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Proto:Shadow Warrior (1997)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shadow Warrior (1997).

There are a number of prototypes of Shadow Warrior online. One of these was leaked out from 3D Realms shortly before release, while the others were officially released by 3D Realms and Devolver Digital as a curiosity in 2017, along with the previously leaked one in a legitimate fashion.

Prototype 1993-09-16
Proof of concept version used to pitch the game way back in 1993.
Sw94p 1108.png
Prototype 1994-05-23
A very early prototype that's extremely different from the final game.
Swjan95 2060.png
Prototype 1995-01-15
The first of the 1995 prototypes, featuring a shift to a much darker atmosphere, more final enemies, and a picture of a developer's face in a weapon sprite.
Swjan95 1100.png
Prototype 1995-02-10
A prototype that is quite similar to the January 1995 prototype, but with a lot more levels to explore.
Swsep95 1108.png
Prototype 1995-09-08
A prototype representing the game before the internal 3D Realms team began to work on it. It is protected by an AEGIS parallel port dongle. Playable only via a franken build from the October 31 source code.
Swjun11th 2070.png
Prototype 1996-06-11
A prototype made after development was moved to 3D Realms itself. Many elements of the final game, such as vehicles and Lo Wang's powerful arsenal, are starting to appear.
Swjun27th 1106.png
Prototype 1996-06-27
Contains several changes from the June 11th prototype, such as a new player sprite, weapons that are a little closer to their final incarnations, voxels that did not appear in the final game, and the introduction of the Railgun.
Swaug96 2626.png
Prototype 1996-08-12
The final versions of some weapons are starting to come online, some weird graphics can be found, Lo Wang gets his own version of the Doom Guy's radiation suit, and there's...90s Japanese porn in the texture files?
Swnov96 2796.png
Prototype 1996-11-28
A demonstration made to the game's publisher. Pretty close to the final game, but has some unrefined mechanics and is still missing the wisecracking and bearded Lo Wang the final game is known for.
Swapril97 4493.png
Prototype 1997-04-04
Leaked shortly before the game's release. Dated April 4, 1997.