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Sesame Street: Create & Draw in Elmo's World

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Title Screen

Sesame Street: Create & Draw in Elmo's World

Developer: Sesame Workshop
Publisher: Mattel Media
Platform: Windows
Released in US: September 1999

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A game that allows you to create and draw in Elmo's World.

Unused Graphics


ElmosWorldPlay KTOOL1.png

KTOOL1.BMP is the main menu with text on top, possibly related to debugging.

ElmosWorldPlay KTEMP5.png

KTEMP5.BMP is one of the backgrounds from Draw-A-Song with boxes drawn around the objects.

ElmosWorldPlay KPNDA1.png

KPNDA1.BMP is the panda from Animal TV but against a primitive background.

Development Text


; file cary.txt:todd's file for system information for EBB.
; objects' carry position:
lxbblett 17 35
lxbbmask 18 43
lxbbnote 24 40
lxbbnumb 13,34
lxbbshap 20,39
; blocks 23,45
nxbb__01 23,45
nxbb__02 23,45
nxbb__03 23,45
nxbb__04 23,45
nxbb__05 23,45
nxbb__06 23,45
nxbb__07 23,45
nxbb__08 23,45
nxbb__09 23,45
nxbb__10 23,45
sxbbblsq 25,50
; left/right closeness window where elmo will start to stop:
; if he walks right, goal-pos < right value(positive).
; if he walks left, goal-pos > left value(negative).
; nearlr   -10,50
nearlr   -15,50
; difference between nearlr and final goal
; objgdxy  25,23 43,43
getgdxy 43,43
putgdxy  3,43
; 9/1/95 remove following for test for better get
; replacement arrival streams with pick-up streams, both are 'l'.
; note that gehmpubr.wf is a dummy wf, it's just gehmpubl.
; gehwnltf.wf gehmpubl.wf
; gehwnrtf.wf gehmpubr.wf
; get up/left(back) and up/right(back)
; gehmpubl.wf gehmpuhl.wf
; gehmpubr.wf gehmpuhr.wf
actgetul gehmpuhl.wf
actgetur gehmpuhr.wf
; 9/1/95 define pickup
actpickup gehmpubl.wf
actgetur gehmpuhr.wf
; get down/behind, not used yet 8/30/95
actgetdb gehmpuba.wf
; actor's frame identifiers:
; note that base images are taken from weaver files
actstand gehwnl__.wf
acteyes gesmeywl.wf
actwlklf gehwnl__.wf
actwlkrt gehwnr__.wf
; left/right eyes only: (left only 8/8/95)
actwlkreo gesmeywl.wf
actwlkleo gesmeywl.wf
; actor walk lr sad/mad:
actwlkls geswnl__.wf
actwlklm gemwnl__.wf
actwlkrs geswnr__.wf
actwlkrm gemwnr__.wf
; actor carry stand:
actcryst gehwcr__.wf
; actor carry walk:
actcryrt gehwcr__.wf
actcrylf gehwcl__.wf
; actor put low/high left/right:
putlle gehmpble.wf
putrtt gehmpbtt.wf
putltt gehmpbtt.wf
putrle gehmpbri.wf
; is the following line an error?
; for now if gehmpble he is going left, else right.
; actor drop
actdroph gehmdrop.wf
; z position for put streams (y=zafter) (use if needed!)
; gehmpble.wf 0 1
; gehmpbtt.wf 0 1
gehmdrop.wf 0 0
; identify streams behind actor(default is in front):
behindact lxbalett
standcarry gehwhold.wf
; end of cary.txt

CARY.TXT appears to be documentation of the engine's workings. It is dated 10/18/1995, four years before the game's release.