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Title Screen


Also known as: Flash Puzzle: Maxwell's Mysterious Notebook (JP)
Developer: 5th Cell
Publishers: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (INT), Konami (JP)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: January 27, 2011
Released in US: September 15, 2009
Released in EU: October 9, 2009
Released in AU: September 30, 2009

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

In Scribblenauts, you play as a boy named Maxwell who can summon physical objects via a notepad. In addition to the main puzzle mode, the game also features a sandbox mode and a level creator, where you can summon tons of different objects to mess around with.

Unused Music

To do:
these all sound the same

Four unused level select tracks go unused for levels Big Tiny, New Frontier, Shoreline, and Zoo. In the final game, only one level select track plays.

New Frontier

Big Tiny



Unused Graphics

Merit Icons

Scribblenauts UnusedMeritIcons.png

Eight Merit icons go unused. How they would have been unlocked is anyone's guess.

Female Maxwell

Scribblenauts-Female Maxwell.png

This unused character, who resembles a female Maxwell, can be found in the game's data. Her graphics can also be found in the sequel, Super Scribblenauts. There is no known way to summon her in-game. In Scribblenauts Unlimited, the girl version of evil Maxwell resembles her.

Regional Differences

In the Japanese version of Scribblenauts, several Konami characters can be summoned via the notepad. They include:

Scrib solidsnake.pngScrib oldsnake.pngScrib bigboss.png

Solid Snake, Old Snake and Big Boss (Metal Gear). They carry a Dart Gun, Assault Rifle and Gun object respectively. All of them get removed in Super Scribblenauts.

Scrib goemon.pngScrib ebi.png

Goemon and Ebisumaru (Ganbare Goemon). Like the Metal Gear characters, Ebisumaru is oddly absent from the sequel.

Scrib alucard.png

Alucard (Castlevania).

Scrib pawapuro.png

Pawapuro-kun (Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu/Power Pros). Comes with a Baseball bat but don't bother trying to pitch at him. In the sequel, he does not spawn with a bat and his sprite has angry eyebrows.

Scrib shiori.png

Shiori Fujisaki (Tokimeki Memorial).

Scrib manakatakane.png

Manaka Takane (LovePlus).

Scrib vic1.pngScrib vic2.pngScrib vic3.png

Vic Viper (Gradius). Maxwell can fly it; tapping anywhere on-screen will make the craft drop fireball objects in a trajectory similar to missiles in the Gradius series.

Scrib mimi.pngScrib nyami.png

Mimi and Nyami (Pop'n Music).