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Pikmin 2/Unused & Early Treasures

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This is a sub-page of Pikmin 2.


Pikmin2Apple blueEarliestIcon.png
Earliest Treasure Graphics
Wow, these are old!
Pikmin2Apple blueEarly.png
Early Treasure Graphics
These are still pretty old.
Early Treasure Hoard
More information on those early treasures.
Treasure Timeline
Supplemental reading material. The test will not be open book.

Unused Treasure Models

Unlike the above, these model files aren't used at all.

All Folders

These can be found in every region's /Abe/Pellet folder. All but 2 are Exploration Kit items—seems there were 18 pieces of equipment planned.

Model Name Treasure Model Notes
light_b Pikmin2Light b1.png A second light power-up (the first is the Stellar Orb).
The items in these containers are flat textures.
map03 Pikmin2Map03.png A third map item. The northeast and northwest
pieces of the map were overwritten with
the globe items used in the final game.
map04 Pikmin2Map04.png A fourth map item! At one point, this game
might have had 5 areas, just like the first game.
Pikmin2Pal denchi 1.png
Given the treasure name, this was the first idea for
localizing the National Hi-Top battery items.
Duracell was used in the final game.
Pikmin2Pal denchi 1 pana.png
Same as above with a different battery type.
panszonic_alkali Pikmin2Panzsonic alkali.png The model's name differs from the szs file - it's in fue_c.
This suggests it was originally another whistle upgrade.
radar_c Pikmin2Radar c.png A third radar item. The second radar item, radar_b,
eventually transformed into the Napsack.
rocket_pac Pikmin2Rocket pac.png Either an early version of the Brute Knuckles,
or something much more amazing.

Pal Folder Only

Early Treasure Models

These only exist in the PAL item folder of the NA and JP versions of the game. They were never cleaned out...thankfully.

donuts_choco / donuts_ichigo donutschoco / donutsichigo
Pikmin2Donut chocoEarly.pngPikmin2Donut ichigoEarly.png Pikmin2Donut chocoFinal.pngPikmin2Donut ichigoFinal.png

Early donut models. The frosting isn't as shiny / delicious looking, and the dough texture is, uh, not appetizing. At all.

chocolate_ichigo / chocolate_white chocoichigo / chocowhite
Pikmin2chocolate ichigoEarly.pngPikmin2chocolate whiteEarly.png Pikmin2chocolate ichigoFinal.pngPikmin2chocolate whiteFinal.png

The wrapping paper uses a different texture with text on it—"cho" for chocolate—and the models for the strawberry / white chocolate truffles aren't as smooth.

Unique Treasures

Model Name Icon Treasure Model Notes
broken_teala Pikmin2BrokenTiaraIcon.png Pikmin2Broken teala.png Possibly broken in more ways than one.
This image may be a bit off.
diamond None
A prototype of the game's toy gems.
donuts_white None Pikmin2Donut white.png A donut with vanilla frosting. The dough texture is...bad.
flower None Pikmin2Flower.png A red flower. It looks a bit like a candypop bud.
GCDisc_luigi Pikmin2GCDiscLuigiIcon.png Pikmin2GCDiscLuigi.png A Luigi's Mansion GameCube disc!
There are four GameCube discs present.
GCDisc_mario Pikmin2GCDiscMarioIcon.png Pikmin2GCDiscMario.png A Super Mario Sunshine GameCube disc.
You cannot DISC GET.
GCDisc_pikmin Pikmin2GCDiscPikminIcon.png Pikmin2GCDiscPikmin.png A GameCube disc for...Pikmin?!
If this were still in, the game might implode.
A duplicate exists under the name GCDisc.
It's the same, except the shader makes it appear brighter than normal.
GCDisc_zelda Pikmin2GCDiscZeldaIcon.png Pikmin2GCDiscZelda.png A GameCube disc for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
Watch out for Moblins!
gear01 None Pikmin2Gear01.png A funky-looking prototype of the game's gear treasures.
oukan Pikmin2OukanIcon.png
An unused bottle cap item.
The icon looks completely different.
sensya06 None Pikmin2Sensya06.png It's a turret from a toy tank with the number 14 on one side,
and the number 144 on the other. It closely resembles the turret
of the German "Panther" tank from WW2, though the barrel of
the gun was broken off.
yoyo None Pikmin2Yoyo.png A blue yo-yo. Might be an early model of
yoyo_blue, before it was replaced with a different item.


This is the only alt text on the page. Sorry.
Model Name: Indirect_test
This isn't a treasure at all, though it is in the item folder. It's a model used to test the game's indirect object lighting.

Dummy Models

These models can be found in the PAL item folder of the NA and JP versions of the game. These models were never worked on, though the file names give clues as to what they would have been.

There are four types of models:

  • Blue: Small object. 6-sided model, 64x64 model name texture, 32x32 model base texture.
  • Green: Medium-sized object. 10-sided model, 64x64 model name texture, 128x128 model base texture.
  • Yellow: Large object. 12-sided model, 128x128 model name texture, 64x64 model base texture.
  • Red: Huge object. 14-sided model, 128x128 model name texture, 128x128 model base texture.
Name Texture Supposed Object Name Texture Supposed Object Name Texture Supposed Object Name Texture Supposed Object
Small Objects Medium-sized Objects Large Objects Huge Objects
button Pikmin2Button.png Shirt button 4Parts_clover Pikmin24Parts clover.png Early file for
Crystal Clover
candle Pikmin2Candle.png Candle fulutin_jelly Pikmin2Fulutin jelly.png Fruit in jelly cup
cheese Pikmin2Cheese.png Slice of cheese beads Pikmin2Beads.png Beads chessKing Pikmin2ChessKing.png Early file for
Worthless Statue
kouseki Pikmin2Kouseki.png Crystal
cherry Pikmin2Cherry.png Cherry
(Early file for
Cupid Grenade?)
celluloid_doll Pikmin2Celluloid doll.png Celluloid Doll chessQueen Pikmin2ChessQueen.png Early file for
Priceless Statue
neko_head Pikmin2Neko head.png Early file for
Wiggle Noggin?
momiji Pikmin2Momiji.png Maple leaf copperbell Pikmin2Copperbell.png Copper bell conactlens Pikmin2Contactlens.png Contact lens sinju Pikmin2Sinju.png Pearl ring
orange Pikmin2Orange.png Orange goldbell Pikmin2Goldbell.png Gold bell hallowin Pikmin2Hallowin.png Early file for
Possessed Squash
tomato Pikmin2Tomato.png Tomato
(Early file for
Love Nugget?)
kaseki Pikmin2Kaseki.png Fossil goldmedal Pikmin2Goldmedal.png Early file for
Lustrous Element
suzu_middle Pikmin2Suzu middle.png Middle bell kyukon Pikmin2Kyukon.png Flower bulb kayaku Pikmin2Kayaku.png Box of gunpowder
tree_item Pikmin2Tree item.png Early file for
Spouse Alert
mekki_ring Pikmin2Mekki ring.png Plate ring kokesi Pikmin2Kokesi.png Kokeshi doll
neji Pikmin2Neji.png Screw olgoal OH NO! OLGOAL!? Music box
ohajiki Pikmin2Ohajiki.png Ohajiki piece silvermedal Pikmin2Silvermedal.png Early file for
Mirrored Element
shell1 Pikmin2Shell1.png Shell
toy_jewel Pikmin2Toy jewel.png Toy jewel
toy_spring Pikmin2Toy spring.png Toy spring