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Pikmin 2/Unused & Early Treasures/Earliest Treasure Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Pikmin 2/Unused & Early Treasures.

These treasure icons, possibly the first set created, can be found in the file /user/Kando/resulttex/arc.szs. With a few exceptions, these early models are no longer on the disc.

Model Name Early Final Notes Model Name Early Final Notes Model Name Early Final Notes
ahiru Pikmin2AhiruEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2AhiriFinalIcon.png The duck's lifeless eyes
were thankfully changed.
donutschoco_s Pikmin2Donutschoco sEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Donutschoco sFinalIcon.png Early: Small chocolate donut
Final: Six-sided die
radar_a Pikmin2Radar aEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Radar aFinalIcon.png Early: Compass
Final: Love Tester
apple Pikmin2AppleEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2AppleFinalIcon.png The shape and texture of
the apple were altered a bit.
donutsichigo Pikmin2DonutsichigoEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2DonutsichigoFinalIcon.png There's more frosting on the
early donut model.
radar_b Pikmin2Radar bEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Radar bFinalIcon.png Early: Broken spoon(?!)
Final: Glove
apple_blue Pikmin2Apple blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Apple blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue apple
Final: Sausage
donutsichigo_s Pikmin2Donutsichigo sEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Donutsichigo sFinalIcon.png Early: Small strawberry donut
Final: Game & Watch - Ball
sensya Pikmin2SensyaEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2SensyaFinalIcon.png Early: Toy tank
Final: Mug
bane Pikmin2BaneEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2BaneFinalIcon.png This nice silver spring is
rusty in the final game.
donutswhite Pikmin2DonutswhiteEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2DonutswhiteFinalIcon.png Early: Vanilla donut
Final: Famicom disk
silver_medal Pikmin2Silver medalEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Silver medalFinalIcon.png Early: Dime
Final: Silver dollar
baum_kuchen_s Pikmin2Baum kuchen sEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Baum kuchen sFinalIcon.png Early: Small Baumkuchen
Final: Larger Baumkuchen
elec Pikmin2ElecEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2ElecFinalIcon.png The early treasure model
is a good deal simpler.
suit_fire Pikmin2Suit fireEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Suit fireFinalIcon.png Early: Toy fire helmet
Final: Red toy robot body
bell Pikmin2BellEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2BellFinalIcon.png Early: Silver bell
Final: Baby bottle top
fire Pikmin2FireEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2FireFinalIcon.png The early treasure model
is a good deal simpler.
suit_powerup Pikmin2Suit powerupEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Suit powerupFinalIcon.png Early: Toy motorcycle helmet
Final: White toy robot body
bell_blue Pikmin2Bell blueEarliestlIcon.png Pikmin2Bell blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue bell
Final: TV Antenna
flask Pikmin2FlaskEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2FlaskFinalIcon.png Early: Florence flask
Final: Crystal ball
teala_dia_a Pikmin2Teala dia aEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Teala dia aFinalIcon.png Early: Sapphire, circular frame
Final: Ruby, circular frame
bell_red Pikmin2Bell redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Bell redFinalIcon.png Early: Red bell
Final: Gold bell
flower_red Pikmin2Flower redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Flower redFinalIcon.png Early: Red flower head
Final: Cherry
teala_dia_b Pikmin2Teala dia bEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Teala dia bFinalIcon.png Early: Ruby, circular frame
Final: Emerald, circular frame
bell_yellow Pikmin2Bell yellowEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Bell yellowFinalIcon.png Early: Yellow bell
Final: Sleigh bell
fue_a Pikmin2Fue aEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Fue aFinalIcon.png Early: Brass whistle
Final: Toy fist
teala_dia_c Pikmin2Teala dia cEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Teala dia cFinalIcon.png Early: Small gem, circular frame
Final: Sapphire, square frame
bird_hane Pikmin2Bird haneEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Bird haneFinalIcon.png This model was changed
completely in the final game.
fue_b Pikmin2Fue bEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Fue bFinalIcon.png Early: Recorder head
Final: Eraser
teala_dia_d Pikmin2Teala dia dEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Teala dia dFinalIcon.png Early: Sapphire, square frame
Final: Amethyst, circular frame
dia_a_blue Pikmin2Dia a blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia a blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue heart toy gem
Final: Denture
fue_pullout Pikmin2Fue pulloutEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Fue pulloutFinalIcon.png There's a bit more of the
megaphone present here.
toy_ring_a_blue Pikmin2Toy ring a blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring a blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue heart, gold ring
Final: Blue square, gold ring
dia_a_green Pikmin2Dia a greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia a greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green heart toy gem
Final: Bamboo Sprout
futa_a_gold Pikmin2Futa a goldEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Futa a goldFinalIcon.png The model was improved and
bent up in the final version.
toy_ring_a_green Pikmin2Toy ring a greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring a greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green heart, gold ring
Final: Green star, gold ring
dia_a_red Pikmin2Dia a redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia a redFinalIcon.png Early: Red heart toy gem
Final: Tangerine
futa_a_silver Pikmin2Futa a silverEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Futa a silverFinalIcon.png Final: Silver lid
Final: Rice ball
toy_ring_a_red Pikmin2Toy ring a redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring a redFinalIcon.png Same object, but with a better
looking model in the final.
dia_b_blue Pikmin2Dia b blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia b blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue square toy gem
Final: Ace of Spades card
gas Pikmin2GasEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2GasFinalIcon.png The early Gas model is a
lighter shade of purple.
toy_ring_b_blue Pikmin2Toy ring b blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring b blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue square, gold ring
Final: Blue square, silver ring
dia_b_green Pikmin2Dia b greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia b greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green square toy gem
Final: Ham slice
gear Pikmin2GearEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2GearFinalIcon.png This golden gear reuses the
model for the Automatic gear.
toy_ring_b_green Pikmin2Toy ring b greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring b greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green square, gold ring
Final: Green heart, silver ring
dia_b_red Pikmin2Dia b redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia b redFinalIcon.png Early: Red square toy gem
Final: Double-ended pencil
gear_silver Pikmin2Gear silverEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Gear silverFinalIcon.png Early: Silver gear
Final: Empty gear
toy_ring_b_red Pikmin2Toy ring b redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring b redFinalIcon.png Early: Pink square, gold ring
Final: Pink star, silver ring
dia_c_blue Pikmin2Dia c blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia c blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue star toy gem
Final: Ah Fu tile
gold_medal Pikmin2Gold medalEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Gold medalFinalIcon.png Early: Golden dime
Final: Golden dollar coin
toy_ring_c_blue Pikmin2Toy ring c blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring c blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue star, gold ring
Final: Toy boot
dia_c_green Pikmin2Dia c greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia c greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green star toy gem
Final: Mahjong Tile
juji_key Pikmin2Juji keyEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Juji keyFinalICon.png Early: GameCube D-pad
Final: GameCube analog stick
toy_ring_c_green Pikmin2Toy ring c greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring c greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green star, gold ring
Final: Christmas tree star
dia_c_red Pikmin2Dia c redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Dia c redFinalIcon.png Early: Red star toy gem
Final: Playing card case
kouseki_suisyou Pikmin2Kouseki suisyouEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Kouseki suisyouFinalIcon.png Another model improvement. toy_ring_c_red Pikmin2Toy ring c redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy ring c redFinalIcon.png Early: Pink star, gold ring
Final: Candle
diamond_blue Pikmin2Diamond blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond blueFinalIcon.png Early: Small blue gem
Final: Diamond
light_a Pikmin2Light aEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Light aFinalIcon.png Early: National Hi-Top battery
Final: Lightbulb
toy_teala Pikmin2Toy tealaEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Toy tealaFinalIcon.png Early: Toy tiara
Final: Toy crown
diamond_blue_l Pikmin2Diamond blue lEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond blue lFinalIcon.png Early: Large blue gem
Final: Sapphire
locket Pikmin2LocketEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2LocketFinalIcon.png The image in the locket was
changed to a cat / dog.
watch Pikmin2WatchEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2WatchFinalIcon.png The colors on the watch are
more vibrant in the final game.
diamond_green Pikmin2Diamond greenEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond greenFinalIcon.png Early: Green gem
Final: Pearl earring
makigai Pikmin2MakigaiEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2MakigaiFinalIcon.png The ammonite fossil is
a lot more...pink.
water Pikmin2WaterEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2WaterFinalIcon.png Like the other four Titan Dweevil
treasures, this is a bit simpler.
diamond_green_l Pikmin2Diamond green lEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond green lFinalIcon.png Early: Large green gem
Final: Clover broach
map01 Pikmin2Map01EarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Map01FinalIcon.png The globe's colors are duller
in this early icon.
xmas_item Pikmin2Xmas itemEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Xmas itemFinalIcon.png Early: Blue Christmas bulb
Final: Shiny Christmas bulb
diamond_red Pikmin2Diamond redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond redFinalIcon.png Early: Red gem
Final: Heart-shaped diamond
map02 Pikmin2Map02EarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Map02FinalIcon.png Same as above. yoyo_blue Pikmin2Yoyo blueEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Yoyo blueFinalIcon.png Early: Blue "MAXMIMUM" yo-yo
Final: Milk bottle opener
diamond_red_l Pikmin2Diamond red lEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Diamond red lFinalIcon.png Early: Large red gem
Final: Emerald broach
nut Pikmin2NutEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2NutFinalIcon.png Early: Small Lugnut
Final: Lugnut
yoyo_red Pikmin2Yoyo redEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Yoyo redFinalIcon.png The design was changed from a
red "MAXIMUM" logo to flames.
donutschoco Pikmin2DonutschocoEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2DonutschocoFinalIcon.png There's more frosting on the
early donut model.
nut_l Pikmin2Nut lEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Nut lFinalIcon.png Early: Lugnut
Final: Flat Lugnut
yoyo_yellow Pikmin2Yoyo yellowEarliestIcon.png Pikmin2Yoyo yellowFinalIcon.png Early: Green "MAXIMUM" yo-yo
Final: Training weight