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Primal Rage (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Primal Rage

Developer: Probe Entertainment
Publisher: Time Warner Interactive
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: August 25, 1995
Released in EU: August 25, 1995

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Primal Rage is a strange one-on-one fighting game where a bunch of prehistoric animals fight each other on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Techniques include farts as special moves and urinating as a finisher.

Extra Options Menu


At the main menu, press Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, and Up to make a second options menu appear. While many of the options are self-explanatory, a few of them need to be explained better.

  • Soak Test: Runs continuous AI vs. AI matches. Soak testing is a method used by developers to test for memory leaks that only show up after extended usage.
  • Play Bowling Game: Starts the match off with a bowling minigame (detailed in-depth below).
  • Okay Right?: When this option is enabled, and Diablo is selected as the player's character, a jumping devil with the face of Fergus McGovern (the founder of Probe Entertainment) will appear in your matches.

Bowling Minigame


As explained above, there is an option in Primal Rage to replace regular matches with a bowling minigame! The two fighters will walk offscreen, and a bunch of humans will run up, serving as the pins. The player(s) or COM can use the controller to line up their shots, which consists of the respective fighter rolling into the 'pins'. After the minigame ends (which consists of only two rounds), the match returns to normal.

Revision Differences

For the Sega Channel, three special versions of the game were made. The ROM files were found on a Sega Channel development disc.

Test Drive


The "Test Drive" was essentially a limited demo available throughout August. Only 3 of the 7 characters are available: Blizzard, Armadon, and Sauron. Players could play a single match against either a second player or a randomly chosen CPU opponent. Upon completion of that match, the screen to the right appears informing the player about further Primal Rage-related events happening on Sega Channel.

Full Version

This version was available on the game's launch day, "Rage Day", August 25th. It was claimed that this was the full retail version, but it does contain a few omissions — namely the "Okay Right?" option and the bowling minigame from the extra options menu.

The internal ROM header is copied from Mortal Kombat.

Primal Showdown


The "Primal Showdown" was a one-day contest held on August 26th from noon to midnight, eastern time. The first 154 winners could win a variety of prizes; the grand prize being a full Primal Rage arcade cabinet.

Players were tasked with completing the singleplayer campaign as either Sauron or Blizzard. Upon completion, the screen to the right appears instructing players to call a phone number with the secret word and code shown. The code isn't static and is generated based on... something.