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Proto:Yume Nikki/Version 0.04

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Download.png Download Yume Nikki 0.04 [1]
File: Yume_Nikki_0.04.7z (14.75 MB) (info)

Version 0.04 of Yume Nikki was built on September 29, 2004, nearly three years before Version 0.10's build date of September 17, 2007.

This version was dumped on October 20, 2018 by Gatobot of team #LaInvestigaciónYN, having been found on a magazine titled フリーウェア年鑑2005 (Freeware Almanac 2005).[2]


Unused Graphics
A bunch of hidden images in the Thumbs.db files and more!

General Differences

  • The sound effect for the spotlight upon entering a door in the nexus does not play.
  • The game's overall volume is louder.
  • Chair-related glitches found in v0.10 cannot be executed. Sitting in Madotsuki's chair disallows the menu from being opened.
  • Most graphics are in PNG format, rather than the XYZ format used by RPG Maker. There are two exceptions to this, both inside the Picture folder: files numbered from 1.xyz to 16.xyz are images for the Aztec Rave Monkey event, while files numbered from monopic1.xyz to monopic5.xyz are images for the Sewer drawings. Two additional monopic files were added by v0.06, and another two in v0.08's release.
  • The title screen does not display a version number, though it can be found in the ReadMe file included with the original installer. A version number would not be displayed until v0.08.
v0.07 and Earlier v0.08 v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 titlescreen.png Better late than never! Yn009 titlescreen.png Yn010 titlescreen.png
Yn004 DeskChairText.png
  • No text windows exist yet, and would not be added until v0.05. An example is pictured.
  • Only two window schemes exist, with the red/black scheme not being implemented until v0.08.
  • The "Adjusting Sound Levels" event when loading and saving is not present at all. As this event is intended to cache the sound effects in memory, the game may stutter when playing a sound effect for the first time on slower computers.
  • NASU did not exist yet, as well as the animations for turning the TV on and off.
  • The vending machines behave a bit more simply. They use the regular Yen sound, and a plop sound for the juice that drops out, with the interaction ending immediately after. The plop sound remains in later versions, but is unused. The vending machines in v0.04 also do not modify Madotsuki's HP stat at all.
v0.04 v0.06 - v0.10

Effect Differences

  • Only 20 effects are present in this version. Missing at this point in development are the Witch, Oni, Squish-Squish, and Traffic Light.
  • The Umbrella and Blonde effects lack 1-key actions.
  • Graphics for waking up with an effect equipped do not exist yet, so you must remove your effect to wake up.
  • The Kitchen Knife effect has a different function from pressing the 1 key: Madotsuki will stab the air, which does not kill NPCs. This was likely changed in v0.10 due to its misleading appearance.
v0.04 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn004-knifeaction.gif Yn010-knifeaction.gif
  • The Sprit Headband effect functions completely differently. In v0.10, pressing the 1 key turns Madotsuki invisible to lunatic Toriningen. In v0.04, each press of the 1 key gradually turns Madotsuki more transparent, though lunatic Toriningen can still see her even with the effect active. Pressing the 3 key reduces the level of transparency.
v0.04 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn004-trianglekerchiefaction.gif Yn010-trianglekerchiefaction.gif

Map and Event Differences

Many maps went through some degree of change between v0.04 and v0.10's release. Some locations did not exist yet, which also means that the events specific to those maps have not been implemented. The dream world is overall more interconnected, with a lot of worlds having gates that gradually lead into other locations that you would have had to return to the Nexus to access.

Only 83 maps exist in v0.04, compared to 179 in v0.10.

A pink gate that later went unused in v0.10 is used in a great number of maps in v0.04, along with a purple gate that is used in v0.10. It is important to note this because very few unique gate/map teleporting graphics exist at this point, so in most cases they will be the only kind of gates that you see.

Differences can be found on the Map and Event Differences sub-pages.

Unimplemented Areas

These maps exist in v0.10, but not in v0.04.

  • Number World (the Nexus door leads to an early version of the Lamp World sub-area; this would not be replaced until v0.08)
  • Dense Woods B
  • Teleport Maze
  • Traincar
  • Witch's Island
  • FC Overworld
  • White Desert
  • Sky Garden
  • Ghost World
  • Pink Sea
  • The Underground World
  • The Spaceship
  • Mars
  • The Staircase of Hands
  • Mall Roof

Unimplemented Events

Most of the events have not been added into the game yet, mainly due to their maps missing. Their respective graphics did not exist at this point.

  • ああああああああ
  • The Falling Man
  • Famicom Glitch
  • Melting Madotsuki
  • NASU
  • Severed Heads in the Sky
  • Takofuusen
  • Uboa
  • UFOs on Mars
  • The Witch's Flight
  • FACE
  • The KALIMBA TV Channel
  • Monoe
  • Monoko
  • The Spaceship Crash

Debug Maps

Two debug maps exist in the game. Both maps would remain in v0.06, but only the Main Debug Map would be present in v0.10.

Main Debug Map

Yn004 DebugRoom.png

Internally known as Test Map 2.

A very bare-bones version of the debug map that's in v0.10. The only thing that can be done is collect all 20 effects from Nekoin. No other events are scripted in this map.

Oddly, Nekoin is set to teleport the player very far outside the boundaries of the Static Maze at coordinates (68, 12). The actual size of the Static Maze is 20×15, suggesting that it used to be much larger, or that a different map once had the same ID.

Since this map is known as "Test Map 2" in v0.04, it's likely that there were other test maps that were removed before this version was released.

Stairs Debug Map

Yn006 stairs debug.PNG

Internally known as Stairs, this map just contains a flight of stairs. Interacting with the space in front of them causes Madotsuki to climb down them. The event to the left of the stairs has no commands within it.

This map is not under any folders in v0.04 and is loose.

Unused Audio

FC Demon's Room

The music that would later be used in the FC Demon's room is fully intact and unchanged from later versions.

Graphical Changes


In v0.04, the boombox used at the Toriningen Party is not animated and has a different design. Graphics for this boombox still remain in later versions, but are unused in favor of the new animated boombox.

v0.04 v0.06 onward
Yn OldBoombox.png Yn BoomboxAnimated.gif

FC World Tree

The tree used outside FC House has a different design. It remains in v0.10, but is never used anywhere.

v0.04 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 FCTree.png Yn010 FCTree.png


Every mugshot in the FaceSet folder had a very subtle blue background instead of a black background. v0.04 also has three more empty mugshots.

v0.04 v0.06 onward
Yn004 Faceset1.pngYn004 Faceset2.pngYn004 Faceset3.png Yn Faceset1.pngYn Faceset2.pngYn Faceset3.png

Faceless Ghost NPC

The Faceless Ghost is more lightly shaded.

v0.04 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 NopperabouNPC.png Yn010 NopperabouNPC.png

Static Maze Light

The light that is visible at the bottom of the ladder in the Static Maze is drawn differently. This version still exists in v0.10's FC World ChipSet, but is unused.

v0.04/v0.06 v0.07 ownard
Yn006 LadderLight.png Yn010 LadderLight.png

Traffic Cone

Versions prior to v0.09 use a taller traffic cone. This iteration also exists in v0.10, but is unused in favor of the shorter kind.

v0.04 - v0.09 v0.10
Yn006 TrafficCone.png Yn010 TrafficCone.png


  • The desk chair that Madotsuki can ride in is also set as the boat/skiff vehicle. This behavior is unused, as sitting in the chair just changes which graphics of Madotsuki are displayed, not whether or not you're on the boat. Later versions would change this oddity back to the default boat.
  • A majority of the default database assets from RPG Maker 2003 are still present, more so than in later versions.


To do:
  • There's more. Move this section to a sub-page once it's expanded on. Note that the page only lists which bugs were resolved in each version, rather than what bugs the versions had.
  • Add images/videos.
  • Probably going to move this to an all-in-one sub-page, like the Map and Event Differences, since there are bugs that span across multiple versions.
  • When dropping the effects in the Nexus, it is possible to corner yourself in between them, making Madotsuki unable to move until you pick up one of the effect eggs to clear a path. If you continue to drop the effects like this, Madotsuki will rapidly spin around and drop the effects on the tile she is standing on. This bug remains in later versions.
  • If you try to drop the Hat & Scarf effect in the Nexus while transformed into a snowman, Madotsuki's walking speed will remain halved. This persists on other effects and even after waking up, but can be resolved by simply picking up the effect again and equipping it.
    • This can be exploited to permanently double Madotsuki's default speed by equipping the Severed Head effect prior to re-equipping the Hat & Scarf effect and transforming into a snowman.


  1. http://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPxndQWMzGodBEhZZb22VpyiVMQ3CydFyGThTDanBDohZ Original download link (Game is packed in an LZH archive that can turn the filenames into mojibake on non-Japanese locales).
    • The ipfs link doesn't work anymore, so the original archive has been mirrored to MEGA.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcq0HUVlrQw