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Prerelease:Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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While Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in 2020, work had actually started shortly after the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2012.[1]



  • Nov. 8 - Early plans for the next mainline Animal Crossing entry start conceptualization and development.


  • Unknown - Early builds for the Switch are created.
  • September 13 - A new Animal Crossing game for the Switch is confirmed to be in development.[2]


  • June 11 - Trailer and gameplay footage are released at E3 2019.
  • June-December - New features and content are revealed through Nintendo Directs.


  • January-March - New features and content continue to be revealed through Nintendo Directs.
  • March 20 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons is released.
  • New free content updates are to be added every month or so.


  • November 3-5 - Free content updates begin to come to a stop and upcoming updates will only be for debugging purposes due to the 2.0 update and the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Early Development (2012-2017)


Pre-E3 2019 Builds

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During the CEDEC 2020 conference in Japan, some early screenshots were revealed of the game at a much earlier point in development.

A very early development screenshot showing completely different textures and detailed grass.
  • The first screenshot includes the player in the center with a very similar appearance to the custom avatar from the final game.
  • Bob is seen walking in the background wearing a purple shirt. Interestingly, what looks like an NPC's shadow somewhat resembling a cat's silhouette can be seen to the very right along with what looks like a purple tail, similar to Bob's. It's possible that there were multiple Bobs roaming the island while NPCs were still being tested, however, this is not confirmed.
  • The ground is very different than that of the final, the most notable difference being highly detailed growing grass which was scrapped because it made seeing weeds more difficult.
  • The dirt has a different texture than any which is seen in the final, being a color between the regular dirt path and dark dirt paths in the final.
  • Additionally, the paths don't seem to be laid out in an organized way, so this may have been before grass deterioration and natural dirt patches were removed.
  • There are two identical buildings partially visible in front of the player. These may have been early villager houses, the model being a placeholder until the final houses for each villager were created.
  • A very early Town Hall or Resident Services building can be seen in the upper-right corner, and a player's house is in the distance with a green mum wreath on the door, looking similar to the final player houses.
  • In front of the building in the upper-right corner are some stone paths similar to those seen in New Leaf, again looking more natural. These paths can also be seen along the left side of the screen.
  • One interesting feature of this screenshot is the apparent white vignette around the screen, implying that the game once had a different art style that was changed prior to it's public revelation. Other features from more screenshots here may indicate that as well. Vignettes would appear in the final but only during nighttime.

This screenshot has furniture along with the scrapped white fencing, a river and cliffs.
  • One interesting feature is the inclusion of a HUD, which was not present in the previous screenshot. It shows the time and date on the lower-left corner, with a different layout more reminiscent of the clock in Doubutsu no Mori e+ (as opposed to the final game's basic white font with no background).
  • In the lower-right corner, a very early map can be seen detailing the island layout. It mostly looks normal, however, a very large portion is yellow indicating it is the beach. If this is the beach, it was clearly a rudimentary version with a rectangular shape extending outward on the right, and a large portion of sea in the lower-left corner.
  • The river is now also visible, with water looking more similar to that from the rivers in New Leaf. The edge of the ground above the water has a more rock-like texture. A body of water also peeks out at the left edge of the screen. At the upper right corner of the screen, the left edge of an Orange-bearing tree can be seen, indicating that Oranges are in this build.
  • Flowers are present, with Cosmos that look almost identical to the final version. Next to the flowers at the bottom, weeds are shown demonstrating how difficult it was to see them with the realistic grass of these builds.
  • At the top, some white fencing can be seen which was a fencing item that did not make it to the game at launch until the 2.0 update.

, with the same shape as the plain wooden fencing from the final but white, and also having a more detailed texture mimicking that of the trees and tree stumps. This fencing also appears later. A player house is behind the fences, with furniture placed around it including a bike and a trash can. It seems that the ability to place furniture outside and freely build fencing was decided early on. Over the horizon, a rooftop and chimney are barely visible, with the chimney blowing smoke. The red roofing indicates this may be another player house, though this is not confirmed.

  • In both upper corners are an early cliff design, resembling the cliffs from New Leaf. Interestingly, the cliff in the upper-left corner seems to be raised higher than they are in the final, though this may be due to the perspective.

E3 2019

A trailer was released at E3 2019, along with some gameplay footage. There are numerous differences between this build and the final, though most are aesthetic.


The beginning of the trailer, showing the player walking along the beach.

A few noticeable differences can be found.

  • The ocean looks a bit more primitive and basic compared to the final and has a more cartoon-like aesthetic, but the wave's shapes are more or less the same.
  • The beach is different, with the sand looking a lot less detailed.
  • Going towards the right of the screen we see a ledge that connects the beach and the grass. This does not seem much different from the final, only being a slightly different color.
  • The grass is different, now having done away with the triangular blades scattered across the ground for a more traditional look. However, the texture on the grass seems to be different still, with the triangular pattern that's seen everywhere in the final now being much more toned down, resulting in a strange soft look to it.
  • Oddly, the sand in the clip of the player decorating the beach in the morning seem much more detailed with a wavy texture and light grains much like the final sand. This could be footage from a different build, though it's more likely that it looked different in the first clip because of the perspective and time of day.
This cliff is not seen, nor can it be created in the final game.
  • During the seasonal changes, one oddity can be seen as the player rolls a snowball; A cliff which appears to extend 2 tiles outward is seen. However, the cliff is curved on both sides in a way that is not possible in the final game. In the final, cliffs like this cannot be generated on an island map. Additionally, while terraforming, when the player tries to round the edge of a cliff corner that is connected to one other which is rounded, both cliffs are destroyed. The only way an outward extending cliff can be rounded is if there is at least one flat cliff piece connecting two rounded ones.
  • Near the end, the infamous white simple wooden fence can be seen at the end of the trailer except without the earlier screenshots and look much more similar to the wood fences from the final game. In the vanilla release, the simple wooden fence was natural in color rather than white until customizable fencing was added in the 2.0 update.


April 26, 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons-prerelease-2021-04-26 update post-removed screenshot.jpg

An update post published on April 26, 2021 had a screenshot featured a house style that didn't exist prior to the 2.0 update in November. It was soon replaced with another screenshot, and on the Japanese version of the site, an apology was given.

(Source: Nintendo Life)