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Proto:Golf Ou: The King of Golf

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Golf Ou: The King of Golf.

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This page or section details content from the September 2020 Nintendo Leak.
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Golf Ou - The King of Golf is a golf game by Digital Kids for the 8-bit Game Boy line, released in mid-1999 in Japan only. From a technical point of view, it is modestly notable for its use of autosave and voice acting.

Unreleased Localizations

Two different attempts at localization by Crave Entertainment, dated 2000, were found in the September 2020 leak:

  • Golf King, which appears to be a more direct localization for the European market.
  • Supershot Golf Robot, intended for release in America, which replaces your friendly mentor with a mad robot.
Golf Ou Golf King Golf Robot
GolfOu Title.png GBC-GolfKing-title.png GolfRobot Title.png
  • Golf Ou and Golf Robot share their Super Game Boy border, while Golf King had its own one.
  • Golf King uses a re-designed version of the Golf Ou logo and Golf Robot received a completely unique one.
  • Golf King lacks any years and the grass at the bottom of the screen is different, the "Digital Kids" text is also green.

General Differences

  • All voice clips were removed.
  • Game Boy Printer support (pressing Start to print the scorecard) was removed.
  • Selecting the multiplayer Match Play option without the other system being connected and ready displays an error message, instead of just beeping.
  • The heading for putt count in the scorecard was corrected from a probably literally transliterated "PAT" to "PUT".
  • The credits between Golf King and Golf Robot are mostly the same, except for an added credit for Robot Concept and Design by Ryan Villiers-Furze and Ethan Malykont.

Script Differences

Script Differences
Practice hard like a good little flesh sack, or go right to a tournament?

Version Differences

Golf Ou Golf King
GolfOu Intro.png GolfKing Intro.png
  • The English versions add a background to the opening.
Golf Ou Golf King Golf Robot
GolfOu Options.png GolfKing Options.png GolfRobot Options.png
  • Golf Ou's menus are red, while the English versions use green.
  • Golf King features a language select between English, French and German when first booting up the game. This can also be changed in the options menu. The French and German text is still in the ROM for Golf Robot, albeit not changed from how it appeared in Golf King.
  • Golf Ou features an additional option for "voice" (おんせい), removed from both localised versions. The remaining options are the same as Golf Robot.
Golf Ou Golf Robot/Golf King
GolfOu Date.png GolfRobot Date.png
  • The default date is different between regions.
Golf Ou Golf Robot/Golf King
GolfOu BestScores.png GolfRobot BestScores.png
  • The Japan C.C. was replaced by the Europe C.C.
  • The English versions also dropped the ordinal numbering.
Golf Ou Golf King Golf Robot
GolfOu TrainingSelect.png GolfKing TrainingSelect.png GolfRobot TrainingSelect.png
  • Golf Ou uses a purple background for secondary menus while every menu is green in the English versions.
  • The image of Bobby had an outline in the Japanese version.
  • As mentioned earlier, Golf King's Bobby was replaced with a robot.
Golf Ou Golf King Golf Robot
GolfOu Training.png GolfKing Training.png GolfRobot Training.png
  • The sign is different in each version.