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Prerelease:Fire Emblem Awakening

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Fire Emblem Awakening.

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Read this. http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/3ds/fire-emblem/0/0 and this http://serenesforest.net/awakening/general/pre-release-information/information/.


Male Robin's early portrait. Also note that Stahl, Sully, and Virion are using the generic map sprites for their respective classes, not their unique sprites.
  • Male Robin's default portrait has subtle differences from the final.
  • Prerelease footage shown during Fire Emblem Awakening's unveiling at Conference 2011 shows Lissa's map sprite as yellow, rather than blue like the rest of the player-controlled units. [1]
  • Early screenshots show Stahl and Sully wearing helmets, similar to the NPC Cavalier units. Virion, Vaike, and Sumia have the same appearance as the NPC Archer, Fighter, and Pegasus Knight units. This may have been intentional to keep their identities a secret, or the NPC unit map sprites were being used as placeholders.[2]
  • Concept art of two alternate hairstyles for Virion.[3]
  • Concept artwork of Yarne's beast form shows him with ear bands similar to the ones he wears in his human form. In the final game, Yarne's beast form model is recolored from his mother's model, who has a different accessory around her ears. Concept art of Yarne's human form also features different facial markings, different hairstyles, and his ears fully (and partially) covered in fur. [4]
  • An early screenshot shows Sumia as a Cavalier, a class she cannot be reclassed to in the final. [5]
  • Alternate Maribelle design. [6]
  • Concept art for Cherche shows her with a different hairstyle and no headband. [7]
  • Concept art shows several different hairstyles for Walhart, featuring shorter and darker hair, as well as a moustache. His beard in these alternate designs resembles Gangrel's. An alternate design for Basilio, and an alternate design for Gangrel without a beard and featuring a hat similar to that which the NPC Trickster class wears, is also shown in the linked scan. [8]
  • Alternate Tiki design. [9]
  • Concept art of the Entombed Risen shows they were originally intended to have resembled mummies, which is fitting, as their Japanese name is literally Mummy. [10]
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Critical Hits

The cut-in scenes when a character performs a critical originally showed a full portrait image of the character delivering the critical, rather than being eye-level like in the final. It is noting that while in the final, a large part of the cut-in portraits go unseen, the full portraits are not as zoomed-out as in the screenshots, and Frederick's and Lon'qu's cut-in portraits differ from the final.

Prerelease Final
Fire Emblem Awakening frederick crit full.png
Fire Emblem Awakening lonqu crit full.png
(Source: Fire Emblem Wiki (prerelease images), The Spriters Resource (final images))


  • A picture of a graphic testing sheet shows a Knight and either a generic Mage or Miriel on a map which doesn't resemble anything in the final, featuring an arena similar to Arena Ferox and a village resembling those that appear on several maps. The image to the left also shows that the sprites of units on the map would have been completely different, rather than being shrunk down as they are in the final.
  • Kissing scenes were considered at one point. These would later be implemented in Fire Emblem Fates.
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