "Hmm?"
1b2 ″
1b3 Olimar surprised while idle
1b4 Olimar shortly grunting
1b5 Olimar yawning
1b6 Olimar going "Hmph!"
1b7 ″ but slower
1b8 Pikmin singing softly, used when going on walks (order must be b8 b9 ba bb b9 bc)
1b9 ″
1ba ″
1bb ″
1bc ″
1bd ″ (first note again)
1be ″
1bf ″
1c0 ″
1c1 ″
1c2 ″ (first note again)
1c3 ″
1c4 ″
1c5 ″
1c6 ″
1c7 Pikmin going "Hm!" (unused?)
1c8 ″
1c9 ″
1ca ″
1cb ″
1cc ″
1cd Pikmin going "Oh!" (unused?)
1ce ″
1cf ″
1d0 Pikmin going "Yo!" (unused?)
1d1 ″
1d2 ″
1d3 Pikmin going "Ah!", used when going on walks
1d4 ″
1d5 ″
1d6 ″
1d7 Pikmin going "Ah!", but more mute
1d8 ″
1d9 ″
1da ″
1db ″
1dc ″
1dd ″
1de ″
1df Low-frequency buzz?
1e0 Some weird electronic sound?
1e1 High-frequency buzz that goes loud-quiet-loud-quiet-loud?
1e2 Sounds like a record scratching, maybe it's used by the Antenna Beetle?
1e3 Quiet buzz?
1e4 ″
1e5 Very low-frequency buzz?
1e6 President captain switch ("Schecho!")
1e7 President surprised while idle
1e8 President going "Ow!", used when getting hurt
1e9 President sighing, must be used after yawning
1ea President quickly and quietly being surprised
1eb ″
1ec ″
1ed ″
1ee ″
1ef President speaking to his equipment ("Schecho?")
1f0 ″
1f1 President quickly and quietly being surprised
1f2 President going "Oh?"
1f3 ″
1f4 President quickly and quietly being surprised
1f5 President sighing
1f6 President inhaling, possibly yawning
1f7 President quickly and quietly being surprised
1f8 President sighing quickly
1f9 Sounds like a DMTF sound (phone dial); very short
1fa Faint celestial/electronic instrument sound?
1fb The Ship talking
1fc ″
1fd ″
1fe ″
1ff ″
200 ″
201 ″
202 ″
203 Shower?
204 Radar ticking?
205 Wind instrument?
206 Fire crackling?
207 Creature deflating while screaming?
208 Bag being crumbled?
209 Something stretching?
20a Something stomping?
20b Big splash?
20c Smaller splash?
20d Underwater bubbles?
20e ″
20f ″
210 Splashes?
211 Loud stomp?
212 Woop?
213 Cash register
214 Cash register rolling?
215 ″
216 Cash register printing
217 Cash register ka-ching
218 Stomach grumbling?
219 Fart?
21a Electricity?
21b ″
21c ″
21d ″
21e ″
21f ″
220 Mosquito fly by?
221 Electricity?
222 ″
223 ″
224 ″
225 ″
226 ″
227 ″
228 ″
229 Electricity?
22a Electricity
22b ″
22c Electricity going out?
22d Dirigibug's balloons popping
22e Creeping Chrysanthemum inflating
22f Big fart (unused?)
230 Something stretching?
231 ″
232 ″
233 Strings mooing?
234 Chicken?
235 Splashes?
236 Shower?
237 Snitchbug crying?
238 ″
239 ″
23a Snitchbug overwhelmed?
23b ″
23b ″
23c ″
23d ″
23e ″
23f ″
240 ″
241 Withering Blowhog laughing
242 Door creaking?
243 Deep water?
244 Woodpecker?
245 ″
246 China and such falling, plays sometimes when a Beady Long Legs falls apart, quietly
247 Frog croaking?
248 Creature screaming?
249 Rocks crumbling?
24a Drum?
24b Teleportation?
24c Some glass breaking
24d Alien trance sound?
24e Medium fart?
24f Fart and squeaky toy? (Doodlebug being squashed?)
250 Phaser beam?
251 Fiery Bulblax' fire
252 Fiery Bulblax' fire going out
253 Fire crackling?
254 ″
255 Something springing? It has echo
256 Bopping on a wooden block?
257 Stepping on ground?
258 Background noises?
259 ″
25a Door closing?
25b Man-at-Legs shooting?
25c ″
25d ″
25e Splashes?
25f Mechanical something?
260 Something electronic?
261 Door closing?
262 Something shooting?
263 Insect?
264 ″
265 ″
266 ″
267 ″
268 ″
269 ″
26a ″
26b ″
26c ″
26d Wet insect?
26e Insect?
26f Cricket?
270 Background bird?
271 ″
272 ″
273 Waterwraith?
274 ″
275 ″
276 ″
277 ″
278 ″
279 ″
27a ″
27b ″
27c Wet step?
27d Bubbles?
27e ″
27f ″
280 ″
281 Wet step?
282 Distant thud?
283 Slap?
284 Something gooey cracking?
285 Enemy dying?
286 Antenna Beetle?
287 ″
288 Jellyfloats
289 Saw swinging?
28a Jellyfloats popping?
28b Alien wobble?
28c Withering Blowhog flapping its "wings"?
28d Cannon Bettle inhaling
28e Alien wobble?
28f Flush?
290 Growl?
291 Spring?
292 Splashes?
293 ″
294 ″
295 Insect?
296 Background bird?
297 Crawmad?
298 ″
299 ″
29a Some insect?
29b Some boss?
29c ″
29d Crunchy step?
29e Rocks crumbling?
29f Creature exhaling?
2a0 Mosquito flying by really fast?
2a1 Insect buzzing?
2a2 Theremin?
2a3 Leaves crackling?
2a4 ″
2a5 Low-quality water splash?
2a6 Crickets?
2a7 Some insect?
2a8 Leaves crackling?
2a9 Sand being scratched?
2aa Cloaking Burrow-nit first dying scream
2ab Cloaking Burrow-nit stretching its proboscis while dying
2ac Cloaking Burrow-nit's final scream
2ad Cloaking Burrow-nit walking
2ae Something about the Burrow-nit?
2af Rustling a bag?
2b0 Teleportation?
2b1 Cloaking Burrow-nit attacking
2b2 Cloaking Burrow-nit shaking off Pikmin?
2b3 Teleportation?
2b4 Buzz?
2b5 Shower?
2b6 ″
2b7 Steam?
2b8 Bulbmin going "Hmph!"
2b9 Bulbmin going "Aah!..."
2ba Bulbmin going "Whaa!"
2bb Bulbmin sighing and becoming alert?
2bc Bulbmin yawning?
2bd Bulbmin chomping?
2be Something Bulbmin?
2bf ″
2c0 Long Bulbmin cry, might be used for death (there's echo)
2c1 ″
2c2 Bulbmin saying something?
2c3 ″
2c4 ″
2c5 Bulbmin growling?
2c6 Bulbmin burping?
2c7 Bulbmin something?
2c8 Bulbmin being thrown?
2c9 Bulbmin being held on to
2ca Bulbmin something?
2cb ″
2cc Bulbmin saying "Pikmin"?
2cd Bulbmin being squashed in a gruesome manner?
2ce Bulbmin sighing?
2cf Bulbmin something?
2d0 Long Bulbmin cry
2d1 Some crash?
2d2 ″
2d3 Cash register?
2d4 Thud?
2d5 Waterwraith
2d6 ″
2d7 ″
2d8 ″
2d9 ″
2da ″
2db ″
2dc ″
2dd ″
2de ″
2df ″
2e0 ″
2e1 ″
2e2 ″
2e3 ″
2e4 ″
2e5 ″
2e6 ″
2e7 ″
2e8 Fire cracking?
2e9 Something growling?
2ea Bongo
2eb ″
2ec Horn?
2ed Flute
2ee ″
2ef Shotgun being reloaded several times in quick succession?
2f0 Thud?
2f1 Pan falling?
2f2 Car door slam?
2f3 Lava bath?
2f4 Rain falling?
2f5 ″
2f6 Some splash?
2f7 Someone hitting with a fork?
2f8 Paper bag being crumbled/walked on
2f9 ″
2fa Paper bag being compressed
2fb Jet flying by?
2fc Steam?
2fd Tree falling?
2fe Chainsaw?
2ff Tree falling?
300 Spring?
301 Flush?
302 Pikmin burning up
303 ″
304 ″
305 ″
306 ″
307 ″
308 Gory squish?
309 Pikmin being electrocuted
30a Pikmin choking on poison
30b ″
30c ″
30d Pikmin something?
30e Pikmin going "Moo!"?
30f ″
310 ″
311 ″
312 Pikmin sighing because the ultra-spicy spray ran out
313 Pikmin dying by falling into an abyss
314 Pikmin calling of sorts (sounds like the sound they make after drinking nectar)
315 ″
316 ″
317 ″
318 ″
319 Pikmin kinda meowing (digging?)
31a Pikmin screaming?
31b Pikmin going "Mwah!"
31c ″
31d ″
31e ″
31f Metallic Pikmin?
320 Pikmin quizzing
321 Pikmin saying "Pikmin" really fast
322 White Pikmin saying "Pi" on the White Pikmin introduction cutscene
323 ″ but saying "Huh?"
324 ″ but saying "Pi"?
325 ″ but saying "Min"?
326 ″ but saying "Pi"?
327 ″ but sighing
328 Pikmin singing?
329 ″
32a Metallic Pikmin scared?
32b ″
32c ″
32d ″
32e ″
32f Leaves crumbling?
330 Crumble?
331 ″
332 ″
333 Splashes
334 ″
335 Bottle being put down?
336 ″
337 ″
338 ″
339 Boulder falling
33a Bouncing?
33b Treasure Gauge beep
33c Buzz?
33d Electricity?
33e Fire crackling?
33f ″
340 Velcro being released?
341 Hitting a machine?
342 ″
343 ″
344 Sword unsheathe?
345 Hitting a machine?
346 Rusty something? (sounds like tubes on an old rusty playground)
347 ″
348 Electric noises
349 Metallic hydraulic mechanism
34a Insect?
34b ″
34c Woodpecker?
34d Splashes?
34e ″
34f ″
350 Storm?
351 ″
352 Fire-breathing dragon?
353 Distant thud?
354 Inflating?
355 Grumble?
356 Storm?
357 Snagret dying
358 Metallic barking?
359 Metallic crying?
35a Snagret attacking
35b Dismiss
35c Long explosion?
35d Bulborb dying
35e Electric piano?
35f Pikmin drowning
360 White noise?


001 Pikmin chanting for Louie in 2-Player Battle ("Lo-u-ie!")
002 Pikmin chanting for Olimar in 2-Player Battle ("O-ri-ma!")

Everything else is just instruments (I checked).
wScene_1 sounds like the Valley of Repose.
wScene_2 sounds like the Awakening Wood.
wScene_3 sounds like the Perplexing Pool.
wScene_4 sounds like the Wistful Wild.
wScene_48 sounds like the Waterwraith's theme.