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Proto:Super Mario Kart/mario-kart

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Super Mario Kart.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
Everything. The changes are unfinished.

A later build than May 18 build. More things have been implemented while still missing the Nintendo polish. Despite being last modified on July 14, this build dates sometime in the latter half of June.

To get the ROM working, apply this patch.

Changes between this and earlier build


  • Ending has been partially implemented (crashes at Rainbow Road scene due to unknown reasons).
  • 150cc has been implemented, which you unlock after the buggy 100cc ending.
  • The replay feature from Time Trial has been implemented.
  • Time Trial ghosts has been implemented.
  • The track selection and the pause menu in race can now be navigated using select.
  • The secret "mini mode", which lets you play the entire race in Grand Prix and Match Race shrunken, is now implemented (can be done by holding Y and pressing A on the driver select screen).


  • The beta chocolate Battle Mode track has been removed and replaced with finalized track.
  • Giving up on Battle Mode now shows the result screen and plays victory tune. Previously, the screen would darken and a set of options appear.
  • You can now throw bananas and lay down shells.
  • Item generation is more polished and position based.
  • Moles now behave like the final.
  • While cheep-cheeps are still upside down, they now behave like the final and you no longer lose coins touching them.
  • Going over pipes and such with a star now destroys the target instead of feather jumping over it.

Graphics / UI

  • The "Course Selct" typo has been corrected to "Course Select".
  • The 1P and 2P icons at the item box has been changed to just 1 and 2 like the final.
  • Coin UI now flashes when you have 0 coins..
  • The result screen tally now functions like the final (no more OUT).
  • The unique 2nd and 3rd position endings have been removed and are now identified as the final.
  • Lakitu now has a X on his flag.


  • Ending BGM has been implemented.
  • Getting stomped by a Thwomps now sound exactly like the final.
  • Terrain SFX's are now finalized.
  • Vanilla Lake's theme has been finalized.
  • DK. Jr's theme has been finalized.

Bug Fixes

  • Rainbow Road position counter has been fixed, and can now be finished.
  • Going over a lap while in Lakitu mode now counts.
  • You now lose coins again when falling off the track.
  • Drivers now attempt to avoid you, fixing issues like last build where drivers endlessly bonk into you.

General Differences

  • You cannot navigate the title screen and driver select menus using select, unlike the final version.
  • Pressing Start + Select at title screen crashes the game. In earlier builds, It will load a Debug Menu.
  • Stopping the replay in Time Trial does not darken the screen yet.

Gameplay Differences

  • AI difficulty still feels unpolished and really brutal, especially in 100cc special cup.
  • Rainbow Road still has no Thwomps.
  • Reaching the goal while shrunken causes your driver to swap to its winning animation in normal size, unlike the final version.

Sound Differences

Toad's Theme

Proto Final

More instrumentation has been added to the music, and includes a series of brass hits as opposed to the whistle in the final.

Other Sound Differences

  • Rainbow Road's BGM is still not done. Battle Mode plays instead.
  • Like the earlier builds, hitting an enemy still uses a lower-pitched "enemy hit" sound.
  • Going over a ramp with a mushroom still has no unique sound.
  • Boo's SFX are still not done, leaving now a different kind of placeholder sound.
  • The SFX for skidding in Ghost Valley is slightly higher pitched.
  • Skidding on rough terrain plays the regular skidding sound. In the final and other protos, this doesn't happen.

Track Differences

All the missing tracks in the following subsections are identical to their respective final version.

Mario Circuit

Mario Circuit 2

The overall layout and object placement is identical to the final version, except for the ramps and the zippers. Compared to the final version, this build features only one ramp and there are less zippers.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto MC2.png SMKFinal MC2.png

Donut Plains

Donut Plains 2

It features two ramps that were removed in the final version.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto DP2.png SMKFinal DP2.png

Donut Plains 3

Object placement is identical to the final version, but the layout still has a subtle difference: the curve with two x-shaped coin formations became wider in the final version.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto DP3.png SMKFinal DP3.png

Bowser Castle

Bowser Castle 3

A row of coins is missing and a path is blocked in Grand Prix mode by an object left unused in the final game. After the mentioned path an extra ? block is present.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto BC3.png SMKFinal BC3.png

Koopa Beach

Koopa Beach 2

Object placement is final, but the course still features a piece of seashore trapped between the walls that was removed in the final version.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto KB2.png SMKFinal KB2.png

Rainbow Road

It's smaller than the final version and there are more ramps scattered throught the course, but the ? blocks are in their final position.

Proto Final
SMKJuneProto RR.png SMKFinal RR.png

Battle Mode

Apart from having the same track order of the final version, they are identical to them too.