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Proto:Star Fox 2/April 1, 1994

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Star Fox 2.

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Despite the April 1st date, this is chronologically between April 15th and May 6th builds, due to elements of both prototypes being present.

The ROM's file path is other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox2\KAWAGOE\SF.ROM. No fixes are necessary to run the ROM, although its extension may need to be changed to ".SFC" depending on your emulator.

Changes since April 15, 1994

The menu font has changed significantly.

April 15, 1994 April 1, 1994
Star Fox 2 (Proto) title menu.png SF2-94-06-13-01.png

The map screen has been altered somewhat; it now contains some planets scattered about, although only one can be selected.

April 15, 1994 April 1, 1994
Sf2april15map.png Sf2april1map.png

In game, the debug display in the top left is now slightly more user friendly. Other UI elements such as the fonts have been redrawn, and the map has more icons visible.

EXT-SENKAN has some new rings for your enjoyment
The under construction signs, featuring an apologetic workman

The stages have been overhauled massively! The previous barren landscapes are gone, replaced with much larger worlds containing a multitude of interesting enemies and landscapes (except STG4-PARK, which remains the same as last time, except for the new daytime background; STG5-SUN; EXT2-ASTEROID). Levels also now have time limits of 5 minutes, and when the time runs out the player is kicked back out to the map screen. Leaving the area now attempts to punish the player; a ten-second countdown will start and the screen will get gradually darker. Once this countdown is over, a "failure" sound effect will play and... the countdown restarts. Oh well.

The music has been replaced too, with a soundtrack that would stay through most of the other 1994 builds.

A boss can also now be spawned in a level, by pressing the button combo A + B + X + Y + L + R twice. Depending on the stage that the player is in, the boss will either be Space Blade or the Mirage Dragon.

Bosses are now easier to fight in this build due to adjustments to shooting mechanics. On top of that, the Space Blade is now missing its top parts, so it's enough to destroy the bottom parts now.

The “Mission Complete” sequence has been slightly altered since the April 15th build, now having a basic fade-out and booting you back to the Stage Selection screen.

The Arwing transformation animation has been overhauled, speeding it up massively and reducing the spinning. The walker itself is also slightly faster, but not enough to be tolerable. On the plus side, something resembling camera controls have been added... you can now hold X and Up to pan the camera downwards in walker mode.

The "Test" and "Training" modes can still be started, however, due to a bug, the modes immediately go into pause mode (decided by the "Start" button). The "Test" mode is rather barren, but it does the job as intended (with the exception of the aforementioned bug).

Test Training (Type) Training (Train)
SF2 - 01-04-1994-220313-133825.png SF2 - 01-04-1994-220313-134528.png SF2 - 01-04-1994-220313-134452.png

The camera now functions properly when using the Walker underwater, instead of waiting several seconds for the walker to sink to the bottom as in the April 15th build. However, the underwater background does not appear any more.

Unlike the May, 1994 builds, the backgrounds are able to scroll in most levels, allowing them to be seen in their entirety. Several stages have graphics in the background that say "工事中" (under construction), for reasons no one will ever know.

The battle mode character select screen has been overhauled:

April 15, 1994 "April 1, 1994" Final (main campaign, not battle)
SF2-2Vs2April 15, 1994 Build.png Sf2april1battleselect.png SF2-2Vs2-Final.png

turning it into a near-midpoint between the earliest and latest revisions.

P Score Results Screen
P Score.png Results SF2 1994.04.01.png

Battle mode maps are now slightly less barren also, and when a player dies they now respawn in the battle arena rather than the game locking up. While in the battle mode, the player can complete enemy's, as well as beat his opponent, who is sitting at the second controller. Unlike the previous prototype, now each level is divided into 3 rounds, each of which lasts 2 minutes. At the end of all three rounds, a placeholder screen will be shown, where the overall results could be displayed, as well as the estimated scale, which could visually show the advantage over the opponent and vice versa.