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Proto:Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Windows)/Build 253

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Windows).

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
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Add info about gamemodes Tag and Acquisition.

Add subtitles from various cut missions.

Add information about ac130 and ammo hardpoints.

Add video and screenshots for all maps in build.

Add more information about certain cut missions such as cobra_down_a and b.

Add information about search and destroy rally points.

Add information about mp_background

Add information about stock gamemodes.

Unused Audio
Cut dialogue and sound effects


Narrative changes

  • Captain Price looks to have been used as a placeholder in the American campaign. He is seen in USMC gear in The Bog with a different voice actor. He was replaced with Lt. Vasquez in the final version of the mission.
  • In this build, training occurred with the USMC instead of the SAS, in a similar environment to Modern Warfare 2's SSDD. The training mission was only removed late in development, sometime between builds 290 and 328. This was probably after Carver's story arc was removed.
  • Crew Expendable was originally intended to be the final mission of the game. The mission would have involved a speedboat chase and a final fight on a beach. This eventually became MW2's final mission "Endgame". According to developers, this mission was very difficult to place, with the cutting of one particular mission (which was not named) permitting it to be moved to the beginning of the game.
  • Al-Asad originally had a larger role in the game, rather than being demoted to a secondary antagonist in favour of Zakhaev.

(Source: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - Developer Walkthrough 'Crew Expendable')

Cut multiplayer maps

Originally, a few maps would have had night variants. They are virtually identical to their day counterparts, apart from lighting, and were cut from the final game.

Citystreets Night

The night variant of Citystreets, known in the final game as District, is featured in this build.


Dusk was to be a remake of Dawnville, but was cut from the final game. It is featured in this build.


Hill was to be a map based on the campaign mission Heat, and features in this build. Unless the map was planned to be huge - it's likely the developers just imported the whole map from Heat and intended to cut it down at a later time.

Overgrown Night

The night variant of Overgrown is featured in this build.

Strike Night

The night variant of Strike is featured in this build.

Current state of multiplayer maps in final game

There are 8 maps in the final game included in the build(not including the night ones)

Most of the radars seem to be taken from previous builds.









Cut gamemodes

(information about these is in discussion - remove when summary's are completed)


Objective: Score points by being "it"; kill the "it" player to become "it"

Map ends: When one player reaches the score limit, or time limit is reached

Respawning: No wait / Away from other players


Objective: Score points by holding onto the flag

Map ends: When one player reaches the score limit, or time limit is reached

Respawning: No wait / Away from other players

Level select


This menu contains levels that were still planned to feature in the final product. (while other levels are accessible - they were cut and presumably being used for assets)

Mission name Reported build date Notes
Kleenex Training 2nd March 2007 Possibly a jab at the new recruit like FNG? (Fucking New Guy)
Cargoship 2nd March 2007
Coup 14th February 2007
Armada 9th March 2007 In the final game, Hunted takes place immediately after The Coup instead.
Bog_a 6th March 2007
Bog_b 9th March 2007 In the final game, this mission follows Death From Above (ac130).
Aftermath 18th December 2006 Occurs after Shock and Awe (airlift) in the final game, which does not feature in this build. Confirms that the build date seen in the final game is a typo.
Scout Sniper 6th March 2007 Occurs between Safehouse (village_assault) and Heat (village_defend) in the final game.
Sniper Escape 12th March 2007
Zipline 8th March 2007 Early version of Blackout occurring much later in the story.
Ambush 14th December 2006 Occurs between Heat and Ultimatum (ICBM) in the final game.
Hunted 5th March 2007 Occurs way earlier in the story in the final game.
AC130 7th March 2007
Village_assault 7th March 2007
Village_defend 8th March 2007
School 9th March 2007
ICBM 8th March 2007
Launch Facility A 11th March 2007
Launch Facility B 9th March 2007
Jeepride 23rd February 2007
Airplane 1st February 2007


Mission name Reported build date Notes
vehicledamage 13th March 2007
Bog_a 6th March 2007
Firing Range: Non-assault rifles 20th March 2007


Mission name Reported build date Notes
Pilot Cobra Day 16th November 2006
Pilot Cobra Night 16th November 2006
Swat 4th December 2006
Firing Range: Assault Rifles 30th January 2007
Firing Range: Non-Assault Rifles 31st January 2007
Interior Concept 19th January 2007
Javelin Weapon Test 16th January 2007
Javelin Weapon Test Night 16th January 2007
MenuTest 30th August 2006
Dog AI 6th February 2007


MenuTest shows an earlier version of the campaign menu. Instead of a static image as in the final game. The background is instead fully animated (not pre-rendered from the looks of it), with the camera panning around a war-torn city that resembles the map Crossfire. The menu is dated August 30, 2006, so predates even build 114. The MenuTest contains an early level select that reports the completeness of each level at this point in development. Levels without a corresponding FastFile, such as Seaknight Assault and Designated Marksman, can be selected here but obviously cannot load.

Name Developer notes Comments
CQB Test 1st pass This is Embassy/Immediate Action.
Bunker 1st pass This is Descent
Aftermath 100% initial geo
Chechnya Escape 40% initial geo
Marksman 25% scripted
Seaknight Defend Prototype Level, 30% scripted
Wetwork 100% initial geo
Cargoship 10% scripted
Bog 35% scripted
Training 5% scripted
AC130 30%
Seaknight Assault Initial geo in progress
Pilot Cobra Initial geo in progress

Status of missions in the final game

Most of the missions present in the final game are present in this build. Though as there was still a fair amount of time before the game released, it can be expected that most of these levels are substantially incomplete, and this is the case.

Crew Expendable (cargoship)

  • The mission text at the beginning identifies this level as "Wet Work". The rest is assumedly placeholder text - as the playable character is identified as PFC Michael Carver and the squad as the 7th Rangers. This is probably because of the fact that the developers struggled to place this mission in the game.
  • The introduction sequence has complete motion capture and has no discernible differences from the final game.
  • There is no intel by the sleeping guards.
  • Once the player kills the sleeping guards, and goes outside, the AI is scripted to move across the deck. The scripted portion of the mission then ends right before the second breach.
  • If the player noclips, they will find that the interior is complete with no discernible differences from the final product.

Charlie Don't Surf (armada)

The Bog (bog_a)

Hunted (hunted)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

War Pig (bog_b)

Safehouse (village_assault)

All Ghillied Up (scoutsniper)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

One Shot, One Kill (sniperescape)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

Heat (village_defend)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

The Sins of the Father (ambush)

Ultimatum (icbm)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

All In (launchfacility_a)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

No Fighting in the War Room (launchfacility_b)

Game Over (jeepride)

  • This mission is identified as being in the American campaign in this build.

Mile High Club (airplane)

Cut missions

These levels were removed from the game prior to release, but have at least remnants in this build.

Chechnya Escape

This level follows Wetwork in the story. Despite being present in the MenuTest, there is almost no scripting to the level, and there are many missing textures. There is some, assumedly placeholder, AI logic straight from CoD 3 in the FastFile. Otherwise, the script chechnyaescape.gsc just gives the player their loadout - a Beretta pistol, MP5 and grenades. It is likely that this the single-player counterpart of Argun, based on the buildings used on both maps being the same or similar.

Cobra Down A

This level is probably an early version of Airlift and the counterpart to mp_invasion , The FastFile can be found in build 253. While it is playable with complete geometry, there is no scripting.

Cobra Down B

Cobra Pilot

This mission was worked on very early in development, evidenced by the build date of November 16, 2006. (around the time of build 114) The mission is even mentioned in some pre-release material for the game, meaning it probably only narrowly missed the final mission list. The level is in a reasonably complete state. A controller layout was designed specifically for this level, displayed albeit crudely before the player assumes control of the helicopter. The Cobra helicopter is complete with models and sound effects. The only objective seems to be to destroy targets, and cobrapilot.str doesn't reveal that there was intended to be much more.

Cobra Pilot Night

This mission features in this build and is fully playable. However, it is identical to the day variant of the mission, re-using all of the same assets. This suggests that perhaps there was intended to be two missions where the player commanded a helicopter, but the second level was never worked on. The build date is the same as that of the day variant.


While the FastFile for Descent is missing within its build, voice files remain as does the music. The intro music for the level is a 50 second extract from the track Antrozous from the Batman Begins soundtrack. The completeness of the audio files suggest that it was at least playable in an earlier build. (some virtually complete missions do not have complete audio tracks) The mission is particularly notable for the cut "weapon" associated with it, a camera that would have been used to take pictures of Al-Asad. This remains in the final game, but lacks model files.

The voice files for this level can be found here.

The following list of animations can be found starting line 82435 in autoreplay1.svg:



Fallujah Market

While the map does not feature in the build it is referenced in the devgui_maps_sp, not much is known about the mission.

Fallujah Square

While the map does not feature in the build it is referenced in the devgui_maps_sp, not much is known about the mission.

Designated Marksman (marksman)

The FastFile for this mission does not feature in this build. In the voiceovers/US directory, there are 3 voice clips attributed to this mission, but they are so short and generic it's hard to tell whether they are particular to this mission.

Immediate Action (embassy)

The FastFile for this mission does feature in this build, but it is seemingly incomplete or partially removed and fails to load. Regardless, we can extract the script files from the FastFile, and we also have the voice files. As is the case with Descent, the completeness of the audio files suggests that the level was at least playable at the time it was cut. From the string file found in the mod tools, we can see that the name of the mission was "Immediate Action". As the mission has about 15 minutes of associated audio and considering the number of strings found - it can be assumed that the level was substantially complete at the time it was cut. The internal description of the mission in its FastFile is "SAS Hostage Rescue".

The voice files for this level can be found here.

There is a commented reference to Embassy at line 79984 in autoreplay1.svg. The section is entitled "helicopter logic". The list of animations for Embassy can be found starting line 82508:

			//hostage anims
			//custom blackhawk anims
			//signal over shoulder
			// tarzan rappel through window
			// rappel from roof to balcony
			// rappel down skylight
			//elevator opening sequence
			//Death poses
			//planting explosives
			//sniper blown through door
			// human shield hostage prototype anims


  • It's of interest that the flags for "obj_window_breach" and "obj_banquet_hall_regroup" as found in embassy.str are both commented out.

The functions are introduced in a roughly sequential order, so it is possible to "retrace" how the level would have played out, as is done below:

  • The player starts on a rooftop overlooking the Embassy, with civilians lining the streets. A hostage is seen being pushed out of the window, followed by screams and cries from the crowd. Clearance is subsequently given to assault the building. A character called Andy is designated as the first man into every room, being equipped with flashbangs. This is possibly the player character, and is oddly commented. The squad gains a visual of "X-Ray One", who in embassy.str is designated as the "final boss". Assumedly, he is the leader of the terrorist side.
  • The player enters a chopper, their weapons are temporarily removed, and they are temporarily unable to stand. The chopper makes its way to the embassy, where an autosave will trigger after Gaz confirms the chopper is in position. At this point, weapons are restored to the player. The squad is instructed to stay quiet while negotiations take place.
  • The negotiator attempts to negotiate with one of the terrorists, Salim. Salim hears the squad on the rooftop, and seems to be quite alarmed. Even though the negotiator attempts to calm Salim, the radio transmission from the negotiator cuts assumedly after Salim kills them. The player then jumps down to the roof. The player then has to walk over to the ropes to begin absailing down. The player is reminded periodically by their squad until they begin absailing.


Aside from the string file found in the mod tools, we can find an audio file, parabolic_knife_sequence.xma in this build. There is a corresponding folder in the voiceovers/US directory, but it was emptied and only contains a 0 second xma file.


The following is found starting line 61877 in autoreplay1.svg:

	if ( level.script == "parabolic" )
		game[ "gaveweapons" ] = 1;
		level.player giveWeapon("parabolic");
		level.player giveWeapon("m4m203_silencer");
		level.player giveWeapon("usp_silencer");
		level.player giveWeapon("flash_grenade");
		level.player giveWeapon("fraggrenade");
		level.player takeweapon("m4m203_silencer");
		level.player takeweapon("usp_silencer");
		level.player takeweapon("flash_grenade");
		level.player takeweapon("fraggrenade");
		level.player switchToWeapon("parabolic");
		level.campaign = "american";

Which tells the game to give the player an M4 with a grenade launcher, oddly with a silencer, a silenced USP, a set of grenades, then take them away and replace them with the parabolic microphone. The following pertain to animations and are found starting line 77889:

	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["idle"][0]							= %parabolic_leaning_guy_idle; 
	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["idle"][1]							= %parabolic_leaning_guy_twitch;  
	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["smoke"]							= %parabolic_leaning_guy_smoking_idle; 
	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["smoke2"]							= %parabolic_leaning_guy_smoking_twitch;							
	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["idle_to_smoke"]					= %parabolic_leaning_guy_trans2smoke;				
	level.scr_anim["smoker"]["smoke_to_idle"]					= %parabolic_leaning_guy_trans2idle;

We see a list of animations later in the file starting at line 82457:



That's No Sandstorm

The only remnant of this mission in the build files is an empty folder in the voiceovers/US directory containing a 0 second xma file.

Subtitles for the mission can be found within the games memory though.

SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_ANOTHERPATROL Another day, Another mindless patrol.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_SHEPARD_SANDANDSUN All this sand and sun wouldn’t be so bad if there was a little bit of surf to break it up
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_REASSIGNED That’s it, Shepard. Just get assigned to the SoCal/Mexico border next time. I’m sure they have plenty of openings.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_SANDSTORM Looks like we have a sandstorm moving in from the south.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_HOLDCONVOY Bachelor One, this is Bachelor Five, stop the convoy. Let’s hold up it up, Shepard.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_MOVECONVOY Uh, Sarge, I think we better move the convoy...
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_RADIOHQ Move! Let’s move! Ramirez, get on the line to HQ...
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_DOYOUCOPY1 Base this is Bachelor Five, do you copy?
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_RADIODEAD Base this is Bachelor Five. Damn it! Radio’s dead.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_GETONFIFTYCAL Carver! Get on the 50cal. We’ve got to get the rest of these vehicles back to HQ.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_RETURNFIRE Carver! Carver! You with me? Grab your rifle and take position on those sand barriers and return fire.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_FURTHERORDERS I am going to rally up with our commander to get further orders.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_HOSTILESWEST1 Multiple hostiles moving in west of the checkpoint!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_APCWEST1 Carver! We need to put some fire on that BMP! Get a LAW from the ammo dump, now!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_APCEAST1 More BMP’s east of the checkpoint! Get some more LAW rockets and get your ass over there, Carver!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_BASEISALOSS We’re completely outnumbered. We need to scuttle the base.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_C4BASE1 Carver, get to weapon storage. Find some C4 explosives and place them inside HQ. We’re getting the hell out of here.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_HOSTILESINBASE1 There’s too many of them! Hold them back!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_HOSTILESINBASE2 Hostiles are in the base! Repeat, enemy troops have overrun the...
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_FRND_C4BASENOW Get that C4 wired! I’ll try to hold them off!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_FINDTRANSPORT We need to get the hell out of here. Ramirez, Carver, find us some transportation.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_TOVEHICLEDEPOT Let’s get over to the vehicle depot!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_GETINTOHUMVEE1 Into the Humvee, let’s move! Let’s move!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_GETINTOHUMVEE3 Carver! Over here! Get in the vehicle now or we’re leaving without you!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_DOORBLOCKED Sir! The door is blocked on the other side!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_BUSTDOOR We’ll we’re just going to have to bust through.
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_IKNOW I know what it is, private. Get this vehicle started now!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_BLOWC4 Bring up that detonator, Carver. Blow it! Blow it!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_RAMIREZ_THATWASCLOSE Heh. You can’t get much closer to a T-72 then that!
SUBTITLE_SANDSTORM_GORDON_THATWASCLOSE That’s closer than I ever care to get, private.


This mission is identified as being part of the American campaign, despite featuring soldiers that are in the SAS in the final game, including Captain Price. The mission occurs in a similar setting to the multiplayer map Overgrown, and it is probable this is the campaign mission it was based off.

Seaknight Defend

The state of the mission is virtually the same to Descent. It is expected that the level was virtually complete at the time of being cut, and should be found should any earlier builds be uncovered. The FastFile for the mission was removed prior to this build, but the voice files are intact in the voiceovers directory. We also have the string file, and some assets, for the mission from the mod tools.

The following list of animations can be found starting line 82406 in autoreplay1.svg:



The voice files for this level can be found here.


Virtually nothing is known about this mission, if it is indeed a mission. The only remnant of this mission is found starting line 61719 in autoreplay1.svg:

	if ( level.script == "statue" )
		game[ "gaveweapons" ] = 1;
		level.player giveWeapon("Beretta");
		level.player giveWeapon("m16_grenadier");
		level.player switchToWeapon("m16_grenadier");
		level.player giveWeapon("fraggrenade");
		level.player giveWeapon("flash_grenade");
		level.player setOffhandSecondaryClass( "flash" );
		level.player giveWeapon("claymore");
		level.player SetActionSlot( 3, "weapon" , "claymore" );
		level.player giveWeapon("c4");
		level.player SetActionSlot( 4, "weapon" , "c4" );
		level.player setViewmodel( "viewmodel_base_viewhands" );
		level.campaign = "american";


While the map does not feature in the build it is referenced in the devgui_maps_sp, not much is known about the mission.


This mission is present in this build and is fully playable in a virtually complete state, though less polished than what one would expect in the final product. The level ends abruptly after the objective associated with the string "OBJ_HIT_LAUNCHER_TARGETS_DONE" triggers. Judging from the subsequent strings within this file, it was originally intended that players would pick up C4 explosives and destroy a car. This is absent in this build, and the mission immediately ends after grenade launcher training, though a car can be seen. It is expected that after this, there would be a segway into the next mission. Judging from the date, this would be probably be "That's No Sandstorm". The level has a complete set of voice files for what was scripted. Bizarrely, the internal name for this mission is "Kleenex Training".

The level has a build date of March 2, 2007, only a few weeks before this build, so the level was still being worked on at this point.

The voices for this level can be found here.


The FastFile for this mission does feature in this build and the level is fully playable, though very incomplete. There are some friendly NPCs spawned using the default model, but they are not scripted to do anything, and have no collision detection. In fact, there is no scripting in this level at all, the files present are merely placeholders. The level is set in a jungle, and the player would have pushed through a village and a graveyard. The level abruptly cuts off at the end, and it's difficult to see where exactly this would place in the story.


Though playable at this point in development, the FastFile for this mission is oddly not present in build 253. (though does feature in build 270) Remnants can still be found, the following is found starting line 61796 in autoreplay1.svg:

	if ( level.script == "zipline" )
		game[ "gaveweapons" ] = 1;
		level.player giveWeapon("m14_scoped");
		level.player giveWeapon("m4m203_silencer");
		level.player giveWeapon("fraggrenade");
		level.player giveWeapon("flash_grenade");
		level.player setOffhandSecondaryClass( "flash" );
		level.player giveWeapon("c4");
		level.player SetActionSlot( 4, "weapon" , "c4" );
		level.player giveWeapon("claymore");
		level.player SetActionSlot( 3, "weapon" , "claymore" );
		level.player switchToWeapon( "m4m203_silencer" );
		level.player setViewmodel( "viewmodel_base_viewhands" );
		level.campaign = "american";

Developer levels

These levels were never intended to appear in the final product, and are merely used for testing purposes, to test the game's various features and mechanics.


Firing Range

Interior Concept

This level was most likely intended to test indoor lighting effects.

Javelin Weapon Test

This level was used to test Javelin pathfinding.

Javelin Weapon Test Night

This level is simply a night variant of the above.

Dog Survival

This level was used to test dog pathfinding.

Bad Guys

Vehicle Damage

This level was used to test destructible vehicles.

Level Videos

Cut Campaign Levels

Cut Multiplayer Levels

Early Campaign Levels

Early Multiplayer Levels

Remnants from previous Call of Duty games

  • In this build, intro.bik is still the introduction copied straight from Call of Duty 2.
  • There is a reference to Burnville, a mission from the first Call of Duty game, starting line 82591 in autoreplay1.svg.
  • There are many references to Dawnville, a mission from the first Call of Duty game in autoreplay1.svg.
  • There are many references to Red Army Training (moscow), the first mission in Call of Duty 2 in autoreplay1.svg.
  • A fix for a bug in Stalingrad Sewers, a mission from the first Call of Duty, is found starting line 43713 in autoreplay1.svg.
  • There is a reference to gully_assault, a cut mission from Call of Duty 2, starting line 82585 in autoreplay1.svg.
  • The executables are labelled CoD 3. (eg. CoD3SP.exe) Screenshots from earlier builds indicate an internal name of CoD 3.

Cut weapons and vehicles

The following weapons and vehicles feature in this build, or have remnants, but were cut from the final game.


Reference to this weapon can be found in aitype/enemy_terrorist_smg_bizon.gsc and aitype/enemy_merc_smg_bizon.gsc in embassy.ff.


Reference to this weapon can be found in aitype/enemy_merc_ar_famas.gsc in embassy.ff.


Reference to this weapon can be found in aitype/enemy_terrorist_smg_mac11.gsc in embassy.ff.

Five-Seven (fn57)

Reference to this weapon can be found in aitype/ally_sas_black_shtgn_winchester.gsc in embassy.ff.


  • If the player stays idle on the campaign menu, a short clip from Black Hawk Down will play. In the game's files, this video is called attract.bik.
  • An unused load screen can be seen in dog_vs_player_load.bik, featuring a marine being killed by an attack dog with very basic blood effects. This was the presumably used as a loadscreen for one of the dog AI testing levels at some point.