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Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/Multi-Game Demo Disc Demo/Unused or Early Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart: Double Dash!!/Multi-Game Demo Disc Demo.

Course Previews

Since you can only select Mario Circuit, there are some course previews that are different from the demo, plus some unused ones. Peach Beach, Mushroom Bridge, Sherbet Land and Mushroom City all have the same images.

Interestingly, many of those images depict earlier designs for the courses.

Luigi Circuit

Demo Final
MKDD Luigi Circuit Beta.png MKDD Luigi Circuit Final.png
  • There're five red arrows on the jump instead of four, as with the version of the model found in this build.

Baby Park

Demo Final
MKDD Baby Park Beta.png MKDD Baby Park Final.png
  • The road, bushes and Paratroopa have different textures.

Dry Dry Desert

Demo Final
MKDD Dry Dry Desert Beta.png MKDD Dry Dry Desert Final.png

Mario Circuit

Demo Final
MKDD Mario Circuit Beta.png MKDD Mario Circuit Final.png
  • There're extra trees at the beginning and the hill grass after that area is darker. This is the version of the model in the demo.

Daisy Cruiser

Demo Final
MKDD Daisy Cruiser Beta.png MKDD Daisy Cruiser Final.png
  • The pipe cannon where the players shoot out of has a lighter texture.

Waluigi Stadium

Demo Final
MKDD Waluigi Stadium Beta.png MKDD Waluigi Stadium Final.png

Yoshi Circuit

Demo Final
MKDD Yoshi Circuit Beta.png MKDD Yoshi Circuit Final.png
  • The leaves have different formation.

DK Mountain

Demo Final
MKDD DK Mountain Beta.png MKDD DK Mountain Final.png
  • Mario Kart banner at the beginning is different, and the textures tend to be lighter.

Wario Colosseum

Demo Final
MKDD Wario Colosseum Beta.png MKDD Wario Colosseum Final.png

Dino Dino Jungle

Demo Final
MKDD Dino Dino Jungle Beta.png MKDD Dino Dino Jungle Final.png
  • The dinosaur is green instead of blue.
  • The rock walls are orange instead of yellow.

Bowser's Castle

Demo Final
MKDD Bowser's Castle Beta.png MKDD Bowser's Castle Final.png
  • Textures, most noticeably the walls, have a different color.

Rainbow Road

Demo Final
MKDD Rainbow Road Beta.png MKDD Rainbow Road Final.png
  • The road is less detailed, and the neon Bowser Jr. face was removed.
  • Pipes have different textures and detailing.
  • Interestingly, the early course preview's road texture is reused in the Rainbow Road-like replacement model for test1_course in the prototypes of Mario Kart DS.

Battle Previews

MKDD battlemapsnap5.png MKDD battlemapsnap6.png

Luigi's Mansion and Tilt-A-Kart have unused battle course previews. Additionally the pictures for Luigi's Mansion and Tilt-A-Kart are wider images than the other stages (which use their final pictures).

Course Names

Demo Final Notes
MKDD PeachBeach early.png MKDD PeachBeach final.png Peach's face is more shaded.
MKDD MarioCircuit early.png MKDD MarioCircuit final.png Mario's eyes are light blue.
MKDD SherbetLand early.png MKDD SherbetLand final.png Shy Guy's shoes are gray and the "T" and "B" are darker.
MKDD DKMountain early.png MKDD DKMountain final.png The cannon has more outline and is further to the left.
MKDD RainbowRoad early.png MKDD RainbowRoad final.png The logo is more purple, the star's edges are less rounded, and the line on the bottom is red.
MKDD CookieLand early.png MKDD CookieLand final.png The Cookie face has some different colors.
MKDD GameCube early.png MKDD GameCube final.png The logo is more spaced.
(Source: Beta64)

E3 Leftovers

To do:
Find a way to load these menus in-game.

There's a lot of leftover E3 graphics hidden in SceneData\English.


The E3 title screen in the trailer.

MKDD E3Title1.png MKDD E3Title2.png MKDD E3Title3.png

MKDD E3Title4.png

The E3 title screen which uses the early logo. Note that Peach and Daisy's kart has been slightly moved between the trailer and these files.

It's possible to restore the E3 title screen by modifying the game's executable and the blo files to run it. The code that would've handled the E3 title screen seems to be gone, as there are no references to a e3title.arc in the game's executable. Because of that this is mostly a visual restoration.


The screen as seen from the E3 booth.

MKDD E3GameOver1.png MKDD E3GameOver2.png

The E3 game over screen.


The E3 LAN Mode screen.

MKDD co name luigi.png

The E3 Luigi's Circuit logo can be found at MRAM.arc/race2d.arc. None of the other E3 logos are here though, except the Peach Beach logo.


MKDD e tyoki.png MKDD ending message.png MKDD m fukidasi pice.png
Hidden ending message graphics. The ending screen has "感動のえんでぃんぐ" (exciting ending) written on it, while the man is saying "ピース" (peace) and making the "peace" gesture.


Demo Final Notes
MKDD Demo cuppictreverse2.png MKDD Final cuppictreverse2.png The purple circle was later changed to blue.
MKDD Demo selcourse special1.png
MKDD Final selcourse special1.png
The Special Cup uses the older icon from previous titles.
MKDD Demo selcourse reverse2.png
MKDD Final selcourse reverse2.png
The All-Cup Tour uses the placeholder icon "reverse_2".

record entry.arc

Unused Labels

MKDD early title name.png MKDD time a.png MKDD re rap.png MKDD re total.png MKDD re waku.png MKDD re waku rap.png

Placeholders for a time attack screen. The first graphic says "名前を入力してね" (please enter your name), while the second graphic says "タイムアタック" (time attack). Also note the misspelling in "best lap time" button, possibly due to L and R not being distinguished in Japanese.

Early Character Icons

MKDD Unused Character Icons.png

Some early character icons, which show that Donkey Kong Jr. was originally planned to be included in the game. Diddy Kong's filename uses "dk_jr" as a replacement.

Unused Initials

MKDD Unused Font.png

An early initials font.



Demo Final JPN Final US
MKDD cupwithpict mirror early.png MKDD cupwithpict mirror japan.png MKDD cupwithpict mirror final.png

The icon for mirror mode also seemed to go through a drastic change.

Special Cup

Demo Final JPN Final US
MKDD specialcup early.png MKDD specialcup japan.png MKDD specialcup final.png

The icon for special cup is missing its mouth.

All Cup Tour

Demo Final JPN Final US
MKDD allcuptour early.png MKDD allcuptour japan.png MKDD allcuptour final.png

Same with the special cup, the all cup tour have some different icons. The early icon has the cup models facing different directions, while the final icon has all four icons facing the camera.

Change Character

MKDD mozi change character.png

The text "Change Characters" was simply "Change Character" in the demo, possibly leftover from before they added two characters in one kart.

Y Maze

MKDD mozi map6.png

Oddly Luigi's Mansion is refered to as "Y Maze" in SceneData/English/LANPlay.arc.

(Source: Pasta937, yoshidude4)