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Proto:Arcus Spirits

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Arcus Spirits.



Hit Points

The starting HP for each character was reduced by one.

US Proto JP Final
Jedda 5 4
Erin 6 5
Diane 5 4
Bead 4 3


US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-WolfTeam-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Sammy-Final.png

The prototype displays a Wolf Team logo screen on boot-up, which was replaced with a Sammy one.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Intro1-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Intro1-Final.png

The landscape in the beginning is much more vibrant in the final release. The prototype uses brown clouds, like in the original Genesis and X68000 versions, which were completely redrawn using shades of pink.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-IntroFire-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-IntroFire-Final.png

The animation of the fire cast on the town below was also completely redone.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Intro2-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Intro2-Final.png

More palette changes.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Intro3-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Intro3-Final.png

The sepia-toned freeze frame was altered — the prototype again closer resembling the original games.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Intro4-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Intro4-Final.png

Yet more palette changes. Some flashing orbs were added behind Castomira, which actually were in the original games.

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Intro5-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Intro5-Final.png

Another slight palette change to the cinematic scene where Leaty and Castomira's magic clashes.

Title Screen

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Title-Proto.png Arcus Spirits-title.png

The title logo was completely redrawn to be smaller for some reason. The US prototype lacks any copyright information.

Password Screen

US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-PassFire-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-PassFire-Final.png

The blue flame in the center of the hexagram was completely redrawn. Note the stray pixel in the top-left corner of the first frame in the prototype.


US Proto Japan Final
ArcusSpirits-Map-Proto.png ArcusSpirits-Map-Final.png

The map screen got a significant color boost, going from 15 unique colors to 65. The palette in the prototype is again closer to the original game.


ArcusSpirits-StaffGraphics-Final.png ArcusSpirits-StaffThanks-Final.png

These two screens are missing from the staff roll in the prototype.