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Remember 11: The Age of Infinity (Windows)

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Title Screen

Remember 11: The Age of Infinity

Developer: KID
Publisher: CyberFront
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: April 4, 2008

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Remember 11 is the third entry in the Infinity series, meaning you should expect a lot of mindscrew. In fact, you may be here to figure out some of the unsolved mysteries.

The scenario is as follows: Fuyukawa Kokoro survives a plane crash with four others. They take shelter in a cabin, cut off from the world by a blizzard and poor communication lines. Elsewhere, Yukidoh Satoru falls from the clock tower in SPHIA, a facility that deals with mentally unsound patients. He awakens with some memory loss and realizes someone is trying to kill him.

Shortly after, Kokoro and Satoru realize that they are somehow exchanging bodies and one of the characters somehow appears at both of their locations...


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Character Sprites


This sprite probably served as a placeholder during development. The sprite depicts Minami Tsubame from Memories Off 2nd, another title developed by KID in 2001. The text reads as follows:

Remember11-CHR-CHR 99.png

File does not exist, please report this to the manager!!


Although Sayaka appears in the prologue, only one or two sprites are used. Around 7 sprites go unused which are shown below.

Given the file naming convention, this is costume "C". That means there were two other costumes, "A" and "B", which were drafted at some point but not included in the game. Most likely, costume "A" would be Sayaka in normal clothing and costume "B" would be her wearing a coat.


Hotori was originally meant to be the trickster archetype, but it didn't end up working so she was given a minor role[1]. Below we see her with costume "A" which is normal clothing, but no costume "B" version exists which has a coat on.

One of these sprites can briefly be seen in the ending movie on Satoru's epilogue.

Unused CG

Remember11-EV-EV CO29A.png Remember11-EV-EV CO29B.png

EV_CO29B is a dummy used to represent an alternate version of EV_CO29A (shown above).

The character depicted in EV_CO29B is Hizuki Ayaka from Memories Off, another KID game. The text saysː

This is a dummy
Please wait a little longer

Unused Backgrounds


Again we see Hizuki Ayaka from Memories Off. The text reads:

Remember11-BG 99.png
File is not defined, please report this to the manager!!

Time of Day

The background from the prologue is never seen in the daytime, but the file exists within the game.

Remember11-BG CO2A2.png

In fact, nearly all backgrounds have five modes:

  • Morning (clear)
  • Morning (cloudy)
  • Sunset
  • Night (clear)
  • Night (cloudy)

Not all backgrounds are seen with all these modes in the main game. This is common in visual novels where a bright version of the CG is made first, then many derivatives are made from it.

Hotarubi Mine

Remember11-BG CO4A.png

Despite not being shown in-game, the third area (Hotarubi Mine) does in fact have a background. It was not used because the time of day is incorrect as it should be dark just before dawn. The PSP version uses a corrected night-time version of this background.


The following are still images of the fractal that is used in the transition videos. It's possible they were supposed to be used as background when the protagonist thinks about something for a while, but were later scrapped for being distracting.

Borromean Rings

The following images show the Borromean rings which are featured in the game logo. The images show how if you remove even a single ring, the whole thing collapses and none of them are linked anymore. This is likely used to explain the "trinity" involving Kokoro and Satoru.

Within the game files, they appear after Satoru nearly drowns but before Enomoto explains the space-time transfer phenomenon.

Unused Menu Items

Remember11-ETC-TITLE-tt menu.png

Many of these items are not used, and can be grouped as follow:

  • Navigation (Original Story, Prologue, Main Story)
  • Videos (Opening, Extra Movie)
  • Data/Debug (Append List, Append Story, Data Convert, File Edit, Last Game)
  • Online (Dream Passport, Download Files, VM Icon)

Dream Passport was a feature on the Japanese Sega Dreamcast which allowed users to perform basic internet functions such as browsing or checking email. Remember 11 was never released for Dreamcast, but was released on its competitor, the PlayStation 2. "Download Files" may have been used to download save files, software updates or additional content. "VM Icon" may stand for "VoiceMail Icon" (see Unused Sounds) or the icon that is displayed on the Visual Memory Units for the Dreamcast.


This menu comes from the earlier PlayStation 2 version of the game.


Ever 17 Remnants

These are the map names from Ever17.


Unused Sounds

To do:
Get these translated.

A "desktop accessory" program was released August 20th 2004, 5 months after the original release of Remember 11. The program contains screensavers, wallpapers and uses character sounds to alert you about new mail, the current time, and drop quotes from the game. Parts of that program are found in the PC release.

Each character's final voice clip is about a minute long and contains a character monologue. It seems the voice actors talking about the game and their role in it as they're a lot freer and more carefree in their delivery.


Download.png Download Voice AV (Kokoro)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Kokoro).zip (2.12 MB) (info)

Download.png Download Voice AV (Inubushi)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Inubushi).zip (1.92 MB) (info)

ID	Message
00	System starting
03	System terminating
04	Goodbye (For Kokoro: Hibernating! Bye bye!)
05	This is the end, isn't it?
10	Mail
13	You've got a message.
15	Tada! You've got a message!
24	Please... someone... help me!
25	What~?! No, no, no~! You're lying~! You're definitely angry! Look at your face!
34	Time's up... Goodbye.
36	Midnight
37	1 AM
38	2 AM
39	3 AM
40	4 AM
41	5 AM
42	6 AM
43	7 AM
44	8 AM
45	9 AM
46	10 AM
47	11 AM
48	Noon
49	1 PM
50	2 PM
51	3 PM
52	4 PM
53	5 PM
54	6 PM
55	7 PM
56	8 PM
57	9 PM
58	10 PM
59	11 PM
60	o'clock
64	[Long monologue about Inubushi]
65	Goodbye
Download.png Download Voice AV (Utsumi)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Utsumi).zip (2.51 MB) (info)

Download.png Download Voice AV (Mayuzumi)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Mayuzumi).zip (4.49 MB) (info)

Download.png Download Voice AV (Satoru)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Satoru).zip (2.69 MB) (info)

Download.png Download Voice AV (Yuni)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Yuni).zip (2.03 MB) (info)

Download.png Download Voice AV (Yomogi)
File: Remember11-VOICE-AV(Yomogi).zip (1.94 MB) (info)


To do:
Figure out which are unused and remove the rest from the archive.

The following sounds also seem to be related to an unused desktop buddy program.

Download.png Download Voice CV
File: Remember11-VOICE-CV.zip (3.16 MB) (info)


The following sounds seem to be "system sounds". While some are used for sound check, many of them seem to be unused.

Download.png Download Voice SY
File: Remember11-VOICE-SY.zip (2.39 MB) (info)

Debug Scenarios


Test Scenarios
Scenes used to test the engine features.


This file contains reference to a third story route, the "SELF route" (Accessible in one of the debug menus). This doesn't exist in the final game, but it seems it was planned at some point.

Offset Japanese Translation
0x1313 ココロ編 KOKORO route
0x131E サトル編 SATORU route
0x1327 セルフ編 SELF route


  1. Infinity Plus Premium Interview (Source)