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Proto:Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!/February 26, 2018

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On July 20th, 2021, an extremely early prototype of Let's Go, Eevee! was unexpectedly dumped online by an anonymous user, using its prototype name of "beluga". It lacks much of the gameplay from both later leaked builds and subsequently, the final release. The build has a git commit hash of 693c423f97133bb7b2e8419d7dacc10f1acc0f18 and constantly depicts a mouse on screen for debugging purposes.

The date of this build is February 26th, 2018, over eight months before the game's release, and three months prior to the May 2018 prototype leaked in December of 2020.


Early Maps
Each Location was very different when compared to the final.


Title Screen

The title screen and logo are completely different. This version doesn't check for your Eevee's custom outfit, and instead uses a generic looping image. The individual frames for this image can be found in the files for this build. It shares this title screen with the May 2018 build, but in this build cannot be used to access a hidden debug menu by pressing Select.

Proto Final
Lets Go Eevee May 2018 Prototype Title Screen.png Pokemon Lets Go Eevee Japanese-title.png

Here's an animated video of the title screen frames.

Likewise, there are two very early logos that can be found in the files, alongside the final Japanese logos as well as the final logos in all the other languages.

Proto LGP Final LGP
LGPMay2018Logo.png LGPFinalLogo.png
Proto LGE Final LGE
LGEMay2018Logo.png LGEFinalLogo.png


  • Catching your starter appears to be very different in this version. Oak actually appears from behind the house in this build, whereas in the final he is already standing in the grass at Route 1.
  • Due to the different camera angle, it is apparent that Pallet Town lacks a skybox texture, having a completely black void instead.
Proto LGE
LGEFeb2018OakTut1.png LGEFeb2018OakTut2.png LGEFeb2018OakTut3.png
Final LGE
400px 400px 400px
  • When approaching, Pikachu doesn't react to the player as curiously as they do in the final.
Proto LGE Final LGE
LGEFeb2018PikaGrassReact.png LGEFinalPikaGrassReact.png
  • Instead of being caught in a Poke Ball and having to chase your Partner Pokemon to Oak's Lab, it plays out far more traditionally by comparison.
  • The game also lacks the mandatory rival battle at the start of the game.

Cut/Different Visuals & Mechanics


  • Wild Pokemon lack their typical cries.
  • When catching a Pokemon, the Poke Ball is shown at a different angle.
  • Failing or capturing a Pokemon will not reduce your stack of 999x stack of regular Balls.
  • Poke Balls cannot be aimed, and you need to use debug mode to catch anything at all - debug --> capture --> autohit during a battle.
  • They also lack any sound effects.

All of these differences have been changed in all following builds.

Feb. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018CaptureBall1.png LGEFinalCaptureBall1.png

Dex Registration

  • The visuals for registering a wild Pokemon in the Dex are off-center and don't scale properly depending on the Pokemon as they do in all subsequent builds.
  • Each Pokemon lacks their cry when being registered.
  • The graphics for both the Pokemon's type as well as their Personal Records (Height and Weight) do not function as intended, unlike in the final.

All of these changes have been fixed in all following builds.

Feb. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018DexRegistrationTauros1.png LGEFinalDexRegistrationTauros1.png
Feb. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018DexRegistrationTauros2.png LGEFinalDexRegistrationTauros2.png

Encounter HUD

  • The general UI design of the Wild Encounters are slightly different, using tweaked fonts and symbols to show the Wild Pokemon's stats when compared to the final.
Feb. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018HUDEx1.png LGEFinalHUDEx1.png

Pokemon Summary Screen

  • A Pokemon's summary screen lacks many final assets, such as the background, as well as having many differences when it comes to the font and icon placement. The Pokemon itself is also largely displaced irrelevant of its species.
  • Backgrounds were implemented during the May 2018 build, but they're still largely unfinished.
  • The Fire-type graphic is used in place of every other type graphic, which wasn't fixed until the final.
Feb. 2018 Proto May. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018TaurosSummary1.png LGEMay2018TaurosSummary1.png LGEFinalTaurosSummary1.png
Feb. 2018 Proto May. 2018 Proto Final
LGEFeb2018TaurosSummary2.png LGEMay2018TaurosSummary2.png LGEFinalTaurosSummary2.png


  • The Saving screen is very different to that of the final. Instead of using 3D-poses for each Gym Leader and their badge, it instead uses earlier assets, most of which is concept art. Most stats don't function, using placeholder data. This menu is very similar to the one seen in Build 30 of Pokémon Sword, also featuring the same placeholder "adventure started", "current date" and "last saved" values. The "Trainer Rank" is absent, although the space for it is still there, both in this and the May builds.
Proto Final
LGPEFeb2018SaveScreenGymLeaders.png LGPEFinalSaveScreenGymLeaders.png
Feb. 2018 Proto
SwordDec2017IconBrock.png SwordDec2017IconMisty.png SwordDec2017IconSurge.png SwordDec2017IconErika.png SwordDec2017IconKoga.png SwordDec2017IconSabrina.png SwordDec2017IconBlaine.png SwordDec2017IconGiovanni.png
LGPEFinalIconBrock.png LGPEFinalIconMisty.png LGPEFinalIconSurge.png LGPEFinalIconErika.png LGPEFinalIconKoga.png LGPEFinalIconSabrina.png LGPEFinalIconBlaine.png LGPEFinalIconGiovanni.png

Town Map Icons

Early town map icons can be found in the game's files that aren't in the final. Interestingly, one of them is for a fishing encounter, which do not exist in any prototype nor the final. This suggests that the fishing mechanic may have been planned at some point.

Proto Map Icons
LGPEProtoFishingIcon1.png LGPEProtoFishingIcon2.png


  • Strangely, Pressing B and R at the same time during a battle will end it instantly. This could have been intended as a debugging feature.

Bugs & Glitches

  • Often times, NPCs will walk in places where they're not supposed to.
Feb. 2018 Proto
  • Oddly enough, the player will (at times) automatically and randomly mount and dismount many of their applicable Pokemon, alongside housing some unfinished animations. They even appear in areas that they shouldn't be able to, such as inside buildings. This was obviously a very work-in-progress feature at this time, and was fixed by the time of the May 2018 build.
Feb. 2018 Proto Feb. 2018 Proto
LGEFeb2018RidingTauros.png LGEFeb2018RidingTauros2.png
  • Bizarrely, rushing past a tree on Tauros will cause it to shake alongside an accompanying sound effect. This doesn't ever appear to line up with a mechanic present in the final, and was removed at some point before the May 2018 build.
Feb. 2018 Proto
  • In areas where water is present, its audio is noticeably louder than in the final.
  • The majority of Pokemon have outright broken movement patterns when in a Wild Encounter.
  • No Pokemon cries work, despite being in the sound files for the game.