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Prerelease:New Super Mario Bros.

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for New Super Mario Bros..

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New Super Mario Bros. went through many style adjustments during development, and much of the pre-release material depicted graphics resembling that of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Super Mario 64 DS.



E3 2004



  • No music plays.
  • Mario speaks when performing normal jumps like 3D games.
  • Mario uses different voice clips taken from Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Different sound effects play when hitting blocks, shooting fireballs, when fireballs burst, enemies are attacked and when bricks are broken.
    • Coins are lower pitch, use Bb-Eb like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine instead of B-E.
    • Enemies defeated by fireballs all make the sound Spindrifts make in Super Mario 64 when stomped.
    • Enemies defeated by Mega Mario all make the sound Goombas make when they are stomped on in Super Mario 64.
    • Hitting a ? block does nothing but plays the ! box breaking sound from Super Mario 64.


  • No HUD is present (on the top screen at least).
  • Goombas and Koopas use 3D models, the models still exist in the final game (though the Goomba model is used for the Mega Goomba).
  • None of these tilesets and backgrounds appear in the final game.
  • Mario uses different animations, reminiscent of Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Mega Goombas are smaller and animate differently.
  • Bowser uses a standing pose.


  • Mario's physics are looser and slightly buggy, he can also do moves that he couldn't do in the final game, such as:
    • He can perform triple jumps with much less speed and movement distance than the final game.
    • He can perform backflips like in Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Mario can move during the Mega Goomba growing cutscene.
  • The Mega Goomba grows after touching a mushroom that uses a tinted version Super Mushroom graphic from Super Mario 64 DS. The Super Mushroom powerup grows the character to a giant size in 64 DS, much like the effects of Mega Mushroom in the final game and the apparent ability shown in the video.
  • Mega Mario...
    • seems to grow without touching a Mega Mushroom.
    • can run (can only "jog" in the final game).
    • can perform jumps other than the standard jump (in this case, a backflip as seen earlier).


  • None of these areas resemble anything seen in the final game.
  • Coins are never seen in such large blocks, other than in World 1-2.
  • Bowser is just standing, out in the open.
(Source: http://archive.videogamesdaily.com/news/200406/009.asp)
  • Question Blocks, Brick Blocks, and Pipes have a more cartoonish look.
  • Mario now gains 100 points for trampling or shooting Goombas.
  • The mushrooms on the touchscreen seem to be decorations that move back and forth or an early inventory.



E3 2005

NSMB Pre E3 2005 9.png


  • Spindrift from Super Mario 64 DS is re-used here.
  • Also, this is the first revision to use the 2D Goombas of the final.
(Source: [1])
E3 2005/Post E32k5 Games Tour Demo

(Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20120516011033/http://nintendods.gaming-universe.de/vorschau/new-super-mario-bros/14-1.html)
(Source: https://archive.org/details/youtube-ygujDHVBYB8 video archive link)


  • Mario performs a backflip before doing his victory pose.


  • Instead of a rising platform on each side of the room, there are 3 platforms that apparently do not exist in the final game. They extend when the timer is started, and shake, then retract and the end of the timer.
Early Demo


  • Doors play the "pipe enter" sound effect.


  • Mario/Luigi can hold 3 items in reserve.
  • "Rainbow Rings" at this point served as checkpoints.
  • Mega Mushrooms don't move.
  • Mega Mario's ability to run has seemingly been removed, but he can still punch and kick.


To do:
Get the early and final brick blocks.
Used Block
Prototype Final
NSMB-Pre-Early Demo Used Block Overground.png NSMB-Early Demo Used Block Overground Comparison.png
Question Block
Prototype Final
NSMB-Pre-Early Demo Question Block Overground.png NSMB-Early Demo Question Block Overground Comparison.png
Brick Block
Prototype Final
NSMB-preearlydemo-brickblock overground.png NSMB-preearlydemo-brickblock overground-comparison.png

The ? blocks, brick blocks, used blocks were redrawn for the final.

  • The unused object version of the lava is used here.
  • Mario's animation for chaining enemies is used when he wall-jumps.

Castle Area

  • The first area with the red ? Switch resembles both World 4 (hitting a switch to have the blocks fall) and World 7's (the block configuration) ghost houses.
  • The next area resembles World 1's castle.
  • The area at 02:07 in the video resembles World 4's castle.
E3 2005 B-roll Footage
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This video shows only one new area, an underground level that doesn't resemble anything from the final game. According to the level name on the bottom (top) screen, this was another area of the field level.

E3 2005 Videos


  • Trailer music is the unused slower version of the Mario vs. Luigi track that is still in the final game.
  • Much like the E3 2004 trailer, the sound that is made when stomping on an enemy is the sound Goombas make when they are stomped on in Super Mario 64.


  • The flagpole is slightly different. For one, all flags were originally red, something only reserved for flags with secret exits in the final, and two, the end castle is missing.


  • Spindrift's behavior is seen towards the end of the trailer, and appears it would act similarly to how it did in Super Mario 64, causing Mario/Luigi to start spinning like after hitting a Spin Block.
  • Mega Goombas would've appeared as actual enemies rather than one appearing as a boss in the World 4-Castle in the final game.


  • An unknown underwater area is shown, most likely an early version of 3-1 which contains Sushi.

Later Demo


  • Lakitu doesn't have a throwing sound.


  • This area resembles both 2-1, 2-2, 6-A in the final.
  • This area still exists in the final's filesystem. The fact the level still works with the final desert tileset was just redrawn, or the level was scrapped after the tileset change.
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Gamescom (GC) 2005 Demo

The article mentions the use of a drill move, whether or not this was a cut move, a tentative title for the Ground Pound or simply the Drill Stomp (achieved by using Spin Blocks or entering Tornados in the final game is not known, although the latter is more likely.

(Source: [6])


Two articles in the magazine Famitsu cover New Super Mario Bros.

Article 1
This one mostly re-uses older screenshots, with a few exceptions.

NSMB-Pre Famitsu1 volcano.jpg

This screenshot shows an early design for the volcano levels. Later versions of the background, foreground and the tileset still exist in the final, but go unused.

Early Final
NSMB-Pre Famitsu1 mountain.jpg NSMB-Famitsu1 Mountain Compare.png

This looks like part of 6-1 in the final. The volcano background could suggest that:

  • This level was in World 4 or World 8 at some point.
  • World 6 was a volcano world at some point.
  • The volcano background was used as placeholder for the mountain background.
Early Final
NSMB-Pre Famitsu1 mini room.jpg NSMB-comparision-minibonus 8-2.png

This screenshot shows an early version of the Mini Mario bonus room that appears in World 8-2 in the final, the background is yellow instead of green, the mini blocks are purple instead of brown, the big blocks are pink instead of light brown and the platforms have a different texture. It is the second bonus room that has moving platforms (the first being in World 6). And the second one with the 8-bit Mario sprite background that is part of a mostly unused group of backgrounds (the first being in World 2). This may be one of the earlier bonus rooms.

NSMB-Pre-Famitsu1 Unagi.jpg
The apparent end of an underwater Mega Unagi level (or at least a section) doesn't resemble the end of either of the levels featuring the enemy in the final game (4-3 and 8-3). Although it most resembles 8-3 due to it having a a Mega Unagi that chases you.

If the Unagi did not stop moving forward at the end of the level (like in the final); it looks like Mario was about to get eaten, unless the player got in the pipe very quickly.

On a possibly unrelated note: both Mega Unagi levels have an invalid (or at least unknown) value set for Sprite Set 5, this isn't the case in most levels. 8-3 also has invalid (nonexistent) terrain tiles, another feature that distinguishes it.

Early Final
It's Atlantis! It's just another underwater level.

Another early version of 3-1 that appears to have been taken after E3 2005, or is a mockup, due to the different background. Of note is that the Cheep Cheep is moving upwards, something only Deep Cheeps (which only appear in 6-5) can do in the final.

(Source: [7], [8])

Article 2
This one uses a lot more screenshots that were released March 13th, 2006.

Nsmb-Prerelease later3-1.jpg

A later version of 3-1, with the final's background. The only difference is the water visible at the top. Other screenshots include other sections of this level, and a few from 3-3.

Nsmb-Prerelease early2-2.jpg

A nearly finished 2-2. The final desert background is used, but the mushroom tileset is used instead of the yellow beach tileset. The background uses the yellow desert background instead of the blue one.

Nsmb-Prerelease early1-2.jpg

A mostly finished 1-2 that shows an earlier version of the underground tileset. The tileset was probably changed to fit better with the blue blocks. There's also a brick block behind Mario that isn't in the final.

Nsmb-Prerelease Early2-4.jpg

An earlier version of 2-4 that's set in a grassland. Other screenshots include one of Mario kicking the Koopa shell, and another one in the area with the Hammer Bro.

(Source: [9], [10])

Nintendo Dream

What's grass doing here?

This screen shows that 2-4 was once an oasis like 2-2, or at least they marked it like that on the map.

This correlates with the existence of a screenshot showing the same block arrangements that appear in this level, in a grassland level.

The level does not have any desert-specific elements, other than the swelling ground - which supports the theory that this level may have existed in another world.

Nsmb-Prerelease unuseddesert.jpg

This screen shows Unused Level 5 in a later form. This shows that the level was removed after the desert tileset was changed to the final. Also notable is the Spiny, which uses the wrong sprite-set in the final.

NSMB-prerelease Ghosthouse.jpg

A nearly finished World 4 Ghost House. The candle flame in the background is missing, and the "?" Block is a darker yellow instead of gray.

NSMB-prerelease Pipedesert.jpg

An early version of 3-B, with only green pipes, and with the desert background. This could mean that World 2 was going to have another extra level.

Early Later Final
NSMB-Pre Famitsu1 mountain.jpg Nsmb-Prerelease volcano2later.jpg NSMB-Famitsu1 Mountain Compare.png

Another screenshot of an early 6-1. This one has the final mountain background, but still uses the black volcano tileset.

NSMB-Prerelease Early8-4.jpg

An earlier version of 8-4, clearly proving the level was going to be in World 4, which makes sense as it's the world with the only other level with Scuttlebugs.

Nsmb-Prerelease skylevel.jpg

A sky level that resembles 1-3. This shows the larger mushrooms in the sky tileset were going to be used more commonly.

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Famitsu 906

(Source: [23],[24], )


DS Conference 2005

NSMB-Pre-DSCnfrnc2005 ReleasedImage-ds scr11.jpg

(Source: http://allabout.co.jp/gm/gc/215565/3/)



DS Conference 2006

Conference webpage image Final
NSMB-Pre Nintendo DS Conference 2006 Website Image s94.jpg NSMB-E3K6 1-Final Equivilent.png

Gameplay Screen (top)

  • This section doesn't appear in the final. The block and bush arrangement and the position relative to the mid-point suggest it was an early version of the section with the Vine-containing block.
  • The midway point is near the centre of the level, rather than near the end.


  • The bush graphics are shiny, like in one of the Famitsu screenshots and in World 1's map in the final game.


  • The midway marker is shown, yet Mario is before it.

Info Screen (bottom)

  • The Coin and Timer icons have slightly different appearances and are centred.
  • The Progress Bar marker for the Midway Point is a line, rather than a flag.
  • The player icon on the progress bar is higher up than the final.
  • The 'W' before the level number is a lower case 'w' in this version.
  • Various elements are placed and sized differently in this version, such as the Lives counter which appears above the Star Coins rather then being at the top of the screen.
  • The item storage only has one slot, but uses the graphics from earlier versions with three slots.


GDC 2006 Demo

(Source: [25], [26])


Touch!-DS Site

The site once hosted four trailers for a nearly finished version of the game.


  • Bahps are a bit distorted.
  • Melody instrument is a bit shorter than in final.
  • Mario doesn't have a sound after spinning off a Spin Block.
(Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20060623022100im_/http://touch-ds.jp/mfs/newmario/)

JP Site

The site hosts a few trailers for the game.


  • Bahps are missing, but the orchestra hit is present.


  • Completing a level still uses the old "MARIO/LUIGI CLEAR" from E3 2005 as opposed to the final "Course Clear".


US Manual V1

E3 2006

NTR_SMarioBros_ss01.bmp Final
NSMB-Prerelease-E3 2006 Image 1.png NSMB-E3K6 1-Final Equivilent.png


  • The player icon on the progress bar is higher up than the final.


  • Oddly, Mario has activated the midway flag, yet is behind its location.
  • The player also seems to have gained a massive 0 points from smashing up the level.
02 Final
NSMB-Prerelease-E3 2006 Image 2.png NSMB-E3K6 2-Final Equivilent.png


  • The world's first Toad House behind a Star Coin Sign is green instead of red, like in the final.


  • Lines connecting locked worlds are blue and lines connected locked secret worlds are not dotted.
  • Star Coin counter is on top-right instead of bottom-left like final.


  • Some points on the touchsceen's map overview are misplaced unlike the final.
  • The Star Coin Signs were moved back and forth a bit, between the pre-release version and the final. The 2 boxes containing the map overview and the "World 1" text were moved up slightly for the final.
(Source: Information, E3 2006 Disc)


GDC 2007 Demo


NOM 96

(Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/nom/0607/index.html)

Nintendo Fusion Tour (2006)

Floor demo, no known videos, images or text. check: