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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Harvester.

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This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Extreme graphic violence.

Harvester was plagued by several delays and content cuts, and early promotional material bears little resemblance to the final game. Even months before its release, screenshots and magazine articles would feature content that ultimately ended up being absent come release day.

Early Trailer

A very early trailer from 1994, two years before the game released. Steve's voice is done by the actor used for his in-game sprites, as opposed to a separate voice actor like most characters in the final release. Although the game is announced to come out by Summer 1994, it was only released in 1996 after a lot of it was revamped. Of note is how much of the footage uses drawn actors instead of live-action ones and how different some of the CG is.

Also, the developer is credited as Future Vision, not DigiFX, and the publisher is Merit Software.

Early Screenshots

Harvester Reaper.jpg

A drawn portrayal of who appears to be the Sergeant-at-Arms. DigiFX discarded almost all drawn actors in favor of live actors during development, and the Sergeant is no exception. This screenshot was posted on Harvester's now-defunct website alongside pictures that more accurately represented Harvester's final content.

Harvesterpre clown.png

A frightening clown lying on the floor. This clown exists in the final release, but only as a monster that needs to be fought to progress. He has no FMV cutscenes associated with him in the final release.

Harvesterpre Oldlounge.png

A lounge with a fireplace and bearskin rug. Seemingly an early iteration of the final release's lounge in Lodge Level 1.

Promotional Photo Final Release
Harvesterpre youresogood.png Harvester gore2.png

A child cannibalizing her mother. This scene exists in the final release (albeit censored in in the UK version), but this screenshot shows that the room background hasn't yet been added. Additionally, the blood splatter has been significantly altered from promo to final, and the promo screenshot features odd discolorations on the mother's leg.

Harvesterpre Strategyplus.jpg

A Strategy Plus magazine article on Harvester, sporting its early design.

  • Upper-Mid: Steve fighting a monster in a room that's absent from released versions of Harvester.
  • Right-Mid: The Sheriff and Steve rendered in their drawn 1994 designs.
  • Lower-Left: A grievously-injured man screaming on a table, surrounded by four lights. This scene is partially retained in the full game's intro FMV, but never seen at this angle.

Harvesterpre ComputerPlayer.jpg

A ComputerPlayer magazine article on Harvester. I'm sensing a pattern here.

  • Upper-Left: A clown with murder in his eyes. This clown exists in the final release, but only as a monster that needs to be fought to progress. He has no FMV cutscenes associated with him in the final release.
  • Lower-Left: The same unused lounge pictured earlier above.
  • Third Down, Right: A firefighter. There is no FMV cutscene resembling this in the final release.
  • Fourth Down, Right: A sewer filled with a river of green sludge. There is no room resembling this in the final release.
  • Lower-Mid: A firefighter about to attack Steve in a boiler room. This room has no firefighter in the final release.