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Prerelease:Ufouria: The Saga

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Ufouria: The Saga.

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A US version was planned for late 1992 but cancelled because of the low popularity of the NES at the time. The screenshots in the ads show slight differences from the European version.

In the item subscreen, you can see the star that was used in the prerelease screenshots.
Prerelease Final
Ufouria-Prerelease (1).jpg Ufouria-Prerelease final(1).png

The stars while Shades is charging up was replaced with hearts. Interestingly, the star graphics are used for an item in the final game. The screenshot also shows numerous layout changes.

An early advertisement for Ufouria. You can see Bop Louie's head bops straight.
Prerelease Final
Ufouria-Prerelease (3).jpg Ufouria-Prerelease final(3).png

An obvious change here is with the HUD. The early version shows several copies of the current character's head above two counters of indeterminate function, whereas the final version features a life meter and crystal counter. Besides the fact the map has gone through some changes, another minor change is that in the final, Bop Louie's bop attack comes at an angle, while in an earlier version it went straight.

Prerelease Final
Ufouria-Prerelease (4).jpg Ufouria-Prerelease final(4).png

The area went through some obvious layout changes including removing an enemy and some rope obstacle.

Prerelease European Final Mockup
Ufouria-Prerelease (6).jpg Ufouria-title.png Ufouria US Prerelease-title screen mockup.png

This prerelease shot contains the words "LICENSED BY NINTENDO OF AMERICA, INC." hinting an American release was planned.