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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.04/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.04.

Unused Graphics

These graphics are exclusive to v0.04, or were first found in this version.


Found in the CharSet folder are the two bed sprites. In v0.04, the bed sprites that are used are only in ChipSet images. It's worth noting that this image matches up perfectly with the beds on the ChipSet for Madotsuki's room, 部屋チップ1.png.

Yn004 CharSetBeds.png


Some stone blocks can be found in Puddle World's ChipSet, but they are not used anywhere.

Yn004-06 PuddleWorldBlocks.png


Found in the ChipSet folder is a loose image of the tiles used for the dirt in the Barracks Settlement. It's most likely a leftover from before Kikiyama pasted the tiles into the respective ChipSet.

A similar image for The Wilderness tiles can be found in the Thumbs.db images with the same 64x32 dimensions under the name 砂浜64 32.png.

Yn004 Dirt.png


The elevator graphics used for the Mall in v0.10 exist in v0.04, but are never utilized. They are colored differently from its v0.10 counterpart.

v0.04/v0.06 v0.07 onward
Yn006 Elevator.PNG Yn010 Elevator.PNG

Forest World Ghost

The face of one of the ghosts found in Forest World, specifically the one with the pink mouth. The center of its mouth is darker, making it look like it has lips. This tile was removed by v0.06.

Unused Used
Yn004 ForestWorldGhostFace.png Yn-PinkForestWorldGhost.png

Hat and Scarf Effect

An alternate version of the Hat and Scarf effect where Madotsuki's braids are hidden. It was overwritten by Mafurako's visible form in v0.08.

Unused Used
Yn004-UnusedHatScarfEffect.png Yn-MadotsukiHatScarfEffect.png


A light graphic broken up into three rays. The shape suggests that it could have been used to show the shine on windows.

Yn004 UnusedLight.png

Sordid ChipSet

An image named どろどろ.png ("Sordid" or "Muddy") can be found in the ChipSet folder. It is not assigned to any tileset in RPG Maker 2003, and was deleted by v0.06.

It contains some reddish terrain, several poles, and the blood splatter that's found in other maps. The two typical gates are also present, showing that the map that would have used this ChipSet would have had connections to other worlds.

A mock-up map of how this ChipSet could have been used has been provided.

Yn004_MuddyChipSet.png A mock-up of how this ChipSet could be used.

If this ChipSet is added into RPG Maker 2003, the red terrain is revealed to be an animated water tile.

Yn004 MuddyWaterTile.gif

Submarine Fish

Both the used and unused variants of the Submarine Fish from v0.10 have sprites in v0.04, but neither of them are used. Both of them lack shadows in v0.04, having a "chopped-off" appearance.

v0.04 - v0.07 v0.08 onward
Yn006 SubmarineFish.png Yn010 SubmarineFish.png


What appears to be an earlier version of the TV can be found on the same CharSet image as the TV that is used, along with an unfinished outline of the TV.

Outline Early Final
Yn004 UnusedTVOutline.png
Yn004 UnusedTV.png
Yn004 TV.png

Vending Machine

Just an ordinary vending machine, except in the CharSet folder. The vending machine sprite that is used is on ChipSets instead, however, none of them have the teal background found in this image.



The Will-o'-the-Wisp effect only has a mugshot in each of the other versions that have been found, but v0.04 finally allows us to see the sprites that would have been used with this effect. It appears that it would have been able to change colors.


Thumbs.db Images

Version 0.04 has a lot of hidden images within its Thumbs.db files, offering a look at in-development graphics and ideas Kikiyama had for the game. Sadly, the quality of these images are very poor due to the nature of compression in Thumbs.db files.

Some of the timestamps on these images are from before v0.00 was released, with a few dating back all the way to early 2003.

Thumbs.db Image Used Image (If available) Japanese Filename Translated Filename Folder Location Date Modified Notes
Yn004-EffectUtilizationThumb.png Yn004-EffectUtilizationBattle.png エフェクト使用.png Effect Utilization Battle 5/30/2004 (11:33:54 UTC) The animation sheet for equipping effects, using the Fat and Flute effects' 1-key actions, obtaining Yen, and purchasing juice from the vending machines.
  • The largest bottle of juice is missing from this sheet.
Yn004-FCProtagonist1Thumb.png Yn004-FCProtagonist1CharSet.png FC主人公1四色.png FC Protagonist1 Four-Color CharSet 8/17/2004 (13:01:42 UTC) Some of Madotsuki's FC World sprites.
  • The sprites are the same, but the background is blue instead of the used image's pink.
Yn004-FCProtagonist2Thumb.png Yn004-FCProtagonist2CharSet.png FC主人公2四色.png FC Protagonist2 Four-Color CharSet 8/17/2004 (12:21:54 UTC) Some of Madotsuki's FC World sprites.
  • The sprites are the same, but the background is blue instead of the used image's pink.
Yn004-FCProtagonist3Thumb.png Yn004-FCProtagonist3CharSet.png FC主人公3四色.png FC Protagonist3 Four-Color CharSet 8/17/2004 (12:10:00 UTC) Some of Madotsuki's FC World sprites.
  • The sprites are the same, but the background is green instead of the used image's pink.
Yn004-isuGifThumb.png N/A isu.gif Chair CharSet 6/23/2004 (09:51:12 UTC) Apparently a gif of Madotsuki riding the desk chair in the dream world.
  • This image has the distinction of being the only gif within the Thumbs.db files, as well as the only one to exclusively use romaji in its filename.
Yn004-MGProtagonist3Thumb.png Yn004-MGProtagonist3CharSet.png MG主人公3雪薄.png MG Protagonist3 Light Snow CharSet 2/2/2004 (13:06:44 UTC) Some of Madotsuki's sprites, with MG referring to "Main Game".
  • "Light Snow" is likely referring to the brightened sprites of the Snow Woman effect.
  • The image that's used in the game has a blue background instead of a black background.
Yn004-NormalThumb.png Yn004-NormalPicture.png ノーマル.png Normal CharSet 8/21/2004 (18:15:12 UTC) A singular image of Madotsuki's FC World appearance. Seems to just be a copy of what's used in the Picture folder.
Yn004-FCHouse2Thumb.png Yn004-FCHouse2Panorama.png FC家2.png FC House2 ChipSet 8/19/2004 (03:41:04 UTC) A more saturated version of the panorama image used for the FC House. It notably lacks stairs.
Yn004-myChipSet1Thumb.png Yn004-SnowChipSet.png myチップセット1.png myChipSet1 ChipSet 5/29/2004 (13:16:28 UTC) An earlier version of Snow World's ChipSet.
  • The pink gate and igloo are missing.
Yn004-myChipSet1testThumb.png Yn004-MinorMap2ChipSet.png myチップセット1test.png myChipSet1test ChipSet 2/14/2003 (05:33:20 UTC) Seems to be an earlier version of Dense Woods A's ChipSet.
  • The trees look different.
  • Both of the restrooms are present.
  • A smaller purple gate can be seen next to the women's restroom, along with an unknown object above it.
  • The road itself appears the same.
Yn004-myChipSet2Thumb.png Yn004-MinorMap2ChipSet.png myチップセット2.png myChipSet2 ChipSet 5/28/2004 (09:10:18 UTC) Appears to be the same as myChipSet1test, except for an additional pink square in the lower right corner.
Yn004-myChipSet3Thumb.png Yn004-NeonChipSet.png myチップセット3.png myChipSet3 ChipSet 5/19/2004 (13:06:32 UTC) An earlier version of Neon World's ChipSet.
  • There is no pink gate.
  • There are trees on the far right.
Yn004-myChipSet4Thumb.png Yn004-CatChipSet.png myチップセット4.png myChipSet4 ChipSet 5/30/2004 (07:29:44 UTC) Shield-Folk World's ChipSet...without the shield-folk.
  • The pink gate is missing
  • The tiles you walk on in this world have not been added.
  • Some black squares appear to be on the left side.
Yn004-myChipSet5Thumb.png Yn004-PuddleChipSet.png myチップセット5.png myChipSet5 ChipSet 5/19/2004 (13:07:02 UTC) Puddle World's ChipSet. Appears to be pretty much the same, aside from missing the pink gate.
Yn004-myChipSet6Thumb.png Yn004-FrogChipSet.png myチップセット6.png myChipSet6 ChipSet 5/24/2004 (13:14:26 UTC) Forest World's ChipSet. Appears to be the same aside from missing the pink gate.
Yn004-newThumb.png Yn004-BlockChipSet.png new.png new ChipSet 7/4/2004 (12:40:50 UTC) An earlier version of Windmill World's ChipSet.
  • The cube buildings appear to be fully built, rather than in pieces.
  • The pillow that Cube-guru sits on is missing.
  • The unused tatami tiles are missing.
Yn004-SetSampleThumb.png N/A セット見本.PNG Set Sample ChipSet 2/2/2003 (05:57:44 UTC) A template for building ChipSets.
Yn004-ToiletThumb.png N/A トイレ.png Toilet ChipSet 5/28/2004 (07:48:22 UTC) The two restrooms.
  • They don't appear to be any different, but this image was probably used to paste them into other ChipSets at one point.
  • v0.04 has the restrooms on a CharSet instead, but in separate pieces.
Yn004-SetPerMapThumb.png N/A マップあたり用セット.png Set per Map ChipSet 2/5/2004 (10:22:30 UTC) Doesn't resemble any locations in the game. There appears to be a few objects on it.
Yn004-Entrance2Thumb.png N/A 入り口2.png Gate2 ChipSet 6/15/2004 (12:34:10 UTC) The pink gate. This was probably used at some point to paste it into other ChipSets.
Yn004-ShallowSeaThumb.png N/A 浅海チップ.png Shallow Sea Chip ChipSet 3/1/2003 (21:02:42 UTC) Likely an early version of the Pink Sea's ChipSet; an area that would not appear until v0.07.
Yn004-Beach64-32Thumb.png N/A 砂浜64 32.png Beach64 32 ChipSet 6/15/2004 (04:21:56 UTC) The ground tiles used in the Wilderness.
  • The numbers are referring to its dimensions, 64x32.
  • This was probably used to paste it into the ChipSet for The Wilderness at some point.
Yn004-SmallMap5Thumb.png Yn004-BasisChipSet.png 小マップ5.png Minor Map5 ChipSet 6/15/2004 (12:30:34 UTC) This ChipSet is used, but under a different name: "基本" (Basis).
  • Tile-wise, it's identical to the used version.
  • The dark blue sections on the background are black instead.
Yn004-ReductionThumb.png Yn004-ReductionPanorama.png 縮小.png Reduction ChipSet 7/4/2004 (14:15:04 UTC) The panorama image used for the parallax background of Graffiti World.
  • The only notable difference is that there far less empty space surrounding the graphic.
  • This image was found in the ChipSet folder, for whatever reason.
Yn004-RoadThumb.png Yn004-MinorMap2ChipSet.png 道路.png Road ChipSet 5/28/2004 (09:14:06 UTC) A very empty ChipSet with just the road that's used in the Dense Woods.
Yn004-RoomChip2Thumb.png N/A 部屋チップ2.png Room Chip2 ChipSet 4/17/2003 (12:44:04 UTC) A second ChipSet for Madotsuki's room.
  • Two white tables appear to be present, along with two cabinets.
  • A different type of carpet (?) can also be seen at the top.
Yn004-FCBasementThumb.png N/A FC地下.png FC Basement Panorama 8/28/2004 (16:48:22 UTC) A panorama is never used for the basement of the FC House.
Yn004-FCBasement2Thumb.png N/A FC地下2.png FC Basement2 Panorama 8/28/2004 (16:57:14 UTC) A panorama is never used for the basement of the FC House.
Yn004-FCBasement3Thumb.png N/A FC地下3.png FC Basement3 Panorama 8/28/2004 (17:09:08 UTC) A panorama is never used for the basement of the FC House.
Yn004-FCBasement4Thumb.png N/A FC地下4.png FC Basement4 Panorama 9/2/2004 (14:33:04 UTC) A panorama is never used for the basement of the FC House.
Yn004-FCBasement5Thumb.png N/A FC地下5.png FC Basement5 Panorama 9/5/2004 (12:31:10 UTC) A panorama is never used for the basement of the FC House.
Yn004-FCHouseThumb.png Yn004-FCHouse3Panorama.png FC家.png FC House Panorama 9/5/2004 (13:17:14 UTC) Almost identical to the image used in v0.04, but appears to have a second ladder directly south of the house.
Yn004-EntranceThumb.png Yn004-Entrace1-1.png エントランス.png Entrance Panorama 7/6/2004 (13:20:12 UTC) E-Man's room with a lighter color tone. The chair he sits in is missing.
Yn004-Entrance5Thumb.png Yn004-Entrace1-1.png エントランス5.png Entrance5 CharSet & Panorama 7/7/2004 (15:02:02 UTC) Another version of E-Man's room, very similar to what's used in-game.
  • There appears to be a different illustration on the wall.
  • A chair is outside the normal boundaries of the map.
  • There is an identical copy of this image in the CharSet folder with the same date modified.
Yn004-VerandaThumb.png N/A ベランダ.png Veranda Panorama 2/13/2003 (13:30:10 UTC) Madotsuki's balcony with the window reflection that went unused.
  • None of the objects that normally appear on the balcony are present.
Yn004-Veranda2Thumb.png N/A ベランダ2.png Veranda2 Panorama 2/16/2003 (09:35:10 UTC) Almost the same as above, but more zoomed out.
  • If you take a very close look, you'll see that the broom that leans next to the vent has been added.
Yn004-DoorRoomBackgroundThumb.png Yn004-DoorRoomBackground2Panorama.png 扉部屋背景.png Door Room Background Panorama 2/14/2004 (11:19:12 UTC) A brighter version of the Nexus background.
  • v0.04 uses a bluer version of the background already, but this one is even more so.
Yn004-SeaThumb.png N/A 海.png Sea Panorama 6/14/2004 (09:25:08 UTC) A view of the photograph below, inverted and darkened.
Yn004-Sea2Thumb.png N/A 海2.png Sea2 Panorama 6/14/2004 (09:26:50 UTC) A view of the sea during the daytime.
Yn004-SeamountThumb.png N/A 海山.png Seamount Panorama 6/14/2004 (09:39:36 UTC) Supposedly a seamount, if you can make it out.
Yn004-DarkSeamountThumb.png N/A 海山暗.png Dark Seamount Panorama 6/14/2004 (09:44:52 UTC) The name implies that it should be dark, but it appears very bright instead, like it was altered with an emboss effect.
Yn004-Untitled25Thumb.png Yn004-BackgroundCharacter4Panorama.png 無題25_色コピー2s.png Untitled25_ColorCopy-2s Panorama 5/10/2004 (11:15:42 UTC) The panorama image for Shield-Folk World with a purple background instead of black, and the characters in the image spaced differently.
Yn004-BackgroundCharacter4BaseThumb.png Yn004-BackgroundCharacter4Panorama.png 背景キャラ4元.png Background Character4 Base Panorama 5/10/2004 (11:21:50 UTC) A minutely darker version of the panorama image for Shield-Folk World.
Yn004-BackgroundCharacter5Thumb.png N/A 背景キャラ5.png Background Character5 Panorama 2/12/2004 (10:09:04 UTC) Of the panorama images with similar names, it skips from 背景キャラ4 to 背景キャラ7. This is one of the images that got skipped over.
  • While intended for a world with a black background, it's unclear which one it would specifically belong to.
Yn004-BackgroundCharacter6Thumb.png N/A 背景キャラ6.png Background Character6 Panorama 6/2/2004 (06:29:52 UTC) The other 背景キャラ image that is skipped over.
  • It features murals from Mural World, so it was probably intended as its parallax background.
Yn004-RoomLoopThumb.png N/A 部屋ループ.png Room Loop Panorama 3/7/2004 (12:05:30 UTC) Madotsuki's room repeated in a Fibonacci spiral.
  • Since NASU isn't in v0.04, it's unclear whether this is the room from the real world or dream world.
Yn004-HeadofHairThumb.png N/A 髪の毛.png Head of Hair Panorama 7/28/2004 (08:33:50 UTC) It looks like two women with their hair connected.
Yn004-HeadofHair2Thumb.png N/A 髪の毛2.png Head of Hair2 Panorama 8/29/2004 (17:22:20 UTC) Same as above, but slightly brighter.
Yn004-50SoundThumb.png N/A 50音.png 50Sounds Picture 9/20/2004 (13:25:24 UTC) A full Hiragana and Katakana syllabary set for the FC World menu.
  • Since all of the FC World's text is stored in individual images in this version, this image is unnecessary.
  • It's possible that this was used at one point for pasting the characters into the necessary images.
Yn004-FCM2ALLRevisionThumb.png Yn004-FCM2ALLPicture.png FCM2ALL改.png FCM2ALL Revision Picture 9/20/2004 (12:06:00 UTC) A completed version of the FC World menu.
  • v0.04 and versions following it choose to use separate images for building up the menu instead.
Yn004-FGFrameThumb.png N/A FG枠.png FG Frame Picture 9/7/2004 (04:44:30 UTC) The frame that would later be used for the title screen of NASU.
  • The final image used would add green into the frame, and text below it.
Yn004-SeveredHeadSCTitleThumb.png N/A 生首SCタイトル.png Severed Head SC Title Picture 9/7/2004 (14:21:56 UTC) A title screen for a scrapped minigame.
  • The title of the game within the image translates to Severed Head PK.
Yn004-SeveredHeadSCMainThumb.png N/A 生首SCメイン.png Severed Head SC Main Picture 9/7/2004 (14:32:32 UTC) The playfield for the scrapped minigame.
  • It resembles a soccer field, and there is a head-like object present.
  • The image seems to use a very early art style.
Yn004-SeveredHeadSCHeadSelectThumb.png N/A 生首SC首セレクト.png Severed Head SC Head Select Picture 9/7/2004 (14:30:08 UTC) Apparently the scrapped minigame would have had a player select screen.
  • The text below probably says ナマクビ ("Severed Head" in Katakana).
Yn004-BrightLampThumb.png N/A 電燈明.png Bright Lamp Picture 7/27/2004 (04:20:12 UTC) A tiny image of a lamp turned on.
Yn004-DarkLampThumb.png N/A 電燈暗.png Dark Lamp Picture 7/27/2004 (04:21:08 UTC) A tiny image of a lamp turned off.
Yn004-MySystem2Thumb.png Yn004-MySystemASystem.png マイシステム2.png MySystem2 System 1/30/2003 (08:58:34 UTC) Looks like an alternate version of a menu scheme you can receive from the Toriningen in the Mall.
Yn004-MySytemTransparentThumb.png N/A マイシステム透明.png MySytemTransparent System 6/2/2004 (05:39:24 UTC) A transparent menu scheme.

Shared with v0.10

These graphics are also still unused in v0.10, showing that Kikiyama was holding onto some assets from 2004 for possible future use.



The same sprites for the unused Blindfold effect are still here. The only differences are that the mugshot has a bluish background, and there are no wake-up sprites.

Yn004 Blindfold.png

Chair-Riding Madotsuki

A mugshot for when Madotsuki is riding the desk chair exists, but can never be seen in-game. The scooting animation for sitting still in the chair is also unused in this version.

Yn004 Chair-RidingMadotsuki.png Yn-UnusedChairAnimation.gif

FC World Crick in the Neck

FC World sprites for when Madotsuki has this condition exist, like in v0.10, but are never used.


Greyscale Madotsuki

While some sprites of Greyscale Madotsuki are used in Mini Hell, the walking sprites and mugshot are never seen in-game, just like v0.10. Like all mugshots in v0.04, it has a bluish background instead of a black one.

Yn004 GreyscaleMugshot.png Yn GreyscaleMadotsuki.png

Will-o'-the-Wisp Mugshot

The only remnant of the Will-o'-the-Wisp effect in later versions. Like all mugshots in v0.04, the background is blue instead of black.

Yn004 WillOWispMugshot.png

CharSet Graphics

FC World Square

A 16x16 square found in an FC World CharSet. It was probably used to measure FC World sprites.



The same unused colorations of Kinoko-san are also found in v0.04.

Yn unusedKinoko.png

Madotsuki's Room & Effect Objects

The same unused objects and tiles for Madotsuki's room are also present in v0.04. Some of them are alternate designs for objects that you collect effects from.

Yn-madotsukisroom.PNG Yn-trash.png Yn MadotsukiRoomObjects.png Yn-unusedthing.png

The Mall

The friendly toriningen in the Mall has sprites for facing other directions, but it only ever faces forward.


Eye Palm

The Eye Palm has graphics for facing left like the other arms, but this is never seen in-game. These frames remain in v0.10, but are still unused.


ChipSet Graphics

Barracks Settlement

Yn-BarracksSettlementJellyStalk.png Yn-BarracksSettlementSmallJellyStalk.png

Two types of jelly stalks are never used.


Some confetti can be found in Forest World's and Shield-Folk World's ChipSets. It still isn't used in later versions.


Dotted Tiles


These tiles have a similar pattern to the floor tiles used in Hell, possibly making them in-progress versions of the tiles.

FC World

Yn-FCGoblinTile1.png Yn-FCGoblinTile2.png

There are some additional tiles for the FC Goblin room, suggesting that the room could have had a different layout at some point.

Madotsuki's Room

YumeNikki-cracked-window.png Yn windowReflection.png Yn MadotsukiRoomAutoTile.png Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedFloorTiles.png Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedWallTiles.png



Some kind of hole that is never used in the Mall.


This autotile is a recolor of what's used in Madotsuki's room, but is never seen in the Mall.

Puddle World

Yn-PuddleWorldTiles1.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles2.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles3.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles4.png

These tiles are likely placeholders. The circular tiles can be used to (kind of) make your own custom puddles.

Sewers Graffiti

The unused sewers graffiti is also in v0.04.

Yn SewersGraffiti.png

Windmill World


Some tiles that resemble tatami, a type of Japanese flooring.