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Proto:Minecraft: Java Edition/Classic

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Classic was the second development phase of the game, in which it was constantly improved and updated over several months. It occurred between May 16 and December 23, 2009. The original game mode was Creative, but on September 1, 2009 development began for Survival Mode under the name Survival Test.

Additionally, these builds were originally called "Minecraft Alpha" since the game was planned to come out in 2010, but on June 28, 2010, these versions were retroactively named "Classic" to avoid confusion with the actual Alpha versions.


Early Classic Creative
The first public versions of the game (although 0.0.10 and earlier were only given to certain forum members).
Multiplayer Test
I can see you! And you can see me!
Survival Test
The beginning of the "Survival" gamemode.
Late Classic Creative
Most people think of this development stage when they hear "minecraft classic".
Development Builds
Self explanatory. It is unknown how these were released - if they were released for private testing, or something else.