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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Characters

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.


Hl2proto odell1.png

Odell is a seaman that would appear on the Borealis, a cut location. He would be Gordon's partner during the Borealis section and would appear early in Kraken Base, another cut location.

He has an error with his legs' textures which makes them appear incorrectly.

Odell appears in several locations as a placeholder for other characters, such as Breen, in early maps found in the WC Mappack, suggesting he was made early in development.

Though he was removed from the game, his face was modified to be used for Odessa Cubbage.

Odell's face texture Odessa Cubbage's face texture
Hl2proto odell version2.png Hl2final odessa face.png

Old Odell Face Texture

Inside Odell's texture folder is a texture for an older take on Odell's face. This one appears to be hand-drawn (instead of being from a real person) and features Odell with a beard, which the Odell in the prototype does not have.

This face texture appears to have originally been an 8-bit bitmap that was converted into a 16-bit bitmap, then converted into vtf format.

Unused Used
Half-Life 2 PC proto FaceMaxwell.png Hl2proto odell version2.png


Inside "materals/models/obsolete" is a folder called "TBot1", which contains textures for a removed robot NPC. There is no model for TBot1, but the texture names give a rough idea of what each texture was supposed to be used for. Based on the textures, it would be a bipedal robot with two eyes, a cloth collar, a gun, a flamethrower, and a grabber.

The "T" in TBot1 stands for "Travis". Travis Brady was one of the texture artists that worked at Valve during Half-Life 2's development.

(Source: bw1119)

Based on files in the prototype and TBot1's creator, it is likely that TBot1 was a prototype of Dog. Both TBot1 and Dog were worked on by Travis Brady. A render of an earlier texture for Dog (which can be found in the prototype) shows that Dog would have an I and S-shaped object on one of his shoulders at one point. TBot1 has the same shape on a texture called "Shoulder".

Concept art in the uncorrected proof of Raising the Bar shows Eli Vance with a robot that looks like it would fit TBot1; both have two eyes, are bipedal, and the robot in the image has a large left arm, which would fit as a gun (which TBot1 has as well). Interestingly, the caption for the image calls the robot Dog.

TBot1 shoulder texture Old Dog render
Hl2proto tbot1Shoulder.png Hl2 travis dog01.jpg
TBot1 shoulder texture Old Dog shoulder texture
Hl2proto tbot1Shoulder.png Hl2proto dogoldshoulder.jpg

Child Workers

Hl2proto childworkermale1.png

The prototype contains models for two child workers; one male and one female. Both of them have a a Cremator head permanently glued to their right hands. The Cremator head can be stripped down into a gray ball (or vice versa) in the model viewer. They have animations featuring them loading the Cremator head onto something.

These models were meant to be used in a scrapped factory area at the start of the game, making Cremator heads. These were cut when the concept of the Suppression Field was created, which removed children from the scenario.


Hl2proto conscript1.png

The Conscripts were conscripted soldiers that served the Combine, but were secretly rebelling (and would eventually openly rebel) against them. They served as the main military force for the Resistance before being replaced with rebel Citizens. They were led by Captain Vance, a character that was eventually merged into Eli Vance. They appear in several old maps in the WC Mappack.

Their AI in the leaked source code indicates that their AI was a copy of the security guard AI from the original Half-Life.

Unused Textures

Inside the Conscript's texture folder are several textures not used on the Conscript's model, such as a helmet model and bayonet/knife.

Old Face Textures

The Conscript's texture folder has two unused face textures from older versions of the Conscript's face.

Unused Used
Hl2proto conscriptsoldiertex2.png Hl2proto conscriptsoldierface2.png
Unused Used
Hl2proto conscriptface composite.png Hl2proto conscriptsoldierface2.png

Sniper Map Conscript Models

Inside the prototype are three models for an early Uprising map named "sniper_x", with "x" being a number. These models are called "ANIMAL.mdl", "conscriptdemo.mdl", and "conscriptdemo.mdl". There are sound clips for each of these characters, though it's impossible to tell which ones would be used by "conscriptdemo.mdl" and "conscriptdemo2.mdl" because there is no way to identify which belongs to which.

ANIMAL would be a hothead Conscript that would rush ahead of his comrades in order to defeat a sniper that had his team pinned down. Conscriptdemo.mdl uses the regular animations, while conscriptdemo2.mdl only has a wounded animation.

The maps these models were meant to appear in were last worked on in the middle of 2001, suggesting these models are very old.


Hl2proto samuel1.png

Samuel is an Asian man in a brown outfit and gray pants that was cut from the game. He only has an idle animation, but according to Raising the Bar, he was intended to be the first Citizen that the player would meet. He would give a basic overview of the world while the player was heading to the train station at the very start of the game.

Though the character Samuel was removed from the final game, his face was refined and used for the final's Male 5 Citizen and a Counter-Strike: Source hostage.

The texture folder containing the scrapped Gasmask Citizen's textures has a face texture for Samuel in it, suggesting he was meant to appear in the Gasmask Citizen's outfit at one point.

Samuel's model uses an old model format in a default installation, making it impossible to see with the prototype's included model viewer. A custom model viewer is needed in order to view him.

Samuel Final Male 5
H2lproto oldart facemap.png Hl2final art facemap.png


Hl2proto worker1.png

The Worker is a man in a green and orange jumpsuit with the Combine logo on his back. He uses the Male 7 Citizen face and was meant to be used in the cut factory portion of the game. He only has an idle animation.

Borealis Worker

Hl2proto borealisworker1.png

The prototype has a model for a Worker variant. This one was meant to appear on the Borealis. His suit is a darker green and sky blue, but he is otherwise the same as the regular Worker model.

He comes in regular and dead variants, with the dead model having blood and wounds on it.

Like the regular worker, the Borealis Worker only has an idle animation.

The dead Borealis Worker model can be found scattered throughout some Borealis maps made in 2002.

Stenographer's Chasm Worker

Hl2proto factorysittingfront.png

The "citizen/factory_sitting" folder contains textures for an unused Citizen. This one appears to be wearing a blue outfit with City 17's logo on his back. He uses a full-sized version of the face used on the Cheaple Citizen model in the final game. This Citizen was to be used in the Stenographer's Chasm, an area of the factories that would have a multitude of workers writing something, presumably on stenographs.

The model for this character is missing. The face texture for this NPC is a high-resolution version of the one used in the final's "cheaple" citizen model.

The overall shape of the Stenographer's texture is the same as the one used for Mossman's old body textures, suggesting the same artist worked on both of them.


Hl2proto vance facemap.png

Inside the prototype is a folder named "Vance" with Male 8's face texture. This is the only remnant of Captain Vance, a character that was cut from the game. According to Raising the Bar, he was meant to be the leader of the Conscripts and was Alyx's original father. He was eventually merged into another character called Eli Maxwell to create Eli Vance.