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Proto:Manhunt 2/May 9, 2007 (PlayStation 2)

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The infamous uncensored build of Manhunt 2 that was leaked in early September, 2007 by an SCEE employee, almost two months before its official release. This build compiled on May 9, 2007, which is almost 4 months before its final PAL build. For comparison, the final PS2 PAL build is compiled on September 5, 2007.

Startup and Menus

Right off the bat, the first differences you can spot is a different Rockstar logo video, a different title screen that lacks most of the colour, and a different main menu song. There are also far fewer on-screen effects and animations on the menu, such as random images or red spots flashing, and slide animations for going to a different menu.

Startup Sequence

The Rockstar logo in this build normally has the sound muted in-game, but the actual TITLE.PSS file does have a sound stream. It is the first few seconds from the opening cutscene of the Bees' Honey Pot (called The Honey Pot in this build) level where Danny's wife says "What do you mean you volunteered for...", slowed down by about 350%.

Early Final

The legal information screen shows the Manhunt 2 logo that's otherwise only seen on the box art. The font, its colour and size is also slightly different. The different colour and size also applies to the memory card checking and loading screen.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20020509 LegalScreen.png MH2PS2-FIN LegalScreen.png
MH2PS2-20020509 MemoryCardCheck.png MH2PS2-FIN MemoryCardCheck.png

Title Screen

The eye on the title screen lacks colour, there are a few white scratch effects overlaid on top, the START button has a white background behind it, and the song that plays in the background (MAIN.ADX) is different. It's somewhat similar in style to the main menu background audio that plays in Manhunt.

Early Final
MH2PS2-FIN TitleScr.png

Brightness Option

The Brightness options menu is renamed to Setup in final. The description is also slightly different.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 BrightnessSettings.png MH2PS2-FIN BrightnessSettings.png

Relive Episode

Since the levels in this game have ratings, the Relive Episode menu also displays your rating on a scale of 1-5. This rating system is also present in the first Manhunt, where you get more points for completing within a certain time frame, how many executions were performed, and whether or not it was played on Insane difficulty. Due to censorship, it ended up being removed from the final game.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 LevelSelect.png MH2PS2-FIN LevelSelect.png

Pause/Save File Menu

The pause screen has a blank background in this build, but in the final build it has the Project's icon. This also applies to the save file menu. It's worth noting that in the final PSP, Wii and Windows releases, the pause screen background is blank, just like in this build.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 PauseScreen.png MH2PS2-FIN PauseScreen.png

Level Complete Screen

Removed level ratings means the level complete screen is almost completely empty in the final game. Here, however, you get to see how many hunters were killed and executed, how long it took to complete the level, and what rating you got.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 LevelComplete.png MH2PS2-FIN LevelComplete.png

General Differences

  • Triggering a checkpoint will say "Restart point hit", unlike the final version "Checkpoint hit".
  • When opening cabinets, trunks, or lockers Danny will kick them to open, unlike the final he opens it by hand.
  • Subtitle fonts are different only for the pre-rendered cutscenes.
  • Most subtitles in-game does not work, even though in the .GXT files has the lines.
  • None of the flashback levels display the "6 years earlier" line.

Level Names

Two of the levels go by a different name in this build.

Early Final
The Honey Pot Bees' Honey Pot
Cemetery Personality Clash

Execution Censorship

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The only effects executions have in this build are a red tint and some ghosting effects. In final, the filters and effects were cranked way up as an attempt of censorship.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 Execution.png MH2PS2-FIN Execution.png

Level Changes

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  • The intro is quite unfinished.
  • It plays when starting the episode, unlike the final it plays when starting the game.
  • The text is smaller like "Rockstar Games presents", unlike the final.
  • The orderlies dialogues could not be heard.
  • Inmates hitting the orderlies sounds could not be heard.
  • A Fire Axe and Plastic Bag is present.
  • Dr. Pickman seems to have a different voice.
  • The woman over the intercom has a different voice.
  • Some dialogues are different.
Characters Early Final Notes
After the intro
Danny: What? Head straight... follow you...
Executing the first orderly
Danny: This dialogue does not play or is missing. But he's a nurse - he'll help me.
Before fighting with inmate
Leo: You gotta have to take this wacko down, Danny! You have to take this psycho down, Danny! They sound very different, seems that these are the former voice actors. In the early version, the audios are merged together into one file.
Danny: What? I... I can't! What? No, I... I... I can't!
Leo: You kill him, or he kills you. You don't have any choice! Defend yourself!


  • The second intro cutscene is a bit different.
  • Leo has a different tone while Danny has a different lame, younger voice.
  • The camera angles are different.
  • One of the Watchdogs does not become suspicious and searches the shadows for Danny, unlike the final.
  • The garbage truck driver is different.
  • To get out, the player has to crouch instead of getting the tutorial on evading being seen in the shadows. The tutorial was later introduced in Danny's house.
  • Watchdog's route is different.
  • Danny does not throw up after killing the first Watchdog.
  • This episode has a Manhole environmental execution, which isn't there in the final PS2 version but is present in the Wii version.
  • Danny's house cutscene is also different, similar to the second intro cutscene.
  • Some dialogues are also different.
Characters Early Final
After the intro
Leo: They're the clean-up crew. They're the Project's clean-up crew.
Leo: Do? We're gonna do what they trained us to do. We're gonna kill em'. We have to earn our freedom. We're gonna fight back.
Daniel's house

Sexual Deviants

  • The intro is a bit different.
  • The matches does not really match Danny's hand movement.
  • The camera movement is more shakier.
  • It shows both Leo and Danny jumping over the wall, unlike the final it does not show Leo.
  • When equipping the Fire Axe, the weapon HUD is stretched down.
  • The door is locked inside to execute the Dentist, instead Danny access them through a secret passage.
  • The dentist chair execution is also much longer, unlike the retail PS2 and PSP versions where it got cut down. On PC and Wii however, this full animation is still used.
  • The outro voices are missing except for the ambience.

Red Light

  • Leo does not warn Danny about the security lights, the audio file is there but Leo has a different voice.
  • The Red Kings has different voices.
  • In the second cutscene, the camera shows the Red Kings ripping the nose off with the pliers, unlike the final the angle is moved to "censor" it.
  • The third and fourth cutscene has different camera angles.
  • Downstairs, there are two hunters unlike in the final there's only one.
  • Entering the Sex Shop, Leo's comment has a different voice.
  • The blow-up doll model seems to be distorted.
  • Falling planks does not make a sound.
  • The outro voices are also missing.
Characters Early Final
Leo's warning about security lights
Leo: Watch out for those security lights, Danny. They detect motions so they can be fooled. Watch out for those security lights, Danny. Any quick movement snaps them on.
Red Kings
Red King member: This is our fuckin' turf now, the Kings has taken it over. This is our fuckin' turf now! The Kings has taken it over.
Entering Velvet Glove
Leo: I don't like this, Danny. I smell Project, it's a setup. I don't like this, Danny. I smell Project, it's a setup.

Safe House

  • The intro has its audios missing, except for the ambience.
  • Danny already changed his clothes during the intro, unlike the final he still has his clothes from the asylum then changed it after the intro.
  • This time, the subtitles work! They are different from the final.
  • Danny stashed a Heavy Handgun instead of a Revolver Six Shooter.
  • Footsteps still can be heard.
  • There is no door to shoot open in the beginning.
  • Before entering the Porn Theatre, one of the Watchdogs are positioned differently.
  • The outro is similar to the intro.
  • Subtitles works too, but now they match the final. Also an additional line from Leo.
  • Voices audio missing, ambience can still be heard.
  • Danny throws a Revolver Six Shooter instead of his Heavy Handgun.
Characters Early Final
Danny: You killed Michael? You killed Michael?
Leo: He set us up. It was him or us. C'mon Danny, we gotta move. He set us up and sold us out. It was survival, pure and simple. Let's get out of here.
Leo: Those cops knew who you were. You're going to have to change those clothes.
Danny: Wait - let me check here... ahh - I stashed this.
Leo: At last, something useful. Let's get going.
Leo: Good work killer.
Danny: I'm sick of this. I'm sick of this.
Danny: We're gonna find Judy - and talk to her.

The Honey Pot

  • The intro is a bit different.
  • Daniel's son is glitching down a bit.
  • Different camera angles.
  • Judy does not appear.
  • The brothel is also called The Honey Pot.
  • Danny has different voice when asking for Judy.
Early Final


  • Helicopter minimap icon is different.

Most Wanted

  • Leo is wearing his flashback outfit in the intro.
  • There are less vehicles seen when the Bloodhounds comes to Danny. One of them is using a different vehicle.
  • The final cutscene has different camera angles.

Ritual Cleansing

  • The guards talking about intruder lockdown system is a bit too silent.
  • When putting the documents on fire, the cutscene does not play, instead the camera is still in third person.
  • The animation is also a bit different, Leo does not throw the gas can but it will disappear anyways, he lights up the match with his shoes.
  • After putting the documents on fire, Leo's subtitles appear, the audio seems to be missing.
  • Pressing the alarm also has the subtitles and audio missing.


  • Leo is wearing his flashback outfit in the intro, also a bit glitching.
  • Dr. Pickman voice is a bit too silent, also seems like he has a different voice in the speakers.
  • The outro is different.
  • Takes place in a different room.
  • Dr. Pickman is sitting on a wheelchair.
  • It shows Daniel with Leo's voice, unlike the final Daniel is changed to Leo.
Early Final

Changed Graphics

Transition Static

The static overlay (GMODELS.TXD\A00_BookendA) used for transitions is mostly grayscale (although in-game it has a red tint overlay), but in final it has bits of green and purple mixed in.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GMODELS.TXD-A00 BookendA.png MH2PS2-FIN GMODELS.TXD-A00 BookendA.png

Start Screen

The title graphic on the start screen (GUI.TXD\FE_title_small) has a slight gradient in the final build. The 2nd graphic under it is the gradient itself without the logos alpha channel mask.

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE title small-Alpha.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE title small.png
MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE title small-Alpha.png
MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE title small.png

The eye lacks any colour, but in-game it has a slight sepia tone-like tint applied to it. Another thing to note is that the eye graphic with the alpha channel that masks out the eyeball being disabled, there is another static eyeball graphic. (GUI.TXD\FE_start_layer02)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE start layer02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE start layer02.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE start layer02-NoAlpha.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE start layer02-NoAlpha.png

The eyeball also has a sepia tone-like tint. (GUI.TXD\FE_start_eye)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE start eye.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE start eye.png

The overlay over the eye is also different. (GUI.TXD\FE_start_layer01)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE start layer01.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE start layer01.png

Menu Overlays

The more obvious lines that are displayed on the menus at all time are slightly different. (GUI.TXD\FE_lines_header)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE lines header.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE lines header.png

The effects and objects that randomly flash on the screen were completely redone. (GUI.TXD\FE_scratches01 - 05)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE scratches01.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE scratches01.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE scratches02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE scratches02.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE scratches03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE scratches03.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE scratches04.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE scratches04.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE scratches05.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE scratches05.png

Menu Backgrounds

One of the two main menu overlays have a larger resolution, and the backdrop graphics are slightly different, having the tray replaced by an asylum guard napping in a chair, and some additional scribbles for the black and white variant. (GUI.TXD\FE_mainmenu_layer02, 03, 03_bw)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer02.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer03.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer03 bw.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE mainmenu layer03 bw.png

The settings menu background overlays are slightly different, and the coloured backdrop is slightly more detailed in final, despite having half the vertical resolution. (GUI.TXD\FE_settings_layer01 - 03, 03_bw)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE settings layer01.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE settings layer01.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE settings layer02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE settings layer02.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE settings layer03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE settings layer03.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE settings layer03 bw.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE settings layer03 bw.png

The episode select background is mostly the same, it just has some very minor changes in colour. (GUI.TXD\FE_episodesel_layer01 - 03/03_bw)

Early Final
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer01.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer01.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer02.png
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-FE episodesel layer03.png

Level Loading Screens

Every loading screen texture (PICLOAD.TXD\picload) for the levels in this build was changed by final.

Early Final Early Final
Awakening Ghosts
Sexual Deviants Red Light
Best Friends Safe House
MH2PS2-20070509 A14 SU-PICLOAD.TXD.png MH2PS2-FIN A14 SU-PICLOAD.TXD.png MH2PS2-20070509 A07 2T-PICLOAD.TXD.png MH2PS2-FIN A07 2T-PICLOAD.TXD.png
The Honey Pot / Bees' Honey Pot Assassination
Most Wanted Ritual Cleansing
Origins Broadcast Interrupted
Altered State Domestic Disturbance
Cemetery / Personality Clash Release Therapy

Relive Episode TV Icons

  • The level load screen icons in GUI.TXD\a## that show on the Relive Episode menu also for the most part follow the old level icons. Only some of the levels have their own TV icon though, many of them are recycled.
  • Hovering at locked episodes will make the TV white, it seems that it's missing the texture.
Early Final Early Final Early Final
Awakening Ghosts Sexual Deviants
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a01.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a01.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a02.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a04.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a04.png
Red Light Best Friends Safe House
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a05.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a07.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a14.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a14.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a07B.png
The Honey Pot / Bees' Honey Pot Assassination Most Wanted
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a10.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a10.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a12.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a12.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a06.png
Ritual Cleansing Origins Broadcast Interrupted
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a05.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a09.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a11.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a11.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a14.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a16.png
Altered State Domestic Disturbance Cemetery / Personality Clash
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a02.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a17.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a03.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a03.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a11.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a15.png
Release Therapy ??? (a05 / a15_mono) ??? (a13 / a18_mono)
MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a05.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a18.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a05.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a15 mono.png MH2PS2-20070509 GUI.TXD-a11.png MH2PS2-FIN GUI.TXD-a18 mono.png