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Proto:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Debug Menu

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

This is a sub-page of Proto:Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Several detailed development tools still exist, accessible within two of the four leaked ROMs.

Title Screen

  • Press Select at the title screen to view the main debug menu.
  • Press Down + B + A at the title screen to adjust the time.

Main Debug Menu


This menu allows you to access just about everything in the game.

Fight (ファイト)

Opens the Battle Tester seen in Pokemon Crystal. It is pretty much the same, with several differences:

  • The inventory is filled with 0 of the same garbage item.
  • The parameters for trainers seem to be nulled out or glitched. The "level" value seems to determine what enemy Pokémon set you get. Usually you fight a Level 9 Slowking, though Gen 1-style glitch trainer values will happen often.

The music will additionally corrupt when this option is chosen.

Field (フィールド)

Sends you to the beginning of the game with the in-game debug menu enabled.

  • Press B+Start to view the debug menu, which loads on the left side of the screen.
  • Hold B to walk through walls. This also allows you to enter locked or inaccessible doors. Unlike what most Gameshark codes will do, the player is unable to walk out of the map's boundaries and bounces off them when attempting to go past, preventing crashes. As a result, this can be used to bypass Silver at the end of the demo to see the rest of the prototype Johto.

When dropped off into the game, the player will be named コウジ (Kouji) after game/map/parameter designer, Kouji Nishino. Additionally, the game's Pokédex will be completely filled and the bag will be contain items at 99 quantity. Also, the Save option will be enabled.

Sound (サウンド)

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

Opens a sound test. You can scroll through songs, and each song has a label, but it seems the controls for actually playing a song has been disabled. Might be an old leftover.


Control Result
Up Song entry forward
Down Song entry backward
A, B, Start N/A
Left, Right, Select Exit Menu


Sub-games (サブゲーム)

Lets you play five different minigames: poker, slots, a matching game, a 15-square slide puzzle, and ... Picross. For more information, visit the dedicated minigames section.

Monsters (モンスター)

Lets you view every Pokémon (with the same palette; individual palettes can be seen ingame and in the battle test.) Unown is notably bugged in this viewer and displays as a garbled mess for some reason. You can also press Select on the list screen to view Trainer sprites, though most are just duplicates.

Name (なまえ)

Opens the PokéGear menu, which can also be done in the field debug menu. Speaking of which...

Field Debug Menu

  • You can hold B to run faster. This also has the side-effect of allowing you to clip through walls. This no-clipping feature has limited use in this demo, since many areas past the ones limited by the Spaceworld Demo area are set to have no collision via exits anyway (that is to say that the maps themselves often DO have collision, but it is disabled internally when you exit to said maps). It's likely that exits for the older areas are still pointing to the older collision map.

Page 1

  • つぎ⊳ (Next⊳) will take you to the next page. You can also just press left or right; in fact, this is the only way to access Page 3. For some reason, pressing "A" will only access the first two pages.
  • とじる (Close) will close the menu.


ワープ (Warp) will give you a list of warp destinations:

Name Translation Destination
サイレント Silent Silent Hill, map ??
オールド Old Old City, map ??
ウエスト West Map ??
 ハイテク High-tech Map ??
フォント Font Map ??
バードン Birdon Map ??
ニュータイプ Newtype Map ??
シュガー Sugar Map ??
ブルーフォレスト Blue Forest Map ??
スタンド Stand Map ??
カントー Kanto Pallet Town, map ??
サウス South Map ??
ノース North Map ??
15ばんどうろ Route 15 Map ??
18ばんどうろ Route 18 Map ??
 しずかなおか  Silent Hill Map ?? (forest dungeon near second town)

Character Viewer

キャラ (Chara) allows you to look at all the overworld sprites. All of them are listed in order, but are named かいはつちゅう, "currently in development". Pressing any directional button while viewing a sprite will cause it to animate. Pressing A on some sprites brings up a prompt "これをせんたくしますか?" (Would you like to do this?) Choosing the first option causes the overworld sprite to spawn and follow you around in the overworld. Some sprites without animation frames, such as the Pokémon Center nurses, will display incorrect tiles when animated, while others, like the overworld Poké Ball/item icon, will not change at all.


のりもの "Transportation" lets you choose between four movement types: walking, biking, skateboarding, and Lapras (same as Surfing.). Skateboarding isn't fully functional, and will only move properly with B held. It ignores collision data, making it very easy to crash the game as a result.

Time Adjustment

ツールギア "Toolgear" lets you test transitions between day and night as well as change the duration of day and night.

  • とけい "Clock" will show the current time on a small HUD at the bottom of the screen.
  • ざひょう "Coordinate" will show the current coordinate of protagonist at the bottom of the screen.
  • アジャスト "Adjust" will let you change the time.
  • 60びょう "60 Seconds" will make a day to night to darkness transition every 60 seconds.
  • 24じかん "24 Hours" will make the clock go back to its normal 24 hour state... or make 24 hours pass? Are days of the week even present in this build?
  • けす "Erase" removes the time HUD at the bottom.


パソコン "PC" will let you access the PC from anywhere. This is necessary to reach the storage systems, because PCs in Pokémon Centers do not function. The player always has 3 random Pokémon in their PC storage at level 5.

Page 2


ショップ (Shop) opens the shop menu. Trying to buy items allows you to select which ones to buy, but then only gives a message saying that this is still under development (ごめんね かいはつちゅうなんだ). Selling items does not work at all, only giving a similar message (かいはつちゅうです) when selecting the option.


かいふく (Recover) will instantly heal your Pokémon, no strings attached.


じっけん "Experimental" opens a primitive interface for the PokéGear. You can view the current time, change the radio channel, look at the town map, and view the phone screen, even if you can't call anyone - it only displays a screen that says けんがい "Out of range", with a textbox that says "ちぇっ……" "Darn..."

The Tuning screen features four placeholder stations that just change the music. In order, they are Route 1, Trainer Battle, Viridian City, and the Bike theme.


Similar to the subgame menu accessible from the main debug menu, ゲーム Game lets you play three subgames while in the field: slots, poker, and the match game. There is a fourth, blank slot that cannot be selected, similar to the debug menu that still exists in Crystal.


The ingame mapper マッパー allows you to view objects and coordinates for the current map that you are on.

Page 3

Event Flags

イベント "Event" lets you clear (フラグを クリア) and set (フラグを うめる) event flags for the map you are currently on; however, maps with actual events will just close the menu if you select anything (it will still set/clear the event flags). If the map has no events, it will tell you that there are no sequences to select (このマップは シーケンスの とうろくが ありません) and automatically close the event menu.


テスト "Test" lets you see all the tiles loaded for the map you are on as well as the tilesets for battle and for overworld sprites. Pressing some buttons will advance the test to another screen, while others will make it go back to the previous screen.


テレポ! (Telepo!) sets the current map/tile (?) as the destination for when you use Teleport. This has not been tested yet.

Come Along

つれてけ "Follow/come with" has two options: はじまる "Start" will cause you to follow a NPC with glitched graphics around in a circle for a little bit. You will hop around as well. Be careful where you activate this, as you may be unwillingly taken out of the map's boundaries, causing a game crash. You can open the debug menu while following; selecting おわる "End" will stop the following sequence. After this, if you try to start again, you may instead get the message "ポケモンを つれているときは だめです", meaning "You can't do this when you have a Pokémon." This may imply that it was used for a time when you do not have a Pokémon yet, such as in the beginning of the game.


ちず "Map" lets you see the map. You can move a bird Pokémon's sprite around, like in the Fly menu, but pressing A will just take you back to the main menu.


  • Starting the game with a save file existing on the cartridge will change the Super Game Boy border to one identical to the final, instead of the one used for the demo. This border is always seen in early magazine photos of the game.