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This is a sub-page of Pokémon Red and Blue/Translation Errors.

Pokémon Red and Blue feature a few translation errors.

"¡El malvado (POKéMON) atacó!"


When encountering a Pokémon with a fishing rod, the game displays the text "The hooked <POKéMON> attacked!". In the Spanish Rojo y Azul, the text is "¡El malvado <POKéMON> atacó!", where "malvado" translates to "wicked" or "evil", a likely mistranslation.


Raichu Trade

Pokemon RBGY-USA-Raichu trade.png   Old man, you've gone senile!

While this dialogue string is used for a Pokémon Lab trade by an NPC at Cinnabar Island in the English versions, an error persisted in the localization of the original Japanese Blue string:

The original trade involved the player trading a Kadabra for a Graveler. In regular gameplay, Kadabra evolves into Alakazam (and Graveler evolves into Golem) when traded for another Pokémon. However, Red and Blue involved the player trading a Raichu for an Electrode instead, much like in the Japanese Red and Green.

The changes in the Japanese Blue were not addressed, resulting in the odd message. During regular gameplay, it is impossible to evolve a Raichu.

In FireRed and LeafGreen the error is fixed, the NPC instead says "The ELECTRODE that I traded you, has it grown stronger?"

TM acronym in the French versions

Pokemon RBGY-French-TM49.png

The acronym for Technical Machine (TM) in Rouge et Bleu is changed to CT, which is used correctly everywhere except one place: if the player exchanges a Lemonade for CT49 in the Rooftop Square of the Celadon Dept. Store, the text box says "TM49... TRIPLATTAQUE!"

(Source: PRAMA-Initiative)

Squirtle Pokédex entry in the Spanish and Italian versions

Believe or not, both the Spanish and Italian versions have three same translation errors for the Squirtle Pokédex entry.

In the English versions, the Pokédex says: "After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.".

In this case, the "shell" word refers to the turtle carapace, but it were mistakenly translated as "concha" in the Spanish versions and as "conchiglia" in the Italian versions, which both actually mean "seashell". Additionally, the Spanish entry is missing a period at the end.

Spanish versions Italian versions
Game text PRB-PokedexSquirtleSP1.pngPRB-PokedexSquirtleSP2.png PRB-PokedexSquirtleIT1.pngPRB-PokedexSquirtleIT2.png
Literally in English After birth, its back swells and hardens like a seashell. Releases powerful foam through its mouth After birth its back is transformed into a seashell. Spits powerful foam from its mouth.
Correct translation Tras nacer, su espalda se hincha y endurece en una cáscara. Rocía con fuerza espuma por la boca. Dopo la nascita, la schiena gli si gonfia e indurisce diventando un guscio. Spruzza con potenza schiuma dalla bocca.