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Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build/Cut Maps

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Half-Life 2 (Windows)/September 26th 2003 Build.

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A majority of maps need to be added.

E3 2002 Demonstration Maps

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These screenshots appear to come from the fan-modified "Mega Build" version of the prototype and not the unmodified build. Additionally, these maps do not come with the prototype by default and only exist as uncompiled VMFs in the separate WC mappack which would be more at home in a Development page.

A series of six maps were made to be shown at E3 2002, but the presentation was cancelled as Gabe Newell felt the physics was not being promoted as much as the graphics or the gameplay, and the cutscenes were too long and boring. They can be found in the WC map pack.


HL2 e3 depot0010.png

A map of the original design of the Wasteland area, eventually replaced by Highway 17. At the beginning, there are a number of antlions attacking a dead combine soldier. Near them is an Antlion Guard who initially ignores you to overturn the brush APC. There are some Combine Soldiers here, from which you can get an OCIW and some ammo. There's a gunship that sits there and does nothing, even when shot at with the rocket launcher found at the top of the lighthouse. Upon reaching the "doors" of the fortress, the level fades to black.


HL2 e3 industrial0006.png HL2 e3 industrial0008.png

A map based on the earlier, grimier design of City 17. The most notable location being the Cremator factory, complete with child laborersǃ Behind the factory is an area filled with massive machinery performing some unknown purpose. In addition, City Scanners can be seen around the area. After reaching a tunnel at the end of the short level. the level fades to black. Also, you appear to be without the HEV suit or any weapons, making this map take place at the beginning of the game.


HL2 e3 ship0012.png

A map of the Borealis, the notorious freighter that was cut from the original game, only to be planned as a major plot device in Half-Life 2: Episode Three, and then that became vaporware. The map primarily features Fast Headcrabs and Classic Zombies, though it also features numerous Stalkers and Combine Soldiers. A Combine Gunship is present, and attacks you at the bow of the ship, using its belly cannon freely. There is a meat locker full of zombie torsos. Going past it into the room with a large number of living zombies ends the level.


HL2 e3 strider0021.png

A map taking place during the uprising portion of the game. Interestingly, the building you start off in uses models and textures from the cut Skyscraper area. The level features Striders walking about and crashing through buildings. After a certain point, Alyx gestures you to come into the sewers with her, upon which the scene introducing the cut Hydra enemy plays out, and the level ends.


HL2 e3 terminal0026.png HL2 e3 terminal0037.png

A map taking place at an earlier version of the City 17 train terminal. After witnessing some Metropolice brutality, you go on an elevator which takes you on a lift across a fence, seeing a family stockpiling weapons in the process. After going through what appears to be a hospital, you come across a Combine parade featuring the cut Combine Guard enemy. Rebels bomb it, killing some of the basic soldiers, but the Combine Guard easily wipes them out. Going back the way you came, another Guard appears and targets you. You re-enter the hospital and close the door behind you, but the Combine Guard punches through the glass, and sticks his robot head in, which sees you. The Guard then punches down the door, and destroys the next set of doors with his gun. Running out the other end, a Shield Scanner appears to screech at you, and the level ends.


HL2 e3 town0007.png

An earlier version of the first map of Ravenholm, featuring the cut dock entrance. Other than that, it's almost identical to the final game's layout. As soon as you crash the cart through the wall, the level fades to black.

E3 2003 Demonstration Maps

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Document e3_c17_01, e3_c17_02, e3_end, and e3_hl2logo.


HL2 e3 techdemo 1.png

This map was supposed to demonstrate the Source engine's face posing, eye movement, and some reflections on the eyes of the G-Man. The map is pretty much completely broken; the HL1 G-Man does not appear because he uses an older model format the prototype cannot read, HL2 G-Man does not show his faceposing, the platform underneath the player does not move and the end script is broken.


HL2 e3 techdemo 2.png

e3_techdemo_2 is meant to show off the Source Engine's physics. The map starts with the player having to go through a small outdoors area, then enter a room filled with many props to fling around with the Physgun, a pachinko-like layout made out of large pins on the back wall (with a platform filled with barrels at the top the player can release with the Physgun to let the barrels go down the pins), and a large pool of water. The player can toss around and weld the props with the Physgun, though it's almost impossible to get a prop out of the water if it lands in the water.

The floor in the outdoor area was meant to deform, but the function is broken in the prototype.


HL2 e3 techdemo 5.png

e3_techdemo_5 shows off various shaders and other special effects the Source Engine could do.

A more updated version of this map can be seen within Counter-Strike Source as a benchmark test with NPCs removed.


HL2 e3 techdemo 6.png

e3_techdemo_6 features an entrance to Ravenholm that was removed from the final game. It takes place in docks on the outskirts of Ravenholm. Everything works here, but it isn't possible to leave the map and proceed without getting into the water.


HL2 e3 lab.png

This map showed that NPCs can do animations, talk, give weapons without a script. However, the gestures for this map are missing, meaning that Alyx and Kleiner will just stand around while their dialogue plays. The rest of the map will play fine.


HL2 e3 phystown.png

This map, a modified Ravenholm map that made it into the final game, was another map designed to show off the physics. Unlike both the prototype and final Ravenholm, Combine Soldiers appear.

e3_phystown is extremely broken due to entity changes between the E3 2003 presentation and the prototype. The props used to kill the Combine Soldiers around halfway through the map will either disappear or start flailing around as soon as the map starts because of errors, defeating the main point of the map.


HL2Beta E3 SeaFloor.png

e3_seafloor features an early version of the Docks after destroying the gunship in N.L.O. This version is practically identical to the final game, albeit with major scripting issues, such as the gunship staying in one spot instead of appearing in the destroyed car bridge.


HL2Beta E3 BugBait.png

e3_bugbait is a modified Nova Prospekt map meant to demonstrate, as you guessed it, the Bugbait and Antlions.