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Proto:Ballz (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Ballz (SNES).

Early Prototype

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Released by Hidden Palace on January 1, 2022.

General Differences

Proto Final
Ballz3D PFMagic Proto.png Ballz3D PFMagic Final.png

The words on the PF Magic screen are smaller.

Proto Final
Ballz3D JesterLogo Proto.png Ballz3D JesterLogo Final.png

The Jester appears much closer to the screen in the prototype.

Proto Final
Ballz3D JesterIntro Proto.png Ballz3D JesterIntro Final.png
  • The opening cutscene with the Jester is broken: He is in the wrong place, dies, and the screen becomes garbled.
  • The ground is different.
Proto Final
Ballz3D Proto Title.png Ballz3d-snes-title.png

The title screen resembles the Genesis title screen.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Proto Options.png Ballz3D Options Final.png

The options menu background is garbled.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Kronk Proto.png Ballz3d-kronk-us.png
  • Every character is unlocked from the start.
  • The "Select Your Fighter" screen is less readable in the prototype.

Character Differences

The characters look more like their Genesis counterparts, and the playable bosses use their normal palette instead of their alt palette (also like the Genesis version).


Proto Final
Ballz3D Bruiser Proto.png Ballz3d-bruiser-us.png

Bruiser uses a different shade of blue.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Turbo Proto.png Ballz3D Turbo Final.png

Turbo uses a different shade of blue.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Lamprey Proto.png Ballz3D Lamprey Final.png

Lamprey was changed from blue and yellow to purple and green.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Guggler Proto.png Ballz3D Guggler Final.png

Guggler's legs are a slightly different shade of pink.

Proto Final
Ballz3D T-Wrecks.png Ballz3D BabyRex.png

Baby Rex is green and uses his Genesis name of "T-Wrecks". The name was probably changed in the final due to his being smaller than in the Genesis version.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Bounder Proto.png Ballz3D Bounder Final.png

Bounder is a different shade of brown.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Jester Proto.png Ballz3D Jester Final.png

The Jester appears more red than blue.

Lamprey's Transformations as Selectable Characters

Characters that are part of Lamprey's transformations were selectable individually on the character select screen. They still exist in the final game, albeit unused.

In addition to this, their color palettes are different from the final game.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Proto ElBallz.png Ballz3D ElBallz Final.png

El Ballz was a different shade of brown and had grey hooves.

Proto Final
Ballz3D Proto ByteViper.png Ballz3D ByteViper Final.png

Byte Viper's body has a red and grey color palette, with a grey tail.

Music Differences

Title Screen

Proto Final

The infamous title screen theme uses different samples, and sounds closer to the Genesis version.

Fight Music #1

Proto Final

Percussion lacking snare.

Fight Music #4

Proto Final

Percussion lacking snare.

Japanese Sample

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Released by Matthew Callis on April 30, 2016.


Proto Final
3 Jigen Kakutou Ballz (Japan) (Sample) title.png 3-jigen Kakutou Ballz (Japan) title.png
  • The title screen lacks the Options...er, option.
  • The One Player option is not selectable, therefore it defaults to Free Play.