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Rhythm Heaven/Unused Animations

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This is a sub-page of Rhythm Heaven.

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A rhythm game will store all of its animations in .NANR (Nitro ANimation Resource) files, and each rhythm game is typically stored internally as "versions" (Glee Club = Ver0, Glee Club 2 = Ver1, etc.). So for future reference, animations will be shown in their version order.

Touch Screen

Animation Name Animation Description
Ball RhythmHeaven-TouchScreenMesh-Test.gif
A simplistic ball object, likely used as a placeholder for when you touch the screen.


Animation Name Animation Description
master_loop RhythmHeaven-Opening-OddThumbsUp.gif An animation of the bandleader giving an odd face before doing his thumbs up gesture. He only gives a thumbs up at the end of the credits, and at no point does he make that face, so this goes unused.
master11 RhythmHeaven-Opening-EarlyFrogMaster.gif A very different looking design for the bandleader. As such, this was probably just a placeholder until a design was finalized.

Practice Flicking

Animation Name Animation Description
car_run RhythmHeaven-PracticeFlicking-Car-Run.gif An unused fast car type. Most likely removed for being too challenging for what is supposed to be a tutorial.
coin_shot_ok RhythmHeaven-PracticeFlicking-Coin-Shot-OK.gif The coin successfully hitting the fast car.
test RhythmHeaven-PracticeFlicking-Test.gif A test animation for flicking.

Glee Club

Animation Name Animation Description
CellAnime0 RHChoirChrouch.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-CellAnime0.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid.
CellAnime1 RhythmHeavenDS-CellAnime1.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-CellAnime1.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid blinking.
CellAnime2 RhythmHeavenDS-CellAnime2.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-CellAnime2.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid smiling.
CellAnime4 RhythmHeaven-GleeClub-CellAnime4.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-CellAnime4.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid shouting.
CellAnime7 RhythmHeavenDS-CellAnime7.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid performing a similar action to CellAnime0, while turning progressively more yellow.
CellAnime8 RhythmHeavenDS-CellAnime8.gif Test animation of a Chorus Kid performing a similar action to CellAnime1, while turning progressively more yellow.
Beat RhythmHeavenDS-Beat.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-Beat.gif Animation of a Chorus Kid "Beating", or bobbing to the music for the uninitiated.
Blink RhythmHeavenDS-Blink.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-Blink.gif Animation of a Chorus Kid blinking.
SquatDown RhythmHeavenDS-SquatDown.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-SquatDown.gif The first part of a Chorus Kid squatting animation.
SquatUp RhythmHeavenDS-SquatUp.gifRhythmHeaven-GleeClub2-SquatUp.gif The second part of a Chorus Kid squatting animation.

Fan Club

Animation Name Animation Description
SIdolFail RhythmHeaven-FanClub-SIdolFail.gifRhythmHeaven-FanClub2-SIdolFail.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix1-FanClub-SIdolFail.gif Animation of the idol that was likely intended to be used when the player messes up an input.
FanScratch RH-MonkeyScratch.gifRhythmHeaven-FanClub2-FanScratch.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix1-FanClub-FanScratch.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix7-FanClub-FanScratch.gif Animation of a monkey scratching its head.
Animation of a monkey reacting in shock to something. Likely intended for the same purpose as SIdolFail.
FanShockBeat RhythmHeaven-FanClub-FanShockBeat.gif RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-FanShockBeat.gif RhythmHeaven-Remix1-FanClub-FanShockBeat.gif RhythmHeaven-Remix7-FanClub-FanShockBeat.gif A "beating" version of the previous animation.
FanFail RhythmHeaven-FanClub-FanFail.gifRhythmHeaven-FanClub2-FanFail.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix1-FanClub-FanFail.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix7-FanClub-FanFail.gif Animation of the player monkey failing an action.
RhythmHeaven-FanClub-CellAnime4.gif RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-CellAnime4.gif RhythmHeaven-Remix1-FanClub-CellAnime4.gif
Test animation of the Pop Singer performing some action.

Fan Club 2

Animation Name Animation Description
LIdolFail RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-LIdolFail.gif Animation of the large Pop Singer that was likely to go with SIdolFail.
LIdolBeat_02 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-LIdolBeat 02.gif A version of the large Pop Singer's beat animation without its background.
LIdolWink_02 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-LIdolWink 02.gif The large Pop Singer's version of CellAnime4. The file's name (LIdolWink_02) is a variation of the file name for a used animation (LIdolWink), suggesting that this could be an early version of it.
LIdolPeace_02 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-LIdolPeace 02.gif An alternate version of LIdolPeace lacking its background.
LIdolSquat_02 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-LIdolSquat 02.gif An alternate version of LIdolSquat lacking its background.
CellAnime1 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-CellAnime1.gif Test animation of the Pop Singer's winking animation.
CellAnime3 RhythmHeaven-FanClub2-CellAnime3.gif Another test animation of the Pop Singer's winking animation.

Shoot 'Em Up

Animation Name Animation Description
enemy_(enemy type)_near
RhythmHeaven-SEU-EnemyNear.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-EnemyInstNear.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-EnemyMiniNear.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-EnemyUraNear.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-Enemy-RemixTwo-Near.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-EnemySequelNear.gif RhythmHeaven-SEU-Enemy-RemixNine-Near.gif
Various animations of the many Shoot 'Em Up enemies getting closer.

Blue Birds

Animation Name Animation Description
test RhythmHeaven-BlueBirds-test.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix2-BlueBirds-test.gifRhythmHeaven-BlueBirds2-test.gif Test animation of a bird stretching its necks out.
ttest21 RhythmHeaven-BlueBirds-ttest21.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix2-BlueBirds-ttest21.gifRhythmHeaven-BlueBirds2-ttest21.gif Test animation of a bird preparing to stretch its neck out.
ttest2 RhythmHeaven-BlueBirds-ttest2.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix2-BlueBirds-ttest2.gifRhythmHeaven-BlueBirds2-ttest2.gif Test animation of a bird pecking its beak.

Moai Doo-Wop

Animation Name Animation Description
moai_beat RhythmHeaven-MoaiDooWop-Moai-Beat.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix2-MoaiDooWop-Moai-Beat.gif A Moai head doing a beat animation.
moai_shout_org RhythmHeaven-MoaiDooWop-Moai-Shout-Org.gifRhythmHeaven-Remix2-MoaiDooWop-Moai-Shout-Org.gif A longer version of the shouting animation used throughout the game. The "org" in the animation name could possibly stand for "original".

Love Lizards

Animation Name Animation Description
M_tailScroll RhythmHeaven-LoveLizards-M-tailScroll.gifRH- LoveLizards M tailScroll Remix3.gif A tail shaking animation similar to the one that was used during the game, except this one has fancy motion lines.
test RhythmHeaven-LoveLizards-Test.gifRH- LoveLizards test Remix3.gif A test beat animation for the female lizard.
test000 RhythmHeaven-LoveLizards-Test000.gif A test animation for the male lizard walking.
test00 I have no mouth and I must AAAA IIII OOOO EEEE A test beat animation for the male lizard.

Crop Stomp

Animation Name Animation Description
test RhythmHeaven-CropStomp-Test.gif A test animation of the Stomp Farmer doing a variety of different actions.
(34 and 35 from the test animation above, as this does not have an assigned animation file as far as I can tell.) RHCropstompFrown.gif An animation of the Stomp Farmer frowning presumably after missing.

The Dazzles

Animation Name Animation Description
crouch_A-F RhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-A.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-B.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-C.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-D.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-E.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-F.gif The lower half of The Dazzles were fully drawn, despite the fact that it's hidden behind the boxes.
crouch_idle_A-F RhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-A.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-B.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-C.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-D.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-E.gifRhythmHeaven-TheDazzles-Crouch-Idle-F.gif In addition to the lower half never being seen, the CPU's don't even use this animation, as it's the animation for releasing the touch screen during a cue prematurely.
A test animation for a very tiny star appearing.
A test animation for a second, larger star appearing.
A test animation for a third, larger star appearing.
A test animation of a fourth, big star appearing.
A test animation of said big star flashing.

DJ School

Animation Name Animation Description
test00 RhythmHeaven-DJSchool-Test00.gif A test animation of the turn table spinning.
test01 RhythmHeaven-DJSchool-Test01.gif A test animation of the turn table spinning while being held.
test03 RhythmHeaven-DJSchool-Test03.gif A test animation of DJ Yellow doing his "Break" and "Scratch-o" cue.
C_body_beat RhythmHeaven-DJSchool-C-Body-Beat.gif An unused duplicate of "C_body_beat00", aka "The first part of DJ Yellow's beat animation".
C_body_scratcho2 Remix 3 scratcho1.gifRemix 7 scratcho1.gif Unused remix variants of DJ yellow scratcho-ing in the actual game´s practice.

Drummer Duel

Animation Name Animation Description
EC_miss RhythmHeaven-DrummerDuel-EC-Miss.gif A miss effect for the computer, despite it never missing. This could just be a case of the developers being too thorough with creating graphics, instead of anything game changing.
O_ready RH-DrumModReady.png The first of many animations for an unused referee character.
O_beatR RH-DrumModR.gif A beat animation for the referee pointing to the computer.
O_beatL RH-DrumModL.gif A beat animation for the referee pointing to the player.
O_finish RH-DrumModFinish.gif An animation for the referee making a "finished" gesture. This could've either been used when the player finished a pattern, or when the game is finished.
O_miss RH-DrumModMiss.gif An animation for the referee reacting to a missed input.
CellAnime11 RhythmHeaven-DrummerDuel-CellAnime11.gif A test animation of the player using his stick.
cheer10 RhythmHeaven-DrummerDuel-Cheer10.gif A cheerleader doing an unused dance move.

Love Lab

Animation Name Animation Description
test00 RhythmHeaven-LoveLab-Test00.gif A test animation of the boy shaking a flask. For a split second you can see his palette switch to the girl's palette, possibly indicating palette reorganization.
test02 RhythmHeaven-LoveLab-Test02.gif A test beat animation for a body. Since everyone uses the same graphics for their body, this could belong to anyone.


Animation Name Animation Description
swimmer_ready RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Ready.png While this is used, the lower half is never seen, due to it being submerged underwater.
swimmer_show00 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show00.gif While this animation is used, the lower half is never seen, due to it being submerged underwater.
swimmer_show00_miss RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show00-Miss.gif While this animation is also used, the lower half is never seen, due to it being submerged underwater.
swimmer_show01 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show01.gif Again, while this animation is used, the lower half is never seen, due to it being submerged underwater.
swimmer_show02 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show02.gif Again, while this animation is used, the lower half is never seen, due to it being submerged underwater.
swimmer_show03 Looks like they actually cut off the sprite this time. This animation and the next one, however, are completely unused. This was meant to be the Synchrettes' third animation for coming out of the water, but they never use it.
swimmer_show03_miss RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show03-Miss.gif A miss version of the above animation.
swimmer_jump00 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Jump00.gif While this animation is used, it is near impossible to see due to the first frame only being shown for a single frame (0.016 seconds) before never being seen again. To add insult to injury, the first frame is almost completely submerged in water, making it that much harder to see.
swimmer_jump01 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Jump01.gif Again, while this animation is used, it is near impossible to see normally due to the first frame of it only showing for a single frame.
CellAnime0 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Show00.gif Test animation identical to swimmer_show00.
CellAnime1 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-CellAnime1.png A test animation for the three Synchrettes' ready graphic.
CellAnime2 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-CellAnime2.gif Test animation of the Synchrettes' floating in the water.
Test animation of a small bubble.
Test animation of a larger bubble.
swimmer_jump1 RhythmHeaven-Splashdown-Swimmer-Jump1.gif A weird animation of a Synchrette riding a dolphin before going back to her idle pose.

Big Rock Finish

Animation Name Animation Description
G_talk00 RhythmHeavenDS-GTalk00.gif One of two animations for Boo-boo talking.
G_talk01 RhythmHeavenDS-GTalk01.gif The second animation of Boo-boo talking. These animations either could've been intended for his "Thank you" line at the end of the big rock finishes, or for the practice mode as the count-ins.
B_return RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-B-Return.gif This animation is Boo-boo's version of the animation used when the player lets go of the touch screen. Only problem is, the CPU doesn't use the touch screen. This is likely the result of the developers overcompensating, like with Drummer Duel.
D_ready So, how exactly does he use the kick drum? While this animation is used, Spooky's lower half is always covered by the drums, obscuring his ghostly-ghost tail.
D_beat RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-D-Beat.gif Like the previous animation, his lower half is always obscured by the drums.
test2 RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-Test2.gif A test animation of Spooky using his drum stick.
test11 RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-Test11.gif Another test animation of Spooky using his drum stick.
test1 RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinsh-Test1.gif A test animation of Spooky playing the drums.
test RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-Test.gif Another test animation of spooky playing the drums. For some odd reason, his drum set appears more brightly colored in both of these animations.
test_players RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-Test-Players.gif A test animation of Ecto's beat animation. Despite this animation's name being "test_players", there's only one ghost here.
D_shot00 RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-D-Shot00.png A still frame of Spooky's arm with a drum stick in his hand.
D_shot01 RhythmHeaven-BigRockFinish-D-Shot00.png Duplicate of "D_shot00". Something to note is that the animation name uses the same naming scheme as Ecto's and Boo-boo's animation for strumming on the guitar (B_shot00, G_shot00, etc.).

Dog Ninja

Animation Name Animation Description
An animation of the Dog Ninja performing a variety of different actions.

Space Soccer

Animation Name Animation Description
Beat RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Beat.gif A Space Kicker doing a beat animation.
Squat RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Squat.gif A Space Kicker squatting.
Sample RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Sample.gif A Space Kicker doing what appears to be an alternate version of the "high kick" cue.
Sample2 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Sample2.gif A Space Kicker messing up said alternate cue.
Beat2 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Beat2.gif A Space Kicker doing a beat animation with its arms raised.
Squat2 Feel the burn. A Space Kicker squatting aggressively.
KickR2 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-KickR2.gif A Space Kicker kicking the ball in similar fashion to the alternate cue.
KickL2 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-KickL2.gif Same as above, except with his left foot.
Sample3 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Sample3.gif A Space Kicker doing the alternate "high kick" cue, with added lip sync. He also doesn't put his arms down.
Sample4 RhythmHeaven-SpaceSoccer-Sample4.gif A Space Kicker messing up the cue with the same changes as seen in "Sample 3".


Animation Name Animation Description
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-Blink.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-Blink-02.gif J.J. Rocker and Student blinking.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-Beat2.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-Beat2-02.gif J.J. Rocker and Student pumping their fists into the air.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeA.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeA-02.gif J.J. Rocker and Student strumming the guitar similarly to how they pitch bend it.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeB.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeB-02.gif Same as above, except their legs are further apart.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeC.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-StrokeC-02.gif
J.J Rocker and the Student strumming the guitar in an aggressive manner.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonFreeL.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonFreeR-02.gif J.J. Rocker and Student performing their unison routine with horizontally flipped versions of their regular sprites.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonMuteL.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonMuteR-02.gif Same as above, except with their mute animation.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonStrokeL.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-UnisonStrokeR-02.gif
Same as above, except with their strum animation.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-SampleUnisonR.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-SampleUnisonL-02.gif
A sample animation of their unison routine.
RhythmHeaven-Rockers-SampleUnisonL.gif RhythmHeaven-Rockers-SampleUnisonR-02.gif
A version with horizontally flipped sprites also exists.

Coin Toss

Animation Name Animation Description
open RhythmHeaven-CoinToss-HandOpen.gif One of two animations of the hand fully open. The sprites for this is also in Rhythm Heaven Megamix's version.
openCoin RhythmHeaven-CoinToss-HandOpenCoin.gif The second animation of the fully opened hand, this time with the coin in it.
gameover RhythmHeaven-CoinToss-GameOver.gif Unlike other endless games, Coin Toss does not "Game Over" when you drop the coin, instead just resetting your score. This would later be changed in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, however.

Glass Tappers

Animation Name Animation Description
A test animation of the computer's/player's hand.
GlassTest RhythmHeaven-GlassTappers-GlassTest.gif A test animation of the glass cup.
An earlier version of the lady's reaction to you messing up a cue, where she sighs. The used animation is named "Lady00_Bad".