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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/August 21st, 1992/Casino Night Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/August 21st, 1992.

Casino Night Zone has the same general design as in the Simon Wai proto, but is much more complete. Almost all of the incorrect chunks are fixed, collision is strengthened, and Sonic no longer spawns in the air. Both Acts are still completely devoid of objects, though.


Simon Wai proto Pre-release photo
Sonic2 cnzlayoutwai.png Sonic2prerelease casinonight.jpg
August 21st proto September 14th proto - Final
Sonic2 MD CNZLayoutAug21.png Sonic2 cnzlayoutfinal.png

The version of Casino Night here seems to be the same one seen in a few early screenshots. The Zone reached its final design by the September 14th build.

Simon Wai August 21st
Sonic2WaiProto BGCNZ.png Sonic2CasinoNightBGAug.png
  • The background was given a major overhaul: the buildings are smaller, making them appear further away, and there's an extra layer at the bottom. Given the way they're set up, paralax scrolling would've been used a lot here.
  • The triangle bumpers, conveyor belts, elevator tops, and neon tree lights still have their designs from the Simon Wai build.

Sonic2Alpha CNZ Block.gif

  • While not implemented yet, the moving blocks have their art in the ROM. Various other common objects such as the flippers are also loaded into VRAM, but haven't actually been coded yet.
  • The bumper has been implemented, albeit pink instead of red. It can be placed in Debug Mode.

Sonic2Alpha Autoroll Object.png

  • The auto-roll object (used in Hill Top and Casino Night to force Sonic/Tails into a ball) has also been implemented and is placeable in Debug Mode. The final game represents it as a column of red rings in Debug Mode.
  • The boss spawns at the end of Act 2, but it's incomplete:
    • The electricity palette never loads, instead being black. Additionally, going further right will overwrite its art with that of the signpost.
    • Robotnik only drops bombs and moves upward.
    • The bombs, instead of sitting still and explode, move around for about 20 seconds.
Simon Wai August 21st
File:Sonic2PinkCardWai.gif Sonic2PinkCardAlpha.gif
Simon Wai August 21st
File:Sonic2BlueCardWai.gif Sonic2BlueCardAlpha.gif

The pink and blue cards are now updated to be animated and be in a uncompressed format. In the Wai prototype, they were highly reduced, compressed in Nemesis, and weren't animated besides the palette cycling.


Act 1

Simon Wai August 21st
Sonic2CasinoNight1Wai.png Sonic2CasinoNight1Alpha.png

Act 1 is a lot more polished up than in the Wai build. There's not as many broken tiles, and some of the other errors have been fixed.

Act 2

Simon Wai August 21st
Sonic2CasinoNight2Wai.png Sonic2CasinoNight2Alpha.png

Same as with Act 1. Some chunks are now present which weren't in the Wai prototype.