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Proto:Crash Bash/October 9th, 2000 build

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The October 9th, 2000 prototype of Crash Bash is a PAL review build of the game dated a day before the final NTSC release version.

General Differences

  • The cheat menu present in demo builds can still be accessed by pressing Left, Right, Left, Right(2), Left, Right(3), Left, Right(4), Left, Right(5) at the main menu.
  • Many of the translations are incomplete and differ from the final PAL release.
    • The first screen on boot-up incorrectly shows "Sony Computer Entertainment America Presents", even tho the narrator still says "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe presents".
    • All cutscenes and 3D word objects, alongside other small things like the "PAUSED", "SAVE GAME", and "WARP ROOM" textures are in English regardless of which language the game is set to.
    • Accents are not present for the small font, while the large font has the letters with accents erroneously squashed.
    • Various other things throughout the game are translated differently, sometimes even going out of bounds of the text box or screen.
  • The credit list is incomplete.