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Proto:South Park Rally (Windows)/August 27th, 1999

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This is a sub-page of Proto:South Park Rally (Windows).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

An early prototype of South Park Rally from August 27th, 1999 was released by Forest of Illusion and contains a large number of differences.

To do:
  • Can multiplayer be accessed?
  • Any further differences, gameplay, races etc.

General Differences

  • Starting the game in any resolution other than 640x480 breaks the menus.
  • Very prone to crashing.
  • An extra bit of text appears on the HUD whenever you pick up an item or whenever someone passes a checkpoint.
  • Ms. Cartman and the alternate costumes for Chef and the boys are absent. No trace of the cut Clown is present either.
  • Ms. Crabtree and the Chickenlover are fully playable in this build.

Title Screen

Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug Title.png SouthParkRallyTitle.png
  • The title screen shows a section of the farm level in the background.

Debug Features

Some debug features are available by pressing any of the following during gameplay.

  • E opens up a car mass editor.
SPRally Aug27 masseditor.png
  • G opens a gamma editor.
SPRally Aug27 gammaeditor.png
  • M mutes the game.
  • T opens the in-game chat.
  • F1 toggles between three camera modes: 3rd person, free cam and 1st person.
  • Pressing F3 once resets every racer back to the starting line, and pressing it the second time restarts the race.
  • The AI and waypoint editors from the September 8th build are in the code of this build, but not functional due to lack of ai_waypoint.c implementation.
(Source: Resr rore)


  • In the "Cow Days" race, there is a single checkpoint which serves no purpose. It uses a checkpoint texture unique to the "Cow Days" theme.
  • In the "Spring Cleaning" race, the player must hold all four pieces of underwear to win. In the final game, you must do three laps across four checkpoints while holding at least one pair.
  • The "Thanksgiving" race ends immediately when once one racer has collected 20 turkeys. In the final game, they must ring a bell after collecting the turkeys. The race still has a checkpoint and a unique bell model not seen in the final game.
  • During the "Pink Lemonade" race, the cans of lemonade indicating how many are left to deliver are missing.


  • Mr. Hankey protects the player for a set amount of time, instead of disappearing after once hit.
  • The Underpants Gnomes won't steal the puck.
  • Three weapons are completely absent in this build: the Mr. Mackey Balloon Head Gadget, the Dildo and Herpes.
  • Instead of appearing as it's standalone pickup, Pinkeye can randomly be found in regular item boxes. Instead of reversing the controls, it just slows the player down in this build.
  • Instead of reversing the controls of opposing players, Pinkeye only has effect on the player.
  • Instead of being a normal weapon, The Mexican Staring Frog acts similar to Pinkeye in this build, turning the players car into stone when collected.
  • An additional "suck ass" item, the "Panthios Pickup", appears in item boxes. The effect is similar to hitting lava. Cut from the final game.
  • The cut Triangle of Zinthar item appears in this build, both as a standalone pickup and in the item boxes. The standalone pickup ("Megazanthar Pickup") reverses the controls of your opponents, while the one found in item boxes ("Zanthar Pickup") only has effect on the player.
SPRally aug27 zintharbox.png

SPRally pickup 0006 proto.png

Unused Tracks


An earlier version of the City ("city2") track exists in this build, unused, appropriately named "city". In general it's bigger and with more branching paths than the final. It was removed from subsequent builds.

city city2
SPRally Aug27 citymap.png SPRally Final city2map.png
SPRally Aug27 citymodel.png SPRally final city2model.png

Edit sprally.exe at 00098EF0, replacing 47 52 49 44 49 52 4F 4E with 43 49 54 59 00 00 00 00, then select Gridiron in-game to load the unused track.

(Source: Resr rore)


An unused version of introanim. Can be loaded in-game by replacing the used files, though the game crashes when it tries to move to the next scene.

intro_anim introanim
SPRally Aug27 introanim.png SPRally Aug27 intro anim.png

SPRally Aug27 menuworlds 0013.png

Unused Graphics


Dear god, Ned, get it off me!

A rather crude looking version of Uncle Jimbo's face with "REMOVE!" written over it.

Unused Models

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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  • Standalone model of the man sitting on the fence in the Farm level. He is also found in hitobject_cowdays.vram, both in this build and the final, so the standalone model was removed for being redundant.


  • While still present and unused in the final game, it lacks the roadkill on the front bumper.


  • An early version of Mr. Mackey's model.

Graphical Differences



Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep8 bigayal 0005.png I'm thuper, thankth for athking!
  • Big Gay Al's head texture was shrunk and given his entire face.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally cartjeep 0004 proto.png SPRally cartjeep 0005 final.png
  • The wheels of Eric Cartman's jeep were later cutout in black.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 cartjeep 0003.png SPRally Final cartjeep0003.png
  • Cartman's eyes were shrunken slightly.


Aug 27 Final
I'm not fat, I'm big boned! See?
  • Eric Cartman's default mouth had a chin, which is not consistent with the rest of the mouth shapes.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep8 Chef 0035.png SPRally Aug27 Chef 0026.png
  • Chef's back window was made higher resolution.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally chickenlover back proto.png SPRally chickenlover back final.png
  • The top portion of the back of the Chickenlover's bus was slightly recolored.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Jesus 0002 proto.pngSPRally Jesus 0003 proto.png SPRally Jesus 0002 final.pngSPRally Jesus 0003 final.png
  • Jesus has a lighter skin color in the prototype.


  • Grandpa Marsh has two expressions that are not present in the final game.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally macky 0004 proto.pngSPRally macky 0005 proto.pngSPRally macky 0009 proto.png SPRally macky 0004 final.pngSPRally macky 0005 final.pngSPRally macky 0009 final.png
  • Mr. Mackey had lighter skin and a different hair texture.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep8 Macky 0007.png SPRally Sep29 Macky 0007.png

SPRally Sep29 Macky 0010.png

  • The license plate on the back of Mr. Mackey's car texture was removed in place of a physical license plate.


Aug 27 Final
A five assed monkey... now that's a great idea. SPRally mephesto final.png
  • Mephesto's license plate changed to correctly reference his penchant for four-assed creatures.


Aug 27 Final
Oh, jeez! SPRally mr garrison anim 0004 final.png
  • Mr. Garrison's face is higher resolution and has an open mouth.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 mr garrison anim 0001.png SPRally Nov8 mr garrison anim 0001.png
  • His body was given a more detailed texture.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally mr garrison front proto.png
SPRally mr garrison back proto.png
SPRally mr garrison backwindow proto.png
SPRally mr garrison front final.png
SPRally mr garrison back final.png
SPRally mr garrison backwindow final.png
  • Mr. Garrison didn't have a custom license plate yet and his rearview had a little "stop" sign.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally mrscrabtree side proto.png SPRally mrscrabtree side final.png
  • The spacing in South Park was fixed.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 Pip 0007.png SPRally Final Pip 0007.png
  • The front of Pip's car texture was made wider.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 Pip 0010.png SPRally Final Pip 0010.png
  • Pip's front window was shrunk slightly.


  • Satan has four expressions that are not present in the final game.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep29 satan anim 0012.png
SPRally Sep29 satan anim 0013.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0012.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0013.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0014.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0015.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0016.png
SPRally Nov11 satan anim 0017.png
  • Satan does not have a visible mouth yet.


SPRally Aug27 skuzz.png
  • Skuzzlebutt is missing his leek.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally skuzzlebut 0003 proto.png Friiiiend.
  • Skuzzlebutt's hairline was altered to be more accurate to his appearance in the show.


Aug 27 Final
My name doesn't have an E, you turds! GOD no one respects me! Thanks, Aunt Flo!
  • Shelly's license plate was mispelled (much like her filename) and was later corrected.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally shelley 0005 proto.png

SPRally shelley 0007 proto.png

SPRally shelley 0005 final.png

SPRally shelley 0007 final.png

  • Shelly was given a more angry expression to more accurately reflect her character.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep8 sheila 0006.png SPRally Sep29 sheila 0007.png
  • Sheila's open mouth was later shrunk slightly.


  • Sheila has two expressions that were cut from the final game.


Aug 27 Final
*fart* SPRally t and p Sep29 0005.png
  • Terrance and Phillip's eye texture was shrunk.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Tweek vram 0008 aug27.png SPRally Tweek vram 0004 final.png
  • Tweek didn't have his own license plate yet.
Aug 27 Final
Too much pressure! WAY too much pressure!
  • Tweek's head texture's skin was later darkened.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 unclejimbo 0004.png You almost spilled your beer!
  • Uncle Jimbo's face texture was later given a chin.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Sep29 unclejimbo 0012.png SPRally Nov11 unclejimbo 0013.png
  • His license plate texture was shrunken.



Present in the textures for each track in the game.

Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 city2 0015.png
SPRally Aug27 city2 0102.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0018.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0105.png
  • Placeholder banner and checkpoint textures for the Memorial Day race.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug28 city2 0095.png

SPRally Aug27 city2 0098.png
SPRally Aug27 city2 0100.png
SPRally Aug27 city2 0106.png
SPRally Aug28 city2 0104.png
SPRally Aug27 city2 0103.png
SPRally Aug27 city2 0105.png
SPRally Aug28 city2 0107.png

SPRally Sep8 city2 0098.png

SPRally Sep8 city2 0101.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0103.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0109.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0107.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0106.png
SPRally Sep8 city2 0108.png
SPRally Milenium DC.png

Most of the race banners were either redesigned or simply said "START". The banner for Thanksgiving appears corrupted.

  • Rally Days #2 doesn't have its own banner yet, and uses the Rally Days #1 banner as a placeholder.
  • The Pink Lemonade Race doesn't have its own banner yet, and uses the Cow Days banner as a placeholder.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally charicon background proto.png SPRally charicon background final.png
  • The character select background is a different shape.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally endanim1 proto.png SPRally endanim3 final.png
SPRally endanim2 proto.png SPRally endanim1 final.pngSPRally endanim2 final.png
SPRally endanim3 proto.pngSPRally endanim4 proto.pngSPRally endanim5 proto.pngSPRally endanim6 proto.png SPRally endanim4 final.pngSPRally endanim5 final.pngSPRally endanim6 final.pngSPRally endanim7 final.png
  • The "Mega Man" toy branding (as seen in the season 1 episode, "Damien") was changed to "Ultra Ultra Mega Mega Kids", possibly due to the existence of a certain other Mega Man.


  • HUD icons for Terrance & Philip and the Visitor are missing. They use the icons of Ike and Cartman as placeholders, respectively.
  • The HUD icon for the Cow Days antidote is missing.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally hud CopCartman proto.png SPRally hud CopCartman final.png
  • Cop Cartman's sunglasses were missing the frame.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally hud Mackey final.png SPRally hud Mackey proto.png
  • Mr. Mackey's head is slightly larger in the prototype.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally hud background1 proto.png
SPRally hud background2 proto.png
SPRally hud background3 proto.png
SPRally hud background1 final.png
SPRally hud background2 final.png
SPRally hud background3 final.png
  • The backgrounds for the character icons were different shapes.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally hud 0111 proto.png SPRally hud 0111.png
  • A work-in-progress watermark. It was replaced in the final game by an also unused Tantalus logo.


Aug 27 Final
*hit by Ike* *hit by Mr. Hankey*
  • The South Park sign was missing the trademark symbol.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally les proto.png Meet some friends of mine.
  • Les Claypool's textures were miscolored in this build.


SPRally lobbypro vram multi1.png SPRally lobbypro vram multi2.png

  • Two unused multiplayer menu backgrounds. Note that the level shown is the early "city" track.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally pickup 0007 proto.png
SPRally pickup 0008 proto.png
SPRally pickup 0011 final.png
SPRally pickup 0012 final.png
  • The pickup boxes used more primitive looking textures.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally aug27 puck 0017.png Dude, I think you just pulled mud!
  • The underwear puck for the Spring Cleaning race was clean, but later given stains.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally aug27 puck lemonade.png SPRally final puck lemonade.png
  • The lemonade can texture had a pink border in the prototype.



  • She has only one mouth shape.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally Aug27 bulldozer tracks.gif SPRally Final bulldozer 0003.png
  • The grousers on the bulldozer were originally animated. This applies to snowplough.vram as well.

Track Differences


  • The yellow barriers are missing.
SPRally Aug27 traincrossing.png
  • The gates at the train crossing are missing.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally mountains 0093 proto.png SPRally gayworld 0136 final.png
  • The trees use a different texture. The same change applies to mountains.vram as well.
  • The dance floor lights have one less frame than in the final game.


SPRally Aug27 policesign.png
  • There are police station signs around the track, which were removed from the final game.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally forest mental proto.png SPRally forest mental final.png
  • Still, the texture was changed into a town hall sign.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally forest toll proto.png SPRally forest toll final.png
  • "Bridge Toll" became a "Toll Bridge".
SPRally Aug27 morguehedge.png
  • There is a hedge on top of the brick fence around the Morgue.


SPRally Aug27 mountainwalls.png
  • A non solid wall is covering one of the waterfalls.
SPRally Aug27 mountainwalls2.png
  • Another non solid wall.
SPRally Aug27 mountaintexture.png
  • A misplaced texture.
SPRally Aug27 mountaindebris.png
  • A piece of debris is partially blocking one of the roads.
Aug 27 Final
SPRally mountains ranch proto.png SPRally mountains ranch final.png
SPRally mountains seismic proto.png SPRally mountains seismic final.png
  • The spacing on South Park was fixed.


Aug 27 Final
SPRally volcano wing proto.png SPRally volcano wing final.png
  • "SP01" was changed into "CA01" on the wing of the crashed plane.
  • Many of the textures for Volcano appear to be higher resolution than in the final game.

Audio Differences


  • Every character uses Eric Cartman voice clips leftover from South Park.


The music folder contains an extra Impulse Tracker file exclusive to this build, YBSPDEMO.IT (Yannis Brown South Park Demo).

The comment in the file reads as follows:

South Park Demo Tune

By: Yannis Brown.

(c) June 1999

Sectn : Song : Description
1         1. : South Park Remix
2         ?. : Orchestral Doomy Music
3         6. : Parade Type Music
4         2. : South Park Rally General Theme #2
5         7. : South Park XMas Theme
6         8. : South Park End Of World
7         5. : South Park Grunge ? - Need some Melody or ok like this?

Three of the tracks are unused, while the rest match the final game.

Song Notes
"Orchestral Doomy Music", a cut piece of music.
"South Park End Of World", most likely an early version of the Millennium New Year's race music.
A short snippet of the above track.


Mayor McDaniel's race introductions are voiced by a developer using a particularly crunchy-sounding microphone.

Filename Audio



A blurb describing the game, including a working title, South Kart.


South Kart is a trailblazer in the developing genre of kart battles with the
exception that this game has an additional objectives: that of are carried out 
with an object ('Mega-Man' etc.) over a series of grids.

The basis of the game is to carry the puck over a grid which is then activated.
The puck is acquired in the first instance by running over or driving near it
at which point it will automatically attach itself to the kart (the kart will 
emit a blue hue to indicate this).  If another player has the puck the puck may
be stolen by tagging (ramming the opposing kart) or by hitting the vehicle with
a weapon. A player may also lose the puck if reckless driving causes the kart to
flip onto its back.

Check the lobby screen for addtional information on other race objectives.

Known Problems

- much incompleteness
- sound effects for all characters are not present.
  every character uses the cartman voice for now until matt and trey finish the dialogue.
- music not finalized
- sporadic crashing