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Proto:Shadow Warrior (1997)/Prototype 1996-08-12

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Shadow Warrior (1997).

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The August 1996 Shadow Warrior prototype shows the game getting closer to the final game. While many of the levels are still either WIP or don't exist, the arsenal has been mostly finalized. Meanwhile, enemies, graphics, sounds, music, and items are mostly the same as they were in the previous prototype. It seems that the game is getting closer and closer to reaching the final Shadow Warrior as we know it, but still has a bit to go.



Swaug96 hud1.png

The main graphic for the HUD has been removed, but everything else works fine. If the player removes the HUD, then brings it back, the HUD will show a hall of mirrors effect.

Broken Use Key

In many levels, the use key doesn't seem to work. This means that doors cannot be opened and switches cannot be pulled, making it very difficult to explore most of the levels. Most likely it was due to some kind of core change to sector functions with levels not being updated rather than something to do with the key itself. Thankfully, all of the levels affected by this are in earlier prototypes, so there's no real loss.


Turrets now function, unlike previous prototypes. They cannot be destroyed.

The inability to destroy turrets will stay in the rest of the prototypes. Only the final game lets the player destroy them.


This prototype adds the cheat "swclip", which allows one to fly through walls. However, this tends to crash the game if the player tries to go through a thick wall.


Removed Graphics

Graphic Tile Number Notes
Swaug96 2624.png 2624
Swaug96 2625.png 2625
Swaug96 2626.png Swaug96 2627.png 2626 and 2627

Changed Graphics

June 11th, 1996 Final Game Tile Number Notes
Swaug96 2620.png Sw97final 2620.png 2620 Completely new texture.
Swaug96 2621.png Sw97final 2621.png 2621 Completely new texture.
Swaug96 2681.png Sw97final 2681.png 2681 Made blue so the pallete can be adjusted by level designers.
Swaug96 2682.png Sw97final 2682.png 2682 Made blue so the pallete can be adjusted by level designers.
Swaug96 2683.png Sw97final 2683.png 2683 Made blue so the pallete can be adjusted by level designers.
Swaug96 2684.png Sw97final 2684.png 2684 Made blue so the pallete can be adjusted by level designers.
Swaug96 2685.png Sw97final 2685.png 2685 Made a dark orange color.

Sounds and Music

Sounds and music are the same as the previous prototype.


The weapon order has been changed a bit in this prototype. The Katana and Shuriken are both accessed with the 1 key, which moves down each weapon by one key. The final game undoes this and gives the Shuriken the 2 key, like in earlier prototypes.


Swjun27th 2080.png

The Katana is the same as it was in the previous prototype.


Swaug96 2130.png

The armband on the Shuriken's first person sprite has been modified to better match the rest of the armbands in this prototype.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 2130.png Sw97final 2130.png
August 1996 June 11th, 1996
Swaug96 2130.png Swjun11th 2045.png

Riot Gun

Swaug96 2212.png

The Riot Gun has received another new sprite that's closer to the final design. While the body design itself is similar to the final sprite, the barrels are longer, while the body itself is thinner than the final sprite and has a different rear.

In-game, it behaves the same as it did in the previous prototype.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 2212.png Sw97final 2211.png


Swjun27th 2004.png

The Uzi is the same as in the previous prototype.

Rocket Launcher

Swaug96 2070.png

The Rocket Launcher is much closer to the final design, but still has some elements from the previous prototypes' designs, such as the white dots in the center of the gun.

This prototype gives the ability to either fire a single rocket or the burst-fire more from previous builds. When the 20 rocket mode is selected, the number on the gun will switch to 20.

There is also a mode that can be accessed between single and burst-fire, but it is the same as the single fire mode. Since the game already has graphics for the final's HEAT rocket indicator, it's likely this mode is a placeholder for the final's HEAT rocket mode.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 2070.png Sw97final 2070.png
August 1996 June 27th, 1996
Swaug96 2070.png Swjun27th 2070.png
Prototype Pre-release image
Swaug96 2070.png Sw97 shot8.jpg

Grenade Launcher

Swaug96 2121.png

The Grenade Launcher's first person sprite has had a yin-yang symbol drawn on it to match the rest of the first person sprites, but is otherwise the same as previous prototypes.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 2121.png Sw97final 2121.png

Sticky Bomb

Sw97final 2221.png

The Sticky Bomb now has spikes sticking out of it and behaves like the final's, but the stripe on it is still blue instead of the player's color.

The ability to put Sticky Bombs on enemies is bugged in this prototype. A bomb can be stuck on an enemy, but will not follow the victim while he moves, making it appear static. It will still explode a second or two after being put on someone, however.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 stickybomb.png Sw97final stickybomb.png


Swaug96 2010.png

The Railgun has received a cleaned up first person sprite that is similar to the final design in idea, but differs in several ways, such as having a larger scope, a bigger and lighter blue portion that has a completely different design, and a smaller rear.

When fired, the Railgun shoots a projectile that explodes with a trail of smoke following it from the muzzle instead of an energy wave that causes little chunks to come out of a wall if it hits a wall, or blood if it hits an enemy. This is similar to how rockets were fired out of the Riot Gun and Railgun in the previous prototypes, but the Riot Gun's smoke trail had a small limit.

Prototype Final
Swaug96 2010.png Sw97final 2010.png
Prototype Final
Swaug96 railgunfire.png Sw97final railgunfire.png

Ripper Heart

Swjun27th 2050.png

The Ripper's Heart is the same as it was in the previous prototype.

Guardian Head

Swjun27th 2048.png

The Guardian Head has a new draw animation. When the weapon is pulled out, the head will turn toward the camera, open and close his mouth, then turn back. The head used in this animation appears to be from a different source than the one used for the regular sprite, and it's much darker and has different details than the other one.

It behaves the same as it did in previous prototypes, but the head graphic no longer changes position when changing the firing modes, making it difficult to see what firing mode the weapon is currently on.


The enemies are the same as the previous prototype, but with one humorous difference.

Red Ninja

Swjun27th redninja.png

The rocket the Red Ninja shoots is a flying graphic for the Railgun's first person sprite instead of the proper sprite because someone forgot to update his sprite definitions when the crossbow arrow/rocket sprite was changed. Ooops.




Several items from previous prototypes, such as the old rocket ammo for the Riot Gun/Railgun, have been removed with their sprites replaced with a placeholder that says “DELETE ME” in red text.

Interestingly, one of the items deleted is the Uzi magazine item, but not the box of Uzi rounds item. It seems the developers replaced the box of ammo sprite with an Uzi magazine, then reduced the amount of ammo accordingly.

Shotgun Shell Box

Swaug96 1823.png

The shotgun shells in the box of shotgun shells are now red to match the ones ejected from the Riot Gun. The box has been made lighter as well.

August 1996 prototype June 27th, 1996 prototype
Swaug96 1823.png Swjun11th 1823.png

Environmental Suit

Swaug96 1837.png

This prototype adds a new item, the Environmental Suit. This item protects the player from dangerous substances, such as lava, for around 60 seconds.

When the item is active, an icon of the items will be on the upper left-hand corner. It will begin to flash soon before it expires.

The sprite itself will blink in and out because it occupies a space for the white potion seen in previous prototypes, which did have an animation. Since the other frames no longer exist, the game will show nothing.

This item was removed from the final game, leaving the player with no way to protect himself against deadly liquids.


The level $airport has received some touch-ups, but otherwise the levels are the same as they were in the previous prototype.