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Proto:Dr. Mario (NES)/Late Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Dr. Mario (NES).
Download.png Download Dr. Mario (Late Prototype)
File: Dr. Mario (Late Prototype) (28 KB) (info)

The late Dr. Mario prototype is very similar to the April 27, 1990 prototype, though a few things have been fixed and changed here and there.

To do:
  • Pick apart the program code to see if anything else is different.

Title Screen

Prototype Final
Hi, PlayChoice-10 Dr. Mario! Hi, Dr. Mario!

Dr. Mario and the virus are now in their proper positions, though Mario's look has yet to be finalized.

1-Player Mode

Prototype Final
Dr-Mario-(USA)-(Proto)-0.png Dr-Mario-0.png

Aside from the addition of a trademark symbol next to the Dr. Mario logo, nothing has changed since the April 27 prototype.