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Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

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Title Screen

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Also known as: Layton Kyouju to Choubunmei A no Isan (JP), Professor Layton und das Vermächtnis von Aslant (GER), El Profesor Layton y el legado de los Ashalanti (SPA), Professeur Layton et l'héritage des Aslantes (FR), Il Professor Layton e l'eredità degli Aslant (ITA), Professor Layton en de Erfenis van de Azran (NL)
Developers: Level-5
Publishers: Level-5 (JP), Nintendo (US/EU)
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: February 28, 2013
Released in US: February 28, 2014
Released in EU: November 8, 2013
Released in AU: November 9, 2013

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • Document more of the regional differences, especially with the puzzles.
  • Find a way to trigger the "test" .xq files.
  • Likewise, a 'test map' exists in the data. Access it and record footage.
  • Look to see if anything regarding the chocolate and Inazuma puzzles can be triggered in non-Japanese versions.
  • Does Choubunmei A no Isan have any other unused content that was removed in overseas versions? And do the European versions have anything removed in the North American copies?
  • Search through the graphics for the puzzles for more stuff.
  • Check all of the characters' animations.
  • There's some debug material in the files. Is there any kind of debug menu, or are these all leftovers?
  • There's text that appears to be for when a player inputs a vulgar/offensive name for their save file, although the game doesn't seem to react to any common swears typed in. What word(s) trigger it, if any?
  • Maybe organize the sections a little bit more? If the page needs it.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is a game that sets an example of why rushing to get your core series over with already really isn't a good idea. It's also the final Layton game centering around the professor's adventures in general, as the torch would later be passed on to his daughter Katrielle.

Warning! This page contains a couple of small spoilers.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
PL6- win item 000 LaytonSprites.png
Miracle Mask Leftovers
Someone's done quite a puzzlingly poor cleanup job.
PL6- UKDemoThankYou.png
UK Kiosk Demo

Unused Graphics

PL6- UnusedBackLayton.png
Unused Puzzle Graphics
Sprites for puzzles and placeholder backgrounds.

Profile Thumbnails

Two different thumbnails for the characters Aurora and Romilda are in lt6_en.fa/menu/en/s_chr_ani_b.xa/001.xi. When clicking on their profiles in the game's bonuses, you can switch between the art/models of their two different outfits. It's possible there were supposed to be separate profiles for them in those styles.

ProfessorLayton6- Unused Aurora Thumbnail.png ProfessorLayton6- Unused Romilda Thumbnail.png

This notion is further evidenced by the existence of s_chr_ani_c210.xa and s_chr_ani_c658.xa, which contain separate 2D profile illustrations for Aurora's casual clothes and Romilda's wedding dress respectively. When a character has two different illustrations they switch between, they're normally kept within the same graphic file, which is the case for the both of them (meaning the files with the separate sprites are overall unused).

In addition, there's also one of a human silhouette with a question mark over it in 002.xi, which is likely a placeholder. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask has a similar graphic as well.

PL6- Question Mark Profile.png


cesa_a.xi and cesa_b.xi are graphics for a translated version of the warning that shows up in Choubunmei A no Isan, telling the player not to illegally distribute the game over the internet. For some reason, the top screen is missing the 'D' in 'distributing'.

PL6- cesa a.png
PL6- cesa b.png


vlm_old.xa has exactly as described. Final graphic for comparison.

Old Final
PL6- vlm old.png PL6- vlm ttl.png PL6- vlm cmn.png

Temporary Graphic

An image with "仮", or 'temporary', on it. This appears multiple times in files for Daily Puzzles that have less than 4 pictures included in their instructions. This graphic is also present in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

PL6- temporary.png

Demo Leftovers

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: trial_thank_a.xi doesn't seem to show up in any footage or photos from Tokyo Game Show. Is it from another demo? It wouldn't be the UK kiosk one, as that has a different thank-you screen. Perhaps even the demo had unused content?
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

From the Tokyo Game Show 2012 Demo.

Some text is stored in the same file as the title screen that reads, "trial version".

PL6- Trial Version Text.png

000.xi in trial_a.xa is the Japanese title with "乞うご期待!" or "Stay tuned!" under it, which would show when the trial's time limit was up.

PL6- trial a 000.png

lt6_try.xi is a message shown at the beginning, warning that because the game is a shortened trial, some parts may be different.

PL6- lt6 try.png

trial_thank_a.xi and trial_thank_b.xi are graphics for the top and bottom screens, which thank you for playing.

PL6- trial thank a.png
PL6- trial thank b.png

Unused Models

Dummy-kun 3D

To do:
Get a good looping gif of his animation.

c901.xc in lt6_b.fa/chr is everyone's favorite 'Dummy-kun' character! ...As usual. Although now, he actually has eyes.

PL6- c901Dummykun3D.png

Chairo Obscuro Masked Gentleman

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Is this unused in ALL versions, or just the North American one?

lt6_b.fa/nkl/cmn/chr/d04_11a.xc and d04_11b.xc are a little cube statue of the Masked Gentleman for the Daily Puzzle 'Chairo Obscuro'. The files for the other statues' models go all the way up to 20, but given that the puzzle with the Masked Gentleman was scrapped, that's probably why the max number of Chairo Obscuro puzzles is 19 instead.

Demo Models

lt6_en.fa/nazo/chr/n084t_01.xc and n084t_02.xc are models of Macaw, Robin, and Plover from the version of 'A Troublesome Tent' included in the Tokyo Game Show 2012 demo. In the final game, they are replaced by two Puzzle Lads and a Puzzle Lass.

Unused Text


To do:
I think some, if not all, of these can actually still be seen in-game. If they 100% can, get them to work and record a video.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

lt6_en.fa/txt/en/00 contains 5 different files of Japanese text, all seemingly used for different kinds of tests.

00_000000.xs is for a motion test of sorts.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton


Good day.

This is a test event.

ヒゲマフラー Stachenscarfen


Test event...?

What is that?


キャラクターのモーションを チェックするために使(つか)うわけです。


キャラクターのモーションを チェックするために使(つか)うわけです。


キャラクターのモーションを チェックするために使(つか)うわけです。

00_000001.xs appears to be a sample event featuring Layton, Emmy, and Luke.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>汎用(はんよう)イベントのサンプルだよ。 This is a sample of a general-purpose event.
レミ Emmy


If you copy and paste this script,

you can move the event!

ルーク Luke

会話(かいわ)や、(あし)()めイベントに使(つか)われます。 没個性的(ぼつこせいてき)な、(あつか)いやすいイベントタイプです。

00_000002.xs seems to be for another form of event testing.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>ビットフラグイベントのサンプルだよ。 This is a sample of a bit flag event.
レミ Emmy

度目(どめ)以降(いこう)会話(かいわ)セリフを()()えたいときは コレがを使(つか)えばいいんですね!

ルーク Luke

設定(せってい)しておかないと(ただ)しく(うご)きません。 フラグがたたないって、そういうことです。



00_000003.xs is a test for puzzle events.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton


レミ Emmy

イベント定義(ていぎ)出題(しゅつだい)するナゾを設定(せってい)しないと ダメみたいですね。

ルーク Luke

「ナゾ解明(かいめい)」「解明(かいめい)以降(いこう)」の4パターンの テキストを用意(ようい)しないといけません。


このテキストが表示(ひょうじ)されるんだ。 開始(かいし)演出(えんしゅつ)暗転(あんてん)になるよ。







And 00_000004.xs is for a counter event.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>カウンターイベントのサンプルだよ。 This is a sample of a counter event.
レミ Emmy


ルーク Luke


<T>二度目(にどめ)のテキストさ。 The second text.
<T>三度目(さんどめ)のテキストさ。 The third text.
<T>四度目(よんどめ)のテキストさ。 The fourth text.

カウンターイベントの種類(しゅるい)()えれば さらに(おお)くの回数(かいすう)設定(せってい)できるよ。

<T>(かり) Temporary


In almost every subfolder for the text, there's a 00_000000.xs file (and/or a variant of it with the folder's number at the start, such as 04_000000.xs), which is a dialogue of Layton saying "test" in Japanese.

Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>テスト <T>Test

In addition, subfolders 04, 09, 10, 11, and 83 have either an extra line added to theirs or a different piece of test text. The one from 04 states that the setting will be Phong Gi (called 'Musloch'(?) in Japanese); the one from 09 features Aurora asking about after-sales; the one from 10, like 04, sets the location in Froenborg (called 'Snowla' in Japanese); the one from 11 mentions that it's the final chapter; and the one from 83 says that it's a test for the airship minigame.


Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>テスト <T>Test
<T>ここはムスロッホになる予定(よてい)だよ。 <T>This is going to be Musloch.


Text Translation
アリーア Aurora
<T>アフター不要(ふよう) <T>No after-sales service required?


Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>テスト <T>Test
スノーラだよー It's Snowla


Text Translation
レイトン Layton
<T>テスト <T>Test
<T>最終章(さいしゅうしょう)だよー <T>It's the final chapter


Text Translation
飛行船(ひこうせん)モードテスト Airship mode test

Unused Audio

Japanese Bronev Puzzle Dialogue

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: Bronev tends to use metaphors/sayings often in the Japanese version, and this has some, so there should be context for what each means under the direct translations.

In Choubunmei A no Isan, there's a handful of audio files between the puzzle dialogue for Descole and Aurora. These appear to belong to Leon Bronev, although he does not solve any puzzles himself and at the most participates in the coin game in Chapter 5. These files do not exist in overseas versions either, as the filenames jump straight from EVS_255.dspadpcm.bcstm to EVS_290.dspadpcm.bcstm (Descole to Aurora). The dialogue in EVS_270.dspadpcm.bcstm and EVS_271.dspadpcm.bcstm is spoken during the airship minigame at the beginning, although they have a sound filter laid over them and the files for those are already present as EVT_83_001000_0800.dspadpcm.bcstm and EVT_83_001000_0810.dspadpcm.bctsm.

EVS_260, EVS_261, EVS_270, EVS_271, EVS_280, EVS_281 Japanese Transcription English
ふん、話にならんな。 (Direct translation)

[Note- "話にならんな" (hanashi ni naran na) is a phrase that means the subject is either not worth talking about or out of the question, or that it's pointless/a waste of time.]
(chuckle) You're wasting your time. (Localized)

この程度で私は止められん。 (Direct translation)

There's more where that came from. (Localized)


Unfortunately, he has no puzzle-judging models or animations to go along with these.

(Source: BirdGuts)

Unused Puzzles

Within lt6_a.fa/res/naz/seq, there are .xq files (containing code) for puzzles numbered 169 - 175. There are only assets for puzzles up to 168 in the other two archives, meaning these are never used. It's not a major loss though, as the files are fairly empty and contain no code for things like animation(s), input(s), objects, etc.



	$v0 = sub11(1<1>)






Regional Differences

Secret Room

PL6- Question Mark Profile.png
Japanese-Exclusive Secret Nazotoki Room
Chocolates and soccer and puzzles-- oh my!

Title Screen

Japan North America
PL6- TitleJPN.png PL&tAL- Title screen.png
United Kingdom Germany
PL6- TitleUK.png PL6- TitleGER.png
Spain France
PL6- TitleSPA.png PL6- TitleFRA.png
Italy Netherlands
PL6- TitleITA.png PL6- TitleNE.png


Hazel's Gender

In the Italian version of Azran Legacy- Il Professor Layton e l'eredità degli Aslant- the gender of Hazel the squirrel was changed from female to male. Her (his?) Italian name is Guscio, and Italian words and names generally end in -o or -i if they're masculine. Her character profile also uses 'vederlo', roughly meaning 'see him' (the feminine form is 'vederla', i.e. 'see her').

Sage Sheppard's Clothes

In the original Japanese version, Sage Sheppard's clothes are white instead of blue, to resemble traditional pope clothing. All overseas copies of the game change this, likely to avoid possible connections between the religious leader of Hoogland and any real-world equivalents.

Japan International
PL6- SageJPN.png PL6- SageINT.png

Character Names

As is the same with all Layton games, multiple of the characters have different names across regions.

Japanese English (NA) German Spanish French Italian Dutch

(Foster Sahaiman)

Desmond Sycamore Desmond Locklair Desmond Sycamor Desmond Sycamore Desmond Sycamore Desmond Sycamore


Aurora Aurora Aurora Gaïa Aurora Aurora

(Broneph Reinel)

Leon Bronev Leon Bronev Leon Bronev Léon Bronev Leon Bronev Leon Bronev

(Ronald Bluemile)

Leonard Bloom Leonard Bloom Leonard Bloom Léonard Bloom Leonard Bloom

(Also mistakenly[?] called Ralph Bloom)

Leonard Bloom


Roland Roland Roland Roland Arthur Roland


Granny Riddleton Oma Enygma Yaya Enigmina Mamie Mystère Nonna Enigma Oma Riddleton


Keats Kietz Felimino Keats Oscar Keats


Aldus Aldus Aldo Aldus Aldus Aldus


Prima Mona Danica Prima Prima Prima


Harald Sören Harald Harald Harald Harald


Donna Lisa Elsa Donna Donna Donna


Mascha Gunda Mascha Mascha Marna Mascha


Georg Weinard Georg Georg Bjorn Georg


Mackintosh Mackintosh Trenko Humpert Mackintosh Mackintosh


Solveig Marit Anekke Solveig Solveig Solveig


Erik Ulf Erik Erik Lasse Erik


Hazel Hasel Pelusilla Noisette Guscio Hazel


Igor Devin Igor Crok Vanya Igor


Sonya Gwen Sonya Sonia Sonya Sonya


Moos Murray Moos Cormac Moos Moos


Larisa Lizzie Larisa Lizzy Larissa Larisa


Karpin Salmont Karpin Alvin Dolfyn Karpin


Boris Norman Boris Duncan Boris Boris


Dariya Kolum Edith Quickly Dariya Janet Darya Dariya


Pavlova Gelatina Pavlova Charlotte Pavlova Pavlova


Charmichael Dellmont Charmichael Carmichael Carmichael Carmichael

(President Delmona)

Dean Delmona Dekan Delmona Decano Delmann Doyen Delmona Rettore Stone Decaan Delmona


Tommy Terry Tommy Sterne Tommy Tommy


Morel Hallimasch Boletus Chef Coprin Morchel Moriel


Chestnut Maron Bispori Agaric Pioppino Karbol


Amanita Morchella Amanita Amanita Amanita Amanita


Blewitt Reizker Lileto Golmott Shitake Mico


Chanterelle Portabella Fungelia Chanterelle Finferla Portabella


Button Trüffel Champi Lépiote Champignon Truffie


Lepidella Bovista Micoria Morille Lepidella Rusulla


Bud Bud Bud Bud Bud Bud


Javier Javier Joáo Javier Javier Javier


Benny Benni Pascual Pompon Paquito Benni


Martine Aurélie Martine Gretchen Martine Martine


Barbara Carmen Bess Barbara Barbara Barbara


Ruby Eleanor Ruby Vermeille Ruby Ruby


Scarlett Elisabeth Scarlett Ruby Scarlett Scarlett


Flint Flint Flint Colt Colt Flint

(Red Wolf)

Old Red El Rojo Colmillo Rojo

(Red Fang)

Griffe Rousse

(Red Claw)

Old Red Old Red


Jesse Winchester Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse


Derringer Derringer Derringer Derringer Derringer Derringer


Julien Julian Julieto Julien Francis Julien


Romilda Romy Romieta Romilda Paula Romilda

(Boxy Simpsan)

Sage Sheppard Alois Ceremonius Sheppard Saggio Calvin Priester Theophilus


Piet Piet Piet Pieter Peter Piet


Felicia Dörte Lanosa Bella Casimira Wolly


Rik Joachim Joachim Joachim Joachim Joachim


Beatrix Beatrix Beatrix Beatrix Beatrix Beatrix


Umid Umid Umid Amid Umid Umid


Banu Layla Banu Banu Banu Banu


Dana Nasrin Dana Bana Dana Dana


Temir Arid Temir Temir Temir Temir


Nassir Babak Babak Babak Babak Babak


Adler Greif Avizor Phoenn Igol Adler


Robin Sperling



(Combines with his partner, Tort, to form "Tortolito" [Lovebirds])




(Tawny owl)





Macaw Specht



(Combines with his partner, Olito, to form 'Tortolito' [Lovebirds])









Plover Geier












Grouse Flamingo Buitron


Martin Gazza






Gannet Kolibri









(From Buulbuul [Bulbul])



Swift Albatros









(From Ekster [Magpie])



Stachenscarfen Schnurrbert Bigout Stachenscarfen Foltbaffen Stachenscarfen


Romie Wandersen Romie Bruce Romy Romie


Edgar Pennick Gallin Edgar Edgar Edgar

(Lacey Reinel)

Rachel Bronev Rachel Bronev Rachel Bronev Rachel Bronev Rachel Bronev Rachel Bronev
US and EU
Benny Benni
Rik Joachim
Nassir Babak
Robin Bishop
Macaw Rook


Puzzle #012- Squirrel Snacks

The Japanese version has a little 'g' (for grams) by the weight counter. Other versions remove this...for some reason.

Japan International
PL6- Puzzle12JPN.png PL6- Puzzle12INT.png

Puzzle #023- Choc-Full

In the original Japanese version, puzzle #023 is about six apprentices working to cut fruit at a fruitcake shop. One boasts that because of their cutting, the fruitcake is full of 'S'. The task is to figure out which apprentice cutting what fruit made the claim. In the localized versions, the player has to give chocolates to characters in a specific order. This was actually adapted from a puzzle originally used for the region-locked Secret Nazotoki Room, which would have been given to the player when they entered a password from promotional chocolates.

Japan (フルーツのS/Fruit no S) International (Choc-Full)
正解! Choc-tacular!

Why the original was replaced is a mystery-- especially since it would have worked perfectly fine in most other languages.

Development Text

Error Strings

code.bin has some generic MobiClip error messages.

Location Text
0x002C40AC MoLive::Allocator: not enough memory to allocate %d bytes !!!
0x002C40EC Found stream index %d but this stream is already present (duplicate?)
0x002C4138 error: synchronized fixe packet size reader returned a packet with an unexpected size (%d != %d)
0x002C419C error: synchronized variable packet size reader returned a packet with an unexpected size (%d > %d)
0x002C4204 MoLive::Allocator: not enough memory to allocate %d bytes !!!

Airship Minigame

as_s0000_cfg.xs and as_s0000_trigger.xs in lt6_b.fa/mini appear to be configuration and triggering scripts for the beginning minigame where you shoot down Targent's missiles and drones, and contain the date and time they were last modified, as well as the name of the developer who originally worked on them. Both have the same text.

2012/08/06 15:43:32

Takesada Takaharu

as_m0000_cfg.xs and as_m0000_trigger.xs in lt6_en.fa/mini/en are for the same minigame, but have a different date/time and developer.

2013/06/06 11:49:15

Kuranari Kazuya

And in the Japanese version only, the as_m0000_cfg.xs and as_m0000_trigger.xs files have another date and person attributed to them.

2013/01/15 22:49:37

Adachi Keiji

Internal Name

lt6, according to archive and file names. This stands for Layton 6, denoting that it's the 6th game in the core Professor Layton saga.


In the "Voices" bonus, each character has up to five icons to show which spoken line(s) belongs to who, and a majority of them have different facial expressions to match what they're saying. In Bronev's case, they show him without sunglasses to signify that the line was spoken after he had taken them off in Chapter 5. In the graphic file, four of Bronev's icons depict him with sunglasses and one doesn't, as opposed to the three with and two without in-game. It's possible that there was originally going to be four lines either from before Chapter 5 or just before he takes the glasses off, and then one from after.

Graphic File In-game
ProfessorLayton6- Voice Icons (Texture File).png ProfessorLayton6- Voice Icons (In-game).png