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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy/Miracle Mask Leftovers

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This is a sub-page of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.

Due to both games using the same engine (and probably a bit of developer negligence), a good handful of files from both the Japanese and English versions of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask- the game proceeding Azran Legacy- were left behind in the data. Many are also likely from the Kiseki no Kamen Plus version exclusive to Japan, but to keep it simple, everything will just be classified as belonging to Miracle Mask.



'gmp' Folder

g000.xi is one of the bottom-screen maps of Monte d'Or.

PL6- g000.png

'img' Folder

i2010.xi is the photo of young Henry and Randall.

PL6- i2010.png

'menu' Folder

inv_a_bottom.xi is the top screen of Layton's Journal.
PL6- inv a bottom.png

inv_a_past.xi is the top screen of Layton's Journal, for entries from the sections of the game that take place in Layton's past.
PL6- inv a past.png

inv_a_present.xi is the top screen of Layton's Journal, for entries from the sections of the game that take place in the present.
PL6- inv a present.png

name_a_back.xi is a background for the top screen when entering a name for yourself or the bunny you get later on.
PL6- name a back.png

name_a_front.xi is the top screen foreground layer for when you enter your name.
PL6- name a front.png

name_a_pet.xi is a foreground textbox that shows up on the top screen when naming your bunny.
PL6- name a pet.png

name_a_user.xi is a foreground textbox that shows up on the top screen when naming yourself.
PL6- name a user.png

in the nazo_num.xa/000.xi is a file of the numbers that appear when you start a puzzle (the ones in AL are 3D).
PL6- nazo num 000.png

petname_a_front is the top screen foreground layer for when you enter your bunny's name.
PL6- petname a front.png

s_clg_bg_a.xi is the background for the top screen in the "Layton's Challenges" bonus.
PL6- MiracleMaskLeftover.png

s_chr_ani_c215.xa/000.xi is the 2D illustration for Randall's mother from the "Profiles" bonus.
PL6- s chr ani c215 000.png

In addition, s_chr_ani_c309 - c334 have the 2D illustrations of Sterling/Waltham, Mordy/Mordaunt, Hanna/Hannah, Colette/Pirouette, Maurice/Hannibal, Juggles, Puck, Yukkles, Murphy, Cookie/Bonnie, Tanya, Firth/Tannenbaum, Madelaine/Serena, Stumble/Bungle, Artie/Beaufort, Michelle, Nils, Frankie, Conner/Narcisse, Humbert, the Monte d'Or police, Yuming, Esther/Gloria, Lionel, Doug/Douglas, and Mr. Collins.
PL6- s chr ani c309 000.png PL6- s chr ani c310 000.png PL6- s chr ani c311 000.png PL6- s chr ani c312 000.png PL6- s chr ani c313 000.png PL6- s chr ani c314 000.png PL6- s chr ani c315 000.png PL6- s chr ani c316 000.png PL6- s chr ani c317 000.png PL6- s chr ani c318 000.png PL6- s chr ani c319 000.png PL6- s chr ani c320 000.png PL6- s chr ani c321 000.png PL6- s chr ani c322 000.png PL6- s chr ani c323 000.png PL6- s chr ani c324 000.png PL6- s chr ani c325 000.png PL6- s chr ani c326 000.png PL6- s chr ani c327 000.png PL6- s chr ani c328 000.png PL6- s chr ani c329 000.png PL6- s chr ani c330 000.png PL6- s chr ani c331 000.png PL6- s chr ani c332 000.png PL6- s chr ani c333 000.png PL6- s chr ani c334 000.png
It should be noted as well that while the illustration here of Hanna looks very similar to the one used in Azran Legacy, she isn't smiling in the first picture, which is how she's portrayed in her Miracle Mask profile. She looks chipper as ever in AL.

s_voice_ani_a.xa/001.xi is the top screen background for the "Voices" bonus.
PL6- s voice ani a 001.png

wifi_dnt_bg01.xa/000.xi is the top screen background for the Daily Puzzles, featuring a nice pixelated room.
PL6- wifi dnt bg01 000.png

wifi_dnt_bg02.xa/000.xi are all the items you receive for fully completing each set of daily puzzles, along with some furniture.
PL6- wifi dnt bg02 000.png

wifi_menu_ani_a.xa/000.xi are the graphics for recieving the daily puzzles, featuring a teenage Layton.
PL6- wifi menu ani a 000.png

wifi_menu_bg_a.xi is a top screen daily puzzle background.
PL6- wifi menu bg a.png

And wifi_menu_bg_b.xi is the corresponding bottom background.
PL6- wifi menu bg b.png

The 000.xi files in the wifi_select_ani_a.xa subfolders numbers 00-19 are graphics for description boxes of each daily puzzle.
PL6- wifi select ani a00 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a01 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a02 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a03 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a04 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a05 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a06 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a07 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a08 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a09 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a10 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a11 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a12 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a13 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a14 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a15 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a16 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a17 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a18 000.png PL6- wifi select ani a19 000.png

wifi_select_ani_a20.xa/000.xi are the idle animations of Layton and some of his friends that can come visit his pixelated Daily Puzzle room.
PL6- wifi select ani a20 000.png

wifi_select_ani_a20.xa/000.xi are some of the furniture/items and animations of characters walking (and one of Layton with his cuppa).
PL6- wifi select ani a20 001.png

wifi_select_bg_a01.xi is another one of the daily puzzle top screen backgrounds, used when Nana Grams is talking.
PL6- wifi select bg a01.png

'mini' Folder

as_hs_004.xi and as_hs_005.xi are part of the horse-riding minigame, teaching you how to play.

PL6- as hs 004.png PL6- as hs 005.png

'nkl' folder

cmn/img has files d17_tetraton01_ani_block.xi, d17_tetraton02_ani_block.xi, and d17_tetraton03_ani_block.xi, which are the blocks in the "match-four" style Miracle Mask Daily Puzzle 'Tile' (or 'Tetraton' in the UK).
PL6- d17 tetraton01 ani block.png PL6- d17 tetraton02 ani block.png PL6- d17 tetraton03 ani block.png

cmn/img/d01_bridge01_ani_spr.xi are sprites from another Daily Puzzle called 'The Alchemist's Lair'. While there was a sequel to it called 'The True Alchemist's Lair' in Azran Legacy, the internal filenames for that classify it as 'd16' (Daily Puzzle 16, although technically it's the 8th). This one has 'd01' in its name to denote that it's the first Daily Puzzle in the lineup, which The Alchemist's Lair in Miracle Mask was.
PL6- d01 bridge01 ani spr.png

cmn/pop/d17_tetraton_ani_blog.xa/000.xi is part of the graphics for every 'Tile' puzzle feauturing the professor.
PL6- d17 tetraton ani pop 000.png

'spr' Folder

win_item.xa/000.xi has two sprites of adult and teenage Layton alongside the rest of the collection and symbols for unlockables.

PL6- win item 000 LaytonSprites.png


'img' Folder

en has help files numbered 0033-0038, which are all from the how-to's for the index, mysteries/journal, episodes, and toy robot.
PL6- help 0033.png PL6- help 0034.png PL6- help 0035.png PL6- help 0036.png PL6- help 0037.png PL6- help 0038.png

en also has i2020.xi and i2030.xi, which are the end and 'To be Continued' screens. In Azran Legacy, the 'To Be Continued' graphic shows up during the end cutscene.
PL6- i2020.png PL6- i2030.png

'menu' Folder

en/bag02_a.xa/000.xi is the top screen of Layton's trunk during the past segments.
PL6- bag02 a 000.png

bag02_a.xa/000.xi are also the character sprites that appear and change in correlation to things such as your amount of hint coins. Azran Legacy has a similar sheet, but with a sprite of little kid Layton in it.
PL6- bag02 a 001.png

en/bag02b.xa/001.xi are the buttons for the various extras in the trunk (in the past, that is).
PL6- bag02 b 000.png

inv_a_bs.xi and inv_a_bs02.xi in en are top screen graphics for Layton's Journal, for the present and past respectively.
PL6- inv a bs.png PL6- inv a bs02.png

inv_b_present.xi and inv_b_past.xi are also the bottom screens that go with it.
PL6- inv b present.png PL6- inv b past.png

en/inv_spr_past.xa/00.0xi and en/inv_spr_present.xa/000.xi are the sprites that go in the journal.
PL6- inv spr past 000.png PL6- inv spr present 000.png

en/nazo_intro.xa/000.xi is a graphic for the daily puzzles.
PL6- nazo intro 000.png

000.xi - 005.xi in en/nazo_result.xa are the success and failure puzzle results illustrations.
PL6- nazo result 000.png PL6- nazo result 001.png PL6- nazo result 002.png PL6- nazo result 003.png PL6- nazo result 004.png PL6- nazo result 005.png

pica_intro.xi and pica_result.xi in en are the graphics that show how many picarats a puzzle is worth, and then how many you receive at the end (plus your total).
PL6- pica intro.png PL6- pica result.png

en/wifi_select_ani_b.xa/000.xi are thumbnails for each type of daily puzzle, teenage and adult Layton receiving a puzzle, and some buttons and a background.
PL6- wifi select ani b 000.png

wifi_select_bg_b01.xi in en is the background for the bottom screen when the player chooses between two kinds of furniture that Nana Grams gifts them for solving a certain amount of daily puzzles.
PL6- wifi select bg b01.png

'nazo' Folder

en/ani/n056b2.xa/000.xi are sprites from the puzzle "The Emperor's Throne". n056a.xa and n056b.xa contain sprites for Reggie's Slidy Ride (an AL puzzle), meaning that they likely- and unsurprisingly- just reskinned The Emperor's Throne.

PL6- n056b2.png

'spr' Folder

000.xi, 001.xi, and 002.xi in en/icn_gmp_o.xa are map sprites, as well as the Touch Screen for moving the magnifying glass around to look at the area.
PL6- icn gmp o 000.png PL6- icn gmp o 001.png PL6- icn gmp o 002.png

000.xi, 001.xi, and 002.xi in en/icn_htl.xaare more map sprites, the locations you can travel to in the Reunion Inn, and another magnifying glass Touch Screen.
PL6- icn htl 000.png PL6- icn htl 001.png PL6- icn htl 002.png


All of this comes from the lt6_en.fa/txt/en directory.


Folder 16 contains files 16_160010.xs - 16_160040.xs and 16_160070.xs - 16_160090.xs, which are the Japanese dialogue from Miracle Mask's 3D-animated cutscenes.


街の光が 美しいですね!

ああ 一見すると
美しくて 平和な街に見えるが…


さあね 今回の一件の依頼主である
シャロア夫人の屋敷へ 行ってみない
ことには なんとも言えないね…

このストリートを 抜けたら
夫人の屋敷が 見えてくるはずです!


教授 シャロア・レドールという
女性を 知っていますか?

ああ 昔の友人だが

手紙が 届いてますよ


あっ 先生!

シャロア なつかしい名だ…

先生 どうぞ

ありがとう ルーク


どうしたんですか 先生!


奇跡の仮面が なぜ…?


レミに レイトンじゃないか
それに チビも!


お坊ちゃまは必ず お戻りになります!




街を 消し去るというのは
街を 砂に沈めるということなの!?

街が 埋もれてしまいます!



レイトン 感謝する!


では また会おう!





Folder 81 in contains files 81_000002.xs - 81_000009.xs, which are the dialogues for the One-Stop Shop customers, and file 81_000020.xs, which are descriptions of some of the items. All of this comes from the UK version of Miracle Mask (hence the spelling of some things, such as color/colour), likely because Azran Legacy was localized by Nintendo of Europe for a change.


Morning, dear! I don't
suppose you have a <CR>Moon
Mug</CR> in stock, do you?

Oh my! That's just what I
was looking for! May I have
it wrapped?

What's this? A <CR>Gulp Cup</CR>?
What a cute little piece of
crockery! I'll take it!

Goodness, this <CR>Chirpy Pot</CR>'s
a clever bit of science, isn't
it? I can't resist!

Agnes just loves novelty
pots like this <CR>Wobbly Pot</CR>!
I'll have to get it for her.

A <CR>Slippery Saucer</CR>? Why
not? Makes it easier to
scoot cups up the table.

Hot sauce? Oh, sorry, it's
my eyesight. <CR>Hot Saucer</CR>.
Sounds useful. I'll take it!


Ooh, more <CR>yellow</CR>! Like
a ray of sunshine.

Aha! You can never have
too much <CR>red</CR> crockery.

Ah! Like they say, two <CR>cups</CR>
are better than one!

This <CR>teapot</CR> looks a treat,

What's this other <CR>saucer</CR>?

Oh, goodness! My dear, I've
done it again. Me and my
compulsive buying!

Why did you have to go and
put them in such tantalising
spots, hmm?

Still, it's my pension and my
responsibility. I'm happy.

Aha! Caught myself in the
act there. Right, I'm going
to stick with what I have.

Have a lovely day, dear!

So many delightful little
trinkets, but my pension
only goes so far.

Never mind. I'll make do
with what I have here.

Look after the pennies, and
the pounds look after


Erm... I'm looking for one
of them <CR>Anti-Compasses</CR>.
Got any?

Oh, ain't that it? Yeah,
that's the one. You gonna
give that to me?

So...what is it, a <CR>Whirly
Compass</CR>? Yeah, go on. I'll
'ave it.

<CR>Cool Glow</CR>, this one says.
Cool. Good stuff! Shove
it in the bag, would you?

<CR>Extreme Blaze</CR>... Yeah!
Sounds like my kind of
thing. Give it here!

What's this <CR>Ocean Camera</CR>
all about, then? Hmm, I'll
just buy it!

<CR>Five-Star Camera</CR>? That's
like them hotels, innit?
Yeah, go on. Into the bag.

Hold on a sec...

What's this other <CR>blue</CR>

You've got more <CR>red</CR> stuff on
sale, then?

[not used]

You've got another <CR>compass</CR>

This <CR>lantern</CR> ain't too bad

I like the look of this <CR>camera</CR>

Crikey. That's me all out of
money. Narc'll have a right
nark at me!

This is mental. How'd you
manage to squeeze all that
out of me, eh?

Well, what's done is done,
yeah? Laters.

Right, that's enough! I've
already parted with enough
hard-earned cash!

Thanks a bunch, love. Be
seeing you!

Aha! I see your little ploy.
You want me to buy both of
these, yeah?

Well it ain't going to work,
love. I've seen it all in my
line of work.

Right. I'm off!

As for coming back? I'll
think about it.


Morning! Lovely day! I'm
looking for a <CR>Witch's Song</CR>.
Do you have one?

Oh, wonderful! I've been
looking everywhere for one
of these!

You have the beautifully
melodic <CR>Fairy's Breath</CR>,
too! I have no choice!

Ah, the <CR>Goblin's Bellow</CR>
resonates with a deep
rumble. I'm sold!

Hey, diddle diddle, I see a
<CR>Magic Fiddle</CR>! And it's going
on my {''}to buy{''} list!

An <CR>Electric Canary</CR>. The
colour, the sound...
I absolutely must have it!

The <CR>Dusky Stradivarius</CR> is
what I need for my tragic
ballad! A must-buy!

This <CR>Booming Snare</CR> would
do just fine for the march
piece I'm writing!

Oh! What's this?

More <CR>purple</CR>! What
a splendid shade!

Yes, <CR>yellow</CR> instruments
certainly lift the mood.

You can't beat that classic,
rich <CR>red</CR>.

Another <CR>ocarina</CR> that speaks
to me in volumes!

While I'm here, I may as well
snap up this other <CR>violin</CR>.

[not used]

Gosh, I've cleared the
shelves, haven't I?

It's just I was so thrilled at
the thought of playing all
these instruments...

This is so embarrassing! But
thank you very much,

Phew! If I buy any more, I
won't be able to carry these
all home!

I was very impressed with
your selection. Thank you
very much!

Both of these are indeed
splendid instruments!

But no. I've bought what
I wanted. To buy more
would be extravagant.

Yes, I think I've done quite
nicely with my shopping

Thank you very much, and


I'm absolutely famished!
Where's my favourite
<CR>Cinocoberry Ring</CR>?

Ah, there it is! Just one whiff
drives my salivary glands
wild! Ho ho!

I see a delectable <CR>Lime
Glaze</CR> on display! Don't
mind if I do!

A <CR>Fiery Baguette</CR>? Oh yes!
That should put hairs on my
husband's chest!

Ahh, the <CR>Tasty Bloomer</CR> will
make the perfect hors
d'oeuvres for dinner!

<CR>Floured Farmhouse</CR>? Very
rustic. Perhaps it goes well
with a bowl of soup?

The mere idea of a <CR>Pistachio
Baguette</CR> is genius! I shall
take it!

What a scrumptious-looking
<CR>Citrus Sponge</CR>! Add that to
my list!

That <CR>Snowball Sponge</CR> looks
good, but it would look
better in my tummy!

Goodness gracious!

How marvellous! A <CR>red</CR>

More <CR>green</CR>? A unique
flavour, no doubt!

And what is this <CR>yellow</CR>
delight in front of me?

Oh! This is also wonderfully

Aha, another <CR>doughnut</CR>!
Well, delicious is as
delicious does!

Mmm, I can smell another
fresh <CR>loaf</CR>!

More <CR>cake</CR>? How could one
possibly resist?

That should keep the pantry
full until Monday!

Hmm, perhaps I bought
a tad too many? You, my
dear, are too persuasive!

Well, can't stay and chat.
I've got a palette to satiate!

That ought to fill the old
second stomach!

Why, the injustice!

Both look so tantalisingly
delicious, but I simply can't

Hmm. Maybe I should watch
the old waistline.

It pains me to admit it, but
perhaps that's best.

Thank you graciously for
this delicious experience.


Good morning! I'm after a
<CR>Whistling Dracaena</CR>. Don't
suppose you have any in?

Ah, is that one? So that's
what it looks like... I like it!
I'll have that, please.

What is it? A <CR>Flaming
Philodendron</CR>? I do like that
bright red. I'll buy it!

That's a <CR>Starry Schefflera</CR>,
isn't it? I really like those!
Can I have that, too?

A <CR>Superspineous</CR>! Those are
indestructible. Maybe I'll
take one for the office.

<CR>Floraspineous</CR> flowers are so
sweet! I think I'll put that in
my basket, too.

<CR>Rodeospineous</CR> cacti look
like they come out of an old
film. Hmm, why not?

A <CR>Heartfelt Bouquet</CR> of
red roses, hm? Maybe I can
give it to...erm...a friend.

A <CR>Celebration Bouquet</CR>?
I should take that for my
sister. She's 18 today!


Hey, this one is a nice
refreshing <CR>green</CR>, too.

Wow. That's a pretty lush
shade of <CR>red</CR>.

Hey, look at that! It's such
a lively <CR>yellow</CR>.

Ooh, this shade of <CR>purple</CR> is
really enticing.

Aha. There's another
<CR>leafy plant</CR>.

Look at the spines on this
other <CR>cactus</CR>!

Hm, the <CR>flowers</CR> in that
bouquet look nice, too.

Wow... Looks like I bought
everything up without

Well, that wasn't planned,
but this is actually a pretty
nifty shop.

My flat is going to feel nice
and refreshing with all this
greenery. Thanks!

Hmm, I think that'll do. This
should be enough to liven
things up.

Thanks a lot. Ciao!

Look at all these lovely
plants. They're so bright and

I really can't decide which
to get...

Maybe I should stop now or
my flat will look like
a jungle!


Good afternoon! Splendid
weather, eh? May I see
your range of headwear?

Aha! That <CR>Trendy Cap</CR> will
do nicely for my Saturday
morning fishing.

What an elegant <CR>Top Hat</CR>!
I could do with some new
evening wear. I'll take it.

What's this thing, then?
A <CR>Ladies' Bowler</CR>? How
droll! My wife will like it.

Look at this <CR>Retro Tie</CR>. Ahh,
it reminds me of my school
days! I'll have it!

Now this <CR>Sleek Tie</CR> is
elegance itself - ideal for
our more formal events.

Is this a <CR>Crisp Cravat</CR>? Quite
a vivid hue, but it'll do
nicely for the races. 

<CR>Smart Boots</CR>, eh? They'll go
perfectly with my new cap!
Don't mind if I do!

Ah, a nice pair of <CR>Classic
Shoes</CR>. You can never have
too many of those!

I say! These <CR>Fashionista
Boots</CR> are a step in a new
direction! Well, why not?


I say! This <CR>blue</CR> matches

<CR>Black</CR> again? That's always
in fashion.

Another item in this new
<CR>green</CR> range, hm?

Oho! A different style of <CR>hat</CR>
there, I see.

Another <CR>tie</CR>?

I'm always looking for
decent <CR>shoes</CR>...

I say! I seem to have bought
the whole lot in my fervour!

Well, no harm in that! One
always needs new clothes.

And these stylish items will
fit nicely with my wardrobe.

I shall be on my way, then.
Thank you kindly, madam.

Well, I think that will be
satisfactory for today.

My thanks, and a good day
to you, madam.

Everything here is so very

My eye is drawn to each
and every item.

But let us not get carried
away. I have purchased
what I came for.


Um, hiya, miss. How are
ya? Do you have any
little bunnies with-

Ooh! I see ya, bunnies!
You there...<CR>Podgikins</CR>?
You're just what I wanted!

Hee hee! And what's your
name? <CR>Mr B</CR>? I love your
glasses. I'll take you 'n' all!

So you're <CR>Nibbles</CR>? Come
home with me and ya can
nibble all my veggies!

Hello, <CR>Gruffer</CR>. Don't look so
grumpy, like! I'm goin' to
give ya loads of hugs.

Are you <CR>Fluffy</CR>? Hee hee,
you're propah soft and
cuddly! I can't resist ya!

Your name is <CR>Snowflake</CR>,
eh? You're so lovely and
white. You can come 'n' all!

Aw, wey aye! Are you <CR>Skitty
Cat</CR>? Don't be scared! I'll
look after ya.

Hey, <CR>Sleepy Whiskers</CR>, are
you awake? You can nap
on me pillow if ya like.

So you're <CR>Dandelion</CR>?
You're so white and puffy...
Awww, I love ya already!


Look! This one's <CR>red</CR> 'n' all!

Here's another <CR>yellow</CR> one!

Yay! More <CR>white</CR> ones!
I love them!

Look at you now! You're
best <CR>bunny</CR> friends.

I like <CR>teddies</CR> best of all, and
here's another one!

It's another <CR>kitty</CR>! Kitty, kitty,

Oops! Look, I've bought

Hee hee! What will me mam

Ta very much, miss shop
lady! Buh-bye!

Okay then. I got what
I wanted and me mam's
waitin' for me.

Cheers, miss shop lady!

They're all too cute! First
I saw that one, but now
I want this one 'n' all...

It makes me want them all!
But me mam said I had to
choose carefully...

Maybe I can come back
again some other day.

Um, excuse me, miss. Do
you have a <CR>teddy</CR> called
<CR>Fluffy</CR> here?


Hello there! Rumour has it
you've got a certain model
car I'm on the lookout for...

And as if by magic, there it
is! The <CR>Safari 4x4</CR> in all
its exotic glory. Brilliant!

A <CR>Safety 4x4</CR>, eh? Surely
that defeats the point? I like
it, though. I'll have it!

Ooh, a <CR>Cherished Classic</CR>!
Well you can't go wrong
with a classic, can you?

This <CR>Skiddy Banger</CR>'s seen
better days. Feel a bit sorry
for it, to be honest.

Hey, that's a collector's
<CR>Shining Hornet</CR>! Smashing!
That'll make me a busy bee!

A shiny blue <CR>Kingfisher</CR>! Oh,
love the colour. I think I can
dip into my wallet for this!

Aha, a <CR>Soaring Falcon</CR>! It's
got to be better than our old
nesting pigeon at any rate.

I don't know this model...
<CR>Elite Chopper</CR>, hm? Alas,
not life-size. But snazzy!

A big, blue <CR>Sightseeing
Yacht</CR>. Oh, this would look
great in my trailer...

A <CR>Pirate Brig</CR>?! Arr, me
hearties! I'll be takin' ye,
too. Shiver me timbers!

Hum tee tum...

Whew, another <CR>yellow</CR>
model? Those are pretty
hard to come by!

All right, I thought that was
a good <CR>blue</CR>, but wow,
would you look at this!

<CR>Red</CR> again? No no, I'm
not complaining at all!

Fantastic, more <CR>white</CR>
models! Now that's a bit
of style.

There's another <CR>car</CR>. You
can never have too many
of those.

It's another of those fancy
<CR>helicopters</CR>. You can't
beat a good chopper!

Hey, that's a different kind
of <CR>ship</CR>!

Hum tee tum tee... Huh?
Did I just take everything?

Whoa, my trailer's already
chock full! Where am I
going to put all these?

Not to worry, models are my
favourite thing ever! Well,
next to juggling, naturally.

All right, then. I'm off.
Cheers for that!

Well, that just about covers
it, eh? Pretty good haul.
Pret-ty good indeed.

I'd best be off, then.
Cheers for that!

Tum, tee tiddly tum, tee
too... You know, I can't
decide for the life of me.

So much choice! And the
detail on all these models?
Just superb.

I'll have to go home and
think about which best fits
my collection...


We have a customer!

These are our new

Think carefully about
how to arrange them!

Wonderful! We're all
sold out!

Recall the items?

Leave this aisle?

Go back to stocking the shelves?

You sold all the items on the
%s aisle!

These items have been added
to the catalogue!






This <CR>red apple</CR> is
a <CR>Misthallery Pippin</CR>.
You can't move it.

This <CR>green apple</CR> variety is
called <CR>Granny Jones</CR>.

<CR>Stately Pineapples</CR> are
a rare <CR>green</CR> type of

<CR>Paradise Pineapples</CR> are
a juicy, <CR>yellow</CR> type of

<CR>King Cavendish</CR> is a sweet
variety of <CR>yellow banana</CR>.

This is a <CR>Queen Plantain</CR>,
a starchy <CR>green banana</CR>.

The <CR>Moon Mug</CR> is a <CR>yellow</CR>
novelty <CR>cup</CR>. You can't
move it.

<CR>Gulp Cups</CR> are <CR>red cups</CR>
that are perfect for super-
strong tea.

The <CR>Chirpy Pot</CR> is a sturdy
<CR>teapot</CR> with a <CR>yellow</CR> glaze.

This is a <CR>Wobbly Pot</CR>. We
stock this <CR>teapot</CR> in <CR>red</CR>.

<CR>Slippery Saucers</CR> are our
most popular <CR>yellow

This <CR>red saucer</CR> heats up,
hence the name <CR>Hot

This <CR>blue compass</CR> is an
<CR>Anti-Compass</CR>. You can't
move it.

The <CR>Whirly Compass</CR> is
a trick <CR>compass</CR> that we
stock in <CR>red</CR>.

The <CR>Cool Glow</CR> is a <CR>lantern</CR>
with a chill <CR>blue</CR> flame.

The <CR>Extreme Blaze</CR> is
a <CR>lantern</CR> with a roaring
<CR>red</CR> glow.

The <CR>Ocean Camera</CR> is
a <CR>camera</CR> with an aquatic
<CR>blue</CR> casing.

The <CR>Five-Star Camera</CR> is
a deluxe <CR>camera</CR> stocked
in <CR>green</CR>.

The <CR>Witch's Song</CR> is
a <CR>purple ocarina</CR>. You
can't move it.

The <CR>Fairy's Breath</CR> is
a cheerful <CR>ocarina</CR> sold in

The <CR>Goblin's Bellow</CR> is an
<CR>ocarina</CR> that we stock in
a fierce <CR>red</CR>.

The <CR>Magic Fiddle</CR> is a
<CR>purple violin</CR> bursting with

The <CR>Electric Canary</CR> is
a <CR>violin</CR> with a radiant
<CR>yellow</CR> finish.

This sunburst <CR>red violin</CR>
is the <CR>Dusky Stradivarius</CR>.

The <CR>Booming Snare</CR> is
a <CR>drum</CR> with a <CR>red</CR> shell.

The <CR>Cinocoberry Ring</CR> is
a <CR>red doughnut</CR>. You can't
move it.

The <CR>Lime Glaze</CR> is
a <CR>doughnut</CR> with <CR>green</CR>

The <CR>Fiery Baguette</CR> is a <CR>red
loaf</CR> packed with chillies.

The <CR>Tasty Bloomer</CR> is
a light, gently baked <CR>yellow

This snowy <CR>white loaf</CR> is
the <CR>Floured Farmhouse</CR>.

The <CR>green Pistachio
Baguette</CR> is a crunchy <CR>loaf</CR>.

The <CR>Citrus Sponge</CR> is
a light and sweet <CR>yellow

This moreish <CR>white cake</CR> is
a <CR>Snowball Sponge</CR>.

<CR>Whistling Dracaena</CR>.
A <CR>green leafy plant</CR>. You
can't move it.

This <CR>red leafy plant</CR> is
a <CR>Flaming Philodendron</CR>.

The <CR>Starry Schefflera</CR> is
a <CR>yellow leafy plant</CR>.

This <CR>green cactus</CR> is the
<CR>Superspineous</CR>. Tough as
a barrel!

The <CR>Floraspineous</CR> is an
ornamental <CR>purple cactus</CR>.

The <CR>Rodeospineous</CR> is
a wild and vibrant <CR>yellow

These beautiful <CR>red flowers</CR>
make up the <CR>Heartfelt

The <CR>Celebration Bouquet</CR> is
made up of <CR>purple flowers</CR>.

This <CR>blue hat</CR> is the <CR>Trendy
Cap</CR>. You can't move it.

The <CR>Top Hat</CR> is ideal when
you need a classy <CR>hat</CR> in

The <CR>Ladies' Bowler</CR> is
a suave <CR>green hat</CR>.

The <CR>Retro Tie</CR> is a casual
<CR>blue tie</CR>.

The <CR>Sleek Tie</CR> is <CR>black</CR>.
A perfect <CR>tie</CR> for any

The <CR>green</CR> of this <CR>Crisp
Cravat</CR> makes it quite
an eccentric <CR>tie</CR>.

These <CR>Smart Boots</CR> are a
sturdy pair of <CR>blue shoes</CR>.

The <CR>Classic Shoes</CR> are
a no-nonsense pair of
<CR>black shoes</CR>.

The <CR>Fashionista Boots</CR> are
a striking pair of <CR>green

This is <CR>Podgikins</CR>, the cute
<CR>red bunny</CR>. You can't move

This is <CR>Mr B</CR>. <CR>Yellow</CR> and
stylish, this is one
laid-back <CR>bunny</CR>.

This is <CR>Nibbles</CR>. This <CR>white
bunny</CR> loves to munch!

The <CR>red teddy</CR>'s name is
<CR>Gruffer</CR>. He doesn't look

This is <CR>Fluffy</CR>, a darling
<CR>yellow teddy</CR> who just
loves a hug!

<CR>Snowflake</CR> the <CR>teddy</CR>'s fur
is so <CR>white</CR>, he's almost
invisible in snow.

This is <CR>Skitty Cat</CR>, a jittery
<CR>red kitty</CR>.

<CR>Sleepy Whiskers</CR> is
a <CR>yellow kitty</CR> who purrs as
she dozes.

This <CR>white kitty</CR> is called
<CR>Dandelion</CR>. Give him a

The <CR>Safari 4x4</CR> is a tough
<CR>yellow car</CR>. You can't
move it.

This <CR>Safety 4x4</CR> is a
slow-moving <CR>blue car</CR>.

This vintage <CR>red car</CR> is the
<CR>Cherished Classic</CR>.

The <CR>Skiddy Banger</CR> is an
old <CR>white car</CR>, but still a
lot of fun!

The <CR>Shining Hornet</CR> is
a flashy <CR>yellow helicopter</CR>.

The <CR>Kingfisher</CR> is
a <CR>helicopter</CR> painted in
a striking <CR>blue</CR>.

The <CR>Soaring Falcon</CR> is
a fast and agile <CR>red

This high-tech <CR>white
helicopter</CR> is known as the
<CR>Elite Chopper</CR>.

The <CR>Sightseeing Yacht</CR> is
a grand <CR>blue ship<CR>.

The <CR>Pirate Brig</CR> is a mighty
<CR>white ship</CR> fitted with

A <CR>Stylish Milk Jug</CR> made of
<CR>white china</CR>. You can't
move it.

The <CR>Elegant Coffee Pot</CR> is
made from <CR>yellow china</CR>.

The <CR>Genteel Sugar Bowl</CR> is
a decorative piece of <CR>red

We call this <CR>yellow clock</CR>
the <CR>Demanding Clock</CR>. It
requires a lot of attention.

The <CR>Creaky Clock</CR> is an
old, old <CR>red clock</CR> that
needs oiling.

This is the <CR>Graceful Clock</CR>,
a pleasingly silent <CR>purple

The <CR>Dusty Tome</CR> is a <CR>red
book</CR> full of intrigue.

This <CR>purple book</CR>, the
<CR>Heavy Manuscript</CR>, tells an
exciting tale.

<CR>Le D{'e}sir</CR> is a <CR>painting</CR>
bursting with passionate

<CR>Irissen in de Sneeuw</CR>,
a <CR>painting</CR>, portrays despair
using <CR>purple</CR>.