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Proto:Star Fox 2/April 15, 1994 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Star Fox 2.

The April 15, 1994 prototype of Star Fox 2 was dumped around August 6th, 1999, and has many differences from later builds; It still feels more like a tech demo than an actual game at this point in development.

NOTE: This prototype requires the console's WRAM to be initialized to zero at boot, otherwise it will lock up at a black screen. It may not work in some emulators as a result. (In other words, open it in snes9x and reset it once.)

Download.png Download Star Fox 2 (Early Prototype)
File: Star_Fox_2_(J)_(Early_Prototype).smc (923 KB) (info)

General Differences

  • The menus at this point are placeholders, with a stylistically different font (to the rest of the builds) on a black background.
  • No mission briefings are given.
  • Alongside the walker, an extra Arwing transformation is present, this one turning the Arwing into a floating turret.
  • All the levels are different between versions.
April 15, 1994 June 22, 1995
Star Fox 2 (Proto) title menu.png Star Fox 2.png
Star Fox 2 (Proto) pilot select.png Star Fox 2 final pilot select.png

2P vs. Mode

To do:
Compare to the WCES 1995 build.

A mode which got cut near the end of development.

Star Fox 2 (Proto) 2Pversus field select.png Star Fox 2 (Proto) 2Pversus menu.png
Andross is playable? And who is that other fox? Star Fox 2 (Proto) 2Pversus ingame.png

Config Mode

To do:
Describe in more detail what each option does.
April 15, 1994 June 22, 1995
Star fox 2 early proto-config.png Star fox 2 late proto-config.png

Accessible in the 1994 and 1995 builds is a CONFIG MODE, labeled CONFIG on the title screen, which functions as a sound test. This build only plays sound effects, while the 1995 build adds background music playback, cpu to audio unit register writer (4 bytes, named ports), a more stylized font, and a cursor.

The options themselves in this build are simple to understand and self-explanatory.

April 15, 1994
SOUND Selects sound channels between Stereo and Mono.
BGM Navigates all available music tracks.
SE Navigates all available sound effects.
EXIT Think. What would this mean?

The controls here differ between the builds:

April 15, 1994 June 22, 1995
Select option Up/Down Up/Down
Toggle option Left/Right Left/Right
Fast cursor B + D-Pad
Confirm A B
Stop sound B X

Unused Graphics

To do:
This Starfox-online.net topic talks about unused graphics found within this build. Investigate exactly what unused graphics exist and add them here.

Fox Early Mission Mode Character Select Portrait

April 15, 1994 Prototype (Unused)
June 8, 1995 Prototype and later

An early, unused version of Fox's portrait from the 1-Player Mission mode character select screen, along with three duplicates, can be found buried in the ROM in a format which can be decompressed by the Super FX chip. The three duplicates are likely placeholders for Falco's, Peppy's, and Slippy's portraits, which do not exist in this build. Compared to the version used in the later prototype and final build, Fox lacks most of his shading, his head is slightly larger, his eyes are brown instead of blue, and his facial expression when selected is...frightening.

2-Player Battle


These sprites, which are loaded with the other graphics in the Battle mode menu, appear to be intended for when both players have selected their characters. However, the screen just fades out with a mosaic effect when this happens in this build.

(Source: Patch93)

Score, Coins and Items Table


The table at the bottom, gets printed on the screen that appears after you press Start, but it's hidden by other layers .